Ways to Style Plain Red T-shirts for Men


Red has many shades! Scarlet, cherry, mahogany, burgundy, crimson, rust, ruby, Persian, vermilion and the list goes on.

However, red takes a backseat when it comes to men’s wardrobes! Unless your style icon is Jared Leto, it is uncommon to find crimson or burgundy hanging in your wardrobe. And that is not because the shade is unattractive! But because it’s spectacular!

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Create Iconic Fashion Statement With Red

Red, when worn correctly, can create an iconic style statement! It is a primal shade associated with power, status, enthusiasm and desire.

In fact, several physiological studies have revealed that the red colour is associated with positive physiological outcomes such as enhanced testosterone levels, better performance outcomes, etc.

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Red signifies different emotions and properties in different cultures. However, in the fashion world, red is the symbol of a bold and enigmatic style statement.

If you want to play on safer boundaries, you can stick to the toned-down versions of red, dusky pink or burgundy.

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In this post, we’ve curated the best ways for men to style red t-shirts. Let’s get started!

Red T-shirt Colour Combinations

The entire attire looks aesthetically appealing only when the top and bottom wear combination complements each other. Therefore using the correct combination can make a remarkable difference.

Here are the 5 best colour permutations you can try with a red plain t shirts Australia.

Combination 1: Red and Black

  • One of the most classy and timeless colour combinations is a red t-shirt with black jeans or trousers. It is easy to carry and, therefore, a safe option.
  • If your want to reflect your soft and sober style through an outfit, select this combination. Black can seamlessly blend with almost every shade of red.
  • Whether you are going on a dinner date or attending a rock band musical event with friends, red and black will never disappoint you.

Combination 2: Red and Beige

  • The playfulness of dark and light shade is perfectly defined by the red t-shirt and beige bottom combination.
  • It’s easy to carry since beige can complement almost every hue of red, including pink undertones.
  • So if you want to make a classy style statement but with subtle tones, red t-shirts and beige is your perfect combination.

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Combination 3: Red and Navy Blue

  • Navy blue is a close neighbour of black. A red t-shirt and navy blue bottom create a decent statement that emanates elegance.
  • A red polo t-shirt paired with navy blue trousers can work even in semi-formal and formal setups.

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Combination 4: Red and White

  • White is a universally neutral shade that pairs effortlessly with almost every colour palette. And red is no exception.
  • If experimental fashion suits your style preference, a red t-shirt and white bottom is an excellent combination.
  • Make a bold and dynamic statement attire by combining v-neck t-shirts soaked in darker shades of red such as burgundy, ruby or mahogany with white jeans or chinos.

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Combination 5: Red and Grey

  • The last combination on our list is grey and red. When dressed correctly, this combination can look splendidly beautiful. The subtle dark undertones of grey perfectly balance the vibrance of red, making the entire attire look stunning.
  • Again the colour combination works great with darker red shades.
  • For formal and semi-formal events, you can pair grey trousers and wine red t-shirts.

These are the safest five red t-shirt and bottom combinations. However, creativity has no boundaries, and you always have the freedom to create your own fashion statement.

Combine various colours, such as lighter shades of blue, creme, khaki, etc., to reflect your distinctive personal styling.

Best Plain Red T-Shirts Styling Ideas

Red crew neck t-shirt paired with black ripped jeans.

Stylish, casual and everything fantastic! Want to create a smart street-style look? This combination is your perfect pick.

Black-ripped skinny jeans can rock with both round and v-neck red plain t shirts Australia. Tie this look together with black leather casual boots or black ankle-height canvas shoes.

Red crew neck t-shirt, Dark Beige Chinos and Tan Denim Jacket

  • A must-try ensemble for casual lovers. If you love wearing casual outfits, then this is a must-try ensemble.
  • A red Crew Neck t-shirt paired with Beige Chinos and Tan Denim Jacket is just the perfect attire for casual weekends.
  • Complete this attire with white athletic shoes.

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Red v-neck t-shirt with light blue ripped jeans.

  • Any t-shirt paired with ripped jeans creates stunning casual wear. And when it’s red, you score brownie points.
  • You can simply pair a red v-neck t-shirt with washed, light-blue, ripped jeans.
  • Complete the look with cool sneakers.

Red crew neck t-shirt, black dress pants and white double-breasted blazer

  • Looking for a clean, sharp and bold outfit. This ensemble is for you! Pair a red round neck t-shirt with black dress pants.
  • Make it a fashion statement by throwing in a white double-breasted blazer.
  • Finish the look with cool sunglasses and black leather loafers.


Red t-shirts can be a fantastic style statement when worn correctly. Share your red outfit ideas for men in the comment section.

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