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What does Snapchat mean by “sent, received and delivered”?

Snapchat is an intuitive social network. It uses many icons to show status, activities, and other happenings. The platform is simple to use once you understand what each icon means. The platform can seem confusing if you don’t know what they mean. This tutorial will explain Snapchat’s icons, including what they mean, as well as the most important: sent, received and delivered.

Snapchat continues to grow. This social network is thriving in a highly competitive market. This guide will provide a brief overview of the icons used by the network and their meanings for those who have not been able to resist it for too long.

Snapchat uses icons on the Friends screen in order to quickly understand what’s happening.

Snapchat’s Sent Icons

Snapchat uses three icons to indicate that a Snap was sent to a friend.

  • If you see a red arrow, it means that a Snap was sent without audio.
  • A purple arrow indicates that a Snap with audio has been sent.
  • A blue arrow indicates that a chat has been sent.

Snapchat: Opened Icons

Once you have received a Snap, chat or message from a friend, you will see the open icon next to it. This is the hollow arrow of the same shape and size as the sent arrow.

  • If the arrow is hollow, it means that your Snap was not opened with audio.
  • A hollow purple arrow indicates that your Snap with audio has been opened.
  • A hollow blue arrow indicates that your chat was opened.
  • A hollow green arrow indicates that your cash gift has been opened.

Snapchat’s Received Icons

Received icons are squares that indicate you have received one or more types of communication from a friend.

  • A red square indicates that you have received Snaps or Snaps with audio.
  • Purple squares indicate that you have received Snaps or Snaps with Audio.
  • A blue square indicates that you have had a conversation.

Snapchat’s Most Viewed Icons

After you have opened Snap or Chat, the square icon should change to a hollow. This indicates that the message was read.

  • A hollow red square indicates that you have opened Snaps or Snaps with audio.
  • A hollow purple square indicates that you have opened Snaps or Snaps with Audio.
  • A hollow blue square indicates that you have opened a conversation.
  • A hollow gray square indicates that the Snap you received expired.

Snapchat Screenshot Icons

Screenshot icons indicate that someone has taken a screenshot of a Snap or chat. This is normal as friends may want to keep some things around longer, but it warns you to be careful if you share items you don’t want around for more than 24 hours.

  • If you see a pair of red crossed arrows, it means that your Snap was captured without audio.
  • If you see a pair of purple arrows crossed, it means that your Snap with audio has been captured.
  • If you see a pair of blue arrows crossed, it means that your chat was captured.

Snapchat’s Replayed Icons

If you are new to Snapchat, the replay icons should be your last icons. This simply means that someone has replayed your Snap. The standard replay icon is a circle with an arch pointing counterclockwise.

  • A red replay icon indicates that your Snap was not audio replayed.
  • Your Snap with audio was replayed by the purple replay icon

Snapchat: Sent, received, and delivered

Sent, received and delivered message statuses let you know what happened to your Snap chat or chat. These are simple. You can send a Snap or chat to someone by clicking the’sent’ button. The Snapchat server will acknowledge that you have done so. Received means that the Snap or chat was delivered to the recipient. Delivered means Snapchat has confirmed that the Snap was delivered to the intended recipient.

The icon should now be visible.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my Snap isn’t open yet?

Snapchat should show you the sent, received and delivered icons on your Snap or chat in a matter of seconds. The Snapchat server sends your Snap to your app. This gives you the sent. The Snap is acknowledged by the Snapchat server, and you will see the received. The Snap is sent to the recipient. Once the app acknowledges it you will see the delivered.

It is another matter entirely. This depends on whether the recipient is using Snapchat or not. You should be aware of the many things that could delay someone opening a Snap. Although people will quickly open messages when they see them, it is not always possible for them to do so. Don’t be anxious if they don’t respond. It is becoming more difficult to wait for a response in our busy lives.

My Snap is pending:

You may see a “Pending status” after you have sent a Snap message or message. This status can be used to indicate a number of things. We know that if the message was delivered, it would be marked as delivered. If it was read, it will say read. What if Snapchat adds “Pending” to a message next?

We have a more in-depth article here. However, the pending status indicates that you have been blocked or that the other person has closed your Snap account. It says it is pending, not delivered or read because it was never technically delivered. It was not meant to be there.

Do my unread Snaps expire?

Yes. After a set time, all unread Snaps will be deleted. Because of the anonymity culture of Snaps, all unread snaps and messages will be deleted. Unread Snaps can be viewed in two different time frames.

You can send messages to groups of people in 24 hours.

The message will be deleted after 30 days if it is sent to one person.

You can check the status of any Snapchat message by using the icons. You can monitor the activity indicators in your messages if you are concerned that someone may be ignoring your messages.



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