What Does No Location Found Mean


If you are trying to find AN address, you’ll receive a message telling you that there’s no address available. The message could result from a spread of reasons. browse the subsequent article to seek out out the main points to bear in mind of in relevance the message.

What will No Location Found Mean?

The feature of location can assist you verify the precise location of your zone. It conjointly permits you to to trace the residents among your area. iPhone users typically get a slip-up message that reads “no location found. ” this might result thereto the device is not responding. revive your phone and see to envision if it’s working.

confirm your devices have the newest version of the program. It may well be caused by a fault with the software. you’ll strive restarting your program and moving upwards from the lower portion the screen. when that, move upwards till you’re able to shut the tab that displays messages, before restarting it then searching for the right position.

distinction Between No Location Found and placement Not on the market

the excellence between a location that isn’t found and ones that aren’t accessible is that if the placement is discovered exploitation GPS beside realize My Friends and iMessages, the app can tell that the location within the phone however it’sn’t located, but it is attempting to work out the location of residence.

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within the event it states that there’s no location was known this suggests that the precise device’ location hasn’t been found or maybe its GPS system is trying to determine the exact position. this is often an indication of what it is. If a location isn’t accessible implies that it’ not on the market at the instant however, it {should} be soon, should it’s discovered.

within the absence of a location means wherever they live and also the location of their home is not available at the time that the address is believed to not be found as a result of it’ not {in a|during a|in AN exceedingly|in a very} position to be located.

once your device isn’t receiving any signal, or isn’t connected with the web it’ll show an “no place was found” message whenever you browse the globe. If you discover that Location doesn’t show up, will be} because of the actual fact that the phone cannot find itself , despite the fact that the GPS can pinpoint specifically wherever it’s that it is in.

will No Location Found Mean They Stopped Sharing?

the shortcoming to locate the placement of your contacts doesn’t essentially mean you’ve lost bit to your friends. but they’ve stopped revealing their locations with the remainder of the world. To modify iMessage or realize My to operate properly and efficiently, it is essential to confirm that the GPS beside phones’ GPS service similarly as alternative internal capabilities of your phone are operating properly. If either of those parts aren’t working properly, and also the application isn’t functioning properly, the app can’t find your relations or friends.

“No location found” message “No location found” message is displayed once there’ a tangle concerning the precise location of your friend’ location , or the error occurred within the use in the realize My Friends or iMessage application, however not all the time when they’ve been unable to share their location with the world.


If you notice that somebody is unable to spot their location, the message will say that you’ve less shared their location of residency via the IMessage.

just in case you’re searching for alternative ways in which to work out if someone has turned off their place wherever they reside, it’ straightforward to find out.

Why will It Say No Location Found?

  1. they have to Correct the Date and Time

The operate of location sharing is that the friends’ date and time are set mechanically in their smartphones. they’ll not be ready in sharing the placement of your friend if they don’t have the proper info and also the correct time setting on their device. Users can opt to set dates, times, and the hour. they will modification the settings, however do needn’t outline the date and time manually.

  1. Their iPhone Isn’t Connected To the web

Your contact has to create connections to net so as to share their location exploitation their location in their iMessage platform. Then they’ll be during a position to “Find my. ” If you get the message “no location found,” your contact isn’t connected the Internet. The iMessage platform depends on servers to transfer knowledge ANd should hook up with the servers.

  1. Your iPhone Isn’t Connected to the web

to work out the placement of a person’ phone, it’s necessary to attach to an Internet. within the event that somebody reached bent on you concerning wherever you are, you’ll need to sign in to an account on the iMessage server to trace the phone number. If you’re ineffective to connect or aren’t connecting to the Internet, you’ll be receiving experiencing a slip-up message. during this instance you’ll receive an error message locution “no location was found. “


  1. They Stopped Sharing Their Location whereas You Were Checking

If members of your family reside within the same house as you, they need the choice to decide on to not disclose the address of their. the house is modified at any time. If you are trying to find their address then when a time they’ve taken the choice not to share details of the placement they share their home along side you, it seems that there’s “no address found. “

  1. They’re Not Signed in to seek out My Friends

The year was the year once “Find my” became AN application that demanded users to transfer the app, log in, then login along side their family. relations have to be compelled to sign in through the app so as to produce their address. within the event that they aren’t registered in to seek out My, the realize My application won’t seem on the app and you won’t be ready see their home.

  1. they need No Signal

Signals from the phone is crucial for relaying info concerning the area. If your family members board a vicinity wherever they don’t have net access and are unable sign up, then they won’t be able to communicate info concerning your current location no matter whether or not sharing information about your location is enabled.

  1. Their Phone Is Off

If you’ve shared information concerning your location with ANother person, however the phone you’re exploitation isn’t active it may well be that you simply receive the “no location found” message. to look at an interactive map showing wherever you’re located, you must be using iMessage beside realize My, or the realize My app it’s needed to attach to their mobile.

  1. They Ran Out Of Battery

AN iPhone happiness to a different person needs to be turned off so as the event of exchange of an address. If they’re low on battery and also the phone is off, you’ll be notified of an “no location found” message. The user isn’t connected to the iMessage servers , and can not be able to use realize My application. realize my application. the appliance is ready to attach to the device to seek out the placement of wherever the phone is.

  1. They’ve place Their iPhone on aeroplane Mode

The phones is placed in aeroplane mode. The phone isn’t capable of causing or receiving messages and messages. it’s attainable to change to aeroplane Mode, that is often stated as offline mode. It’ a mode that works even while not the affiliation to the internet. once a user switches their phone into plane mode, it’ like they’ve shut off the phone. Their position won’t be recorded.

  1. They’ve Logged Out of iCloud

“Share My Location “Share My Location” choice accessible via your iPhone is merely accessible when you’ve signed in to your iPhone using the Apple ID, in keeping with the foremost current version of iOS.

within the event that the person isn’t signed up with iCloud however you’re signed in, then you’ll be unable to grasp precisely the location of their phone. If {you can|you’ll|you’ll be ready to} win over them to sign in to iCloud then enable them to share the precise location of their phone to you when that, then you’ll be able resolve the issue.

  1. There’ a fault on realize My Friends or iMessage

“Find My Friends” is formed to assist users to seek out the precise location that your acquaintances are. If they’re active in the app and active, you’ll be during a position to trace their position.

The things wherever realize My Friends or iMessage is liable to glitches and create it not possible of pinpointing exactly where is that the user. Fortunately, there’ no reason to be troubled concerning glitches as they will be simply eliminated among a matter of minutes when they occur.

the way to Fix No Location Found realize My Friends

  1. Fix Your net affiliation

All you wish to try to to is modify wireless local area network property in Your iPhone. centre centre is the handiest and economical method to show on wireless connectivity. Once you’re bound that your device is ANd connected, you want to verify if the matter is because of the electronic equipment you use.

established the plane mode then turn it off to permit reconnecting to the Internet. Once you’ve completed this , you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly wherever the specific.

  1. Wait until They activate Their iPhone

after you encounter an “no location found” error in decisive the placement of someone this is often thanks to the device’ state of non-operation and also the solely choice is to carry off till the device is switched on ANd on. once their phone is connected to servers, you’re capable of following their movements.

  1. Wait until would like} Signal

the placement while not a proof may well be the rationale it’ not possible for a affiliation to be established to the world during which the person is. Locations with no signal embrace elevators, basements, and areas that have many mobile towers.

so as to stop receiving an “no location found” message that seems whenever you commit to find the house of the one you love relatives, they’ll need wait until they arrive in the location during which they need a web connectivity. 

  1. Tell Them If They’ve Signed Out Of realize My Friends to register

realize My Friends could be a wholly free iPhone application on the market for transfer through the App Store of Apple. It makes use of the assorted options of location sharing in your phone to show your current location on a map similarly because the precise location of your friends and family.

whereas it’ best once connected to wi-fi , and as long as the GPS within the phone is turned on the phone, it’ still capable of being quite correct even with access to the mobile signal. you want to log into the app to access”Find My Friends” or the “Find my friends” feature. If the person you wish to seek out isn’t signed in on the app it’s attainable to ask them to register to confirm that you simply will see their address.

For sign-in:

begin Settings. Settings application.

select “Find My” by sound your name.

activate “Share My” Location.

Eliminate “Find My” by tapping it then removing this icon.

  1. Tell Them If They’ve Signed Out Of iCloud to register

so as to eliminate the matter that says “No Location Found,” you must inform that person in your network to affix iCloud after you discover they’ve gone. If they can’t log in to iCloud ensuing time you won’t be able to find your device’ location.

register to:

Open your Settings app on your iPhone.

Contact “Sign in to your iPhone”

Log in exploitation your Apple ID similarly as your password.

The screen are blank and show the text “Signing in to iCloud. ” …” Be patient. It may take simply a number of minutes.

after you encounter you’re needed to input it in, merely sort into the passcode of four digits that’ on your iPhone.

Once you’ve signed in, your username can seem at the terribly high of your screen. Settings Application. The app needs to be launched.

when you’ve completed the procedure , you’ll be directed to a page with the title “Apple ID. ” select iCloud from the menu dropdown.

  1. Tell Them If They’ve Turned Off Location Services to show It On

To to send your location data, the opposite members of your circle should be able to put off your GPS location service. If they aren’t able to activate location services, they can not transmit your GPS location to others.

To modify services to locate:

  1. 1. Open the Settings app, then select”Local Services” from the menu. this may enable your iPhone to use GPS services. Accessible.
  2. Click down till you reach”Privacy” among the “Privacy” section of the Settings menu.
  3. locater Services is found on the proper side of the “Privacy” page, below the heading “Location Services. “


  1. Choose”Location Service” from the computer menu “Location Services” choice from the drop-down menu to modify this selection.
  2. Restart Your iPhone

It’ a method to confirm that it functions effectively. Restarting the iPhone is easy and takes simply a number of minutes. the sole issue that the user needs to perform is shut off it for few minutes, then switch the device back on.

  1. Force Restart Your iPhone

The thanks to begin the iPhone is totally different in keeping with the model. For older models, hit the power button ANd pressing the amount button could also be the answer. The user can see the Apple emblem appear. For the newest iPhone models, pressing the volume button similarly because the down button, followed by pressing the facility button an indefinite amount of amount of your time causes the phone to show off.

  1. Update Your iPhone

confirm your phone’ computer code is current with the latest updates. Having them as they’re free to confirm your phone will operate fully.

necessary patches that fix bugs or security patches are generally a part of updates as are the latest options added. to create life easier, you’re able to upgrade to the newest version of iPhone via connecting. it’s attainable to upgrade your iPhone.

you’ll do that

begin your Settings application.

choose “General” from the drop-down menu.

choose “Software Update” from the drop-down menu.

select “Automatic Updates” from the drop-down menu.

after you hold the left aspect button, to the left you’ll be able to established automatic updates to any or all of your gadgets.


the way to create realize My Friends Say No Location Found

If you’re attempting to work out the way to keep your home from being featured among realize My Friends, there are a range of ways you’ll go for avoid doing this.

  1. attend a vicinity With No Signal

Signals may stop you from sharing the locations of your relations similarly as relatives. If you’re not willing to disclose info concerning your location, you want to relocate to an area wherever there’s no connection. this could mean obtaining the gap you can from the cell tower , or maybe coming into your basement.

  1. place Your iPhone on aeroplane Mode

switch into airplane mode is a wonderful technique of preventing others from knowing wherever you’re for transient duration. It’ a feature accessible for all smartphones.

make sure you are aware that airplane mode could block any notifications, or the employment of mobile phones for phone calls and text messages and forestall the incidence of. If you turn to airplane mode your net affiliation will be disabled, that means that nobody will be capable of observant your location.


aeroplane Mode is activated by choosing Settings from the menu bar near very cheap of the page. ensuing step is to decide on aeroplane Mode from your menu.

  1. Sign Out of realize My Friends

If it’s your intention to use realize My Friends to post your address, it’ attainable to deinstall the program so as to prevent it from commercial enterprise your information. Sign out

begin Settings. Settings application.

scroll down till you reach the bottom then click Sign Out.

Input the Apple ID positive identification for the person concerned.

select the choice to save lots of copies of the info from iCloud for storage.

Log out to exit “Find my. “

  1. put off Location Services

the foremost economical technique to avoid sharing your personal knowledge is to deactivate the location-based options of your services. after you have disabled your location-based service, apps like iMessage and “Find my” won’t be able to communicate details concerning your current place of residence.

Settings menus are displayed. choose privacy. below privacy, you’re able to disable location services by sound the higher right-hand corner. this may make sure that location services aren’t running on your phone.

  1. flip Your Phone Off

If you’re attempting to cover all of your personal info, together with your email address., there’ only 1 choice that’ 100 percent sure to be effective. to show off the iPhone merely press the facility button then turn left till it stops transmit details concerning your address. If you shut off your phone it’ll make sure that your knowledge isn’t shared with anyone else.


  1. Sign Out of iCloud

after you close iCloud is ready to dam realize ME and IMessages from sharing information about your location.

To sign off from ICloud:

begin within the Settings App from the settings app on Your iPhone. This silver icon is part of every iPhone . it’s ineffective to be altered or removed. Being removed or altered.

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