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What does it mean when someone says “Link in Bio” on Instagram?

Online marketing is only possible if you have a strong social media presence. Instagram is more than a place to share photos and messages with friends. Businesses saw an opportunity to convert casual Instagram users into customers.

They employ many methods to market their brand and make a name for them. Some of these methods have led to new trends and ways of using Instagram. The trend of posting links in your bio is closely linked to self-promotion.

What is “Link in Bio”? Instagram

In an Instagram post, someone may say “link in bio”. This is a call-to-action for the customer. It invites users to view their profile and review their biography. This includes a URL to take you to another website.

Instagram has a policy against posting links that lead users to their app or website. You can still post links to your posts but users won’t be able click the URL.




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They will need to either copy the link and paste it or open a new browser window and then type the whole thing. It makes sense to limit the advertising space available on Instagram since it is free.

Only one link is clickable.

Only one link per user in bio

You can find many influential companies and people on Instagram who will refer you to the link in their bios. It is used to promote the latest product or service. You can only put one link on your bio page so make sure it counts.

Your Instagram bio can only contain 150 characters so choose your words carefully.

If you register for a business account with over 10,000 followers, you can add links to each story . Although this is a useful feature, it won’t be available until your verified account becomes big. For now, focus should be on your bio if you are just starting to build an Instagram brand.

How to use your Instagram bio link

You only have one clickable URL in your bio so make the most of it. You should build loyalty with customers once you have their attention.

Here are some ideas to help you create your bio link.

  1. Include a link to your most popular product. It is a good idea to include a link to if a product you are familiar with in your bio. You want to create a connection that makes people interested in your products. This will encourage them to explore other offerings. Next, make sure your website is designed so that visitors enjoy browsing your other products and services.
  2. Promote a new product, or a major sale. Social media can be used to increase sales. Make sure to mention discounts and offer promo codes.
  3. Offer free samples or host giveaways. A giveaway or free product will always draw more customers, especially if it has a limited time.
  4. Let your followers know who and what you are. To bring your followers closer to you, you can link to your about page.
  5. Invite others to view your video, visit your blog, and listen to your podcast. To truly connect with your audience, you can use any one of these formats. People enjoy quality content, not blatant ads.

How to use Hashtags in your Bio

Instagram allows you to add hashtags to your bio. These can then be hyperlinked. You can also tag other profiles to create direct links. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for Instagram.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile” option.
  4. Click on Bio, then type @username for the profile you want or add hashtags starting with #.
  5. You can save the changes.

Click on the tags to redirect your followers. A great tip is to create your own hashtags that direct people to your site.

Why is Link in Bio not working?

The main reason you haven’t been able to access web content after clicking on the Bio Link is that it wasn’t saving properly.

  1. Tap the person icon at the lower left corner of the app.
  2. Tap “Edit Profile.”
  3. Copy the link from your website to a web browser.
  4. Copy the URL in the “Website” box.
  5. Tap “Done.”

After this step is completed, the link should be clickable. It may not work if you enter the URL of your website. It is easy to verify that the URL is correct by copying and pasting it directly from your website.

Are Bio Links Driving Traffic?

You will need to create a business account if you want to access Instagram analytics. Analytics will tell you how many people are engaging with your stories, posts, and profile. Analytics doesn’t reveal WHO is visiting your posts, but it can provide insight into how effective your marketing strategies are.

Website hosts should also give you information about website traffic, but this may not include where it is coming from.

For analytics updates, switch to a Business account

  1. Tap the profile icon at the lower left corner of the app.
  2. Tap “Edit Profile.”
  3. Tap “Switch to Professional Account.”
  4. Tap “Business.”

Follow the steps provided by Instagram to verify and set up your account. Once your account is upgraded, you will receive an email.

Restrictions on Linking

When it comes to linking, Instagram is very big brother. Even Business accounts must have 10,000 followers to be allowed to post links in Instagram stories.

You only need one word to understand why this happens: Spammers.

The social media giant has taken steps to stop spammers, scammers and even trolls from flooding users’ newsfeeds and ruining their user experience. This is actually quite nice for people who use the app to scroll, discover and share.

Others, such as those who want to be an Influencer, or use the platform to promote their handmade items, or freelance work, are faced with a completely different challenge. Every user can post a link in their Bio.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions on Instagram.

Are Instagram bio links safe?

Instagram does not vet bio links. This means that you cannot always trust the links you click on. When visiting websites and clicking links, it’s best to be cautious. Instagram does a lot to prevent spam and scams, but you might fall for a trap if you navigate to a page that isn’t safe.

Is it possible to add a biolink?


Yes. Anyone can add a link to their Instagram account by clicking the “Edit Profile” option.

Link in Your Park

Now you are ready to spice up the Instagram bio. You can change the link to your homepage from time-to-time. You want to provide variety and innovation for your followers, so be creative and meet their needs.

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