Vibration Plates for Weight Loss


As anecdotal evidence supports their effectiveness in weight loss, improved strength and body composition, vibration plates are becoming more popular. These results have been confirmed by many experiments.

Do you think you should buy a powerplate?

This article examines the science behind vibration plates weight loss. This article examines how power plates can help you lose weight, belly fat, calories, and the best speed to do the job.

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Do Vibration Plates Help You Lose Weight?

Research has shown that vibration plates can help you lose weight. Here’s how it works.

An experiment that WebMD refers to, participants were required to undergo six months of diet and another activity such as:

  • Conventional fitness
  • Swimming
  • Vibration of the power plate

The fourth control group was restricted in calories.

Participants were encouraged to keep up their home routines and give it their best shot after six months. These results were again tested on the subjects after one year.

  • The diet group could not maintain long-term weight loss.
  • The diet + traditional fitness group lost 7% after six months. These people reached the 6.9% weight loss limit after six more months.
  • The diet + vibration plates group lost 11% of their body weight in the first six months and maintained a 10.5% weight reduction after the entire year.

You can lose weight by using a vibration plate, as you can see. But don’t get yourself carried away.

Remember that is what you need:

  • You will get the best results if you continue vibration plate training for at minimum 6-12 months.
  • Aerobic training is not something you can put off. Your heart and lungs need to be healthy.

What is the average time it takes to lose weight using a power plate?

Full Body Vibrations claims that you can see results in as little as 2-6 weeks after using your powerplate. Other factors can influence the before-and-after results.

  • Body compositionThe larger the muscle mass, and more power plates activated, the better. Your body will therefore burn more calories.
  • Biological Sex: Males tend to lose weight more quickly than females if they are the same age and have no hormonal imbalances.
  • Diet: If you eat healthy food and limit your calories, you can accelerate your weight loss.
  • Duration and speed:Vibration plate velocity and duration increase muscle activation. These factors result in more calories being burned.


For long-term results, even if you notice some improvement after the first month of training, it is important to continue training for at least six more months.

Calories burned on Vibration Plate

A small 2018 study found that regular exercise with a powerplate can increase calorie burning by around 20%.

Let’s find out what this means.

A calorie calculator shows that a 150-pound person who does mild to moderate callisthenics for 30 mins burns approximately 120 calories. Callisthenics can be described as exercises such as squats and lunges, push ups, sit-ups, and push-ups.

These exercises can be done on a power plate to burn 144 calories in half an hour.

Let’s see what this means.

  • Standing on a vibration plate can help your body burn calories 20% faster. A vibration plate can increase your calorie burn by up to 72-156 calories per hour if you are currently burning 60-130 calories an hour sitting down.
  • You will see quicker results. An increase of 20% in calories means that you get another workout for every five sessions.
  • Your weight loss journey can be accelerated by exercising on your power plate. You should choose a vibration plate that is supportive of your entire body weight so you can perform exercises on it.
    • Set your fitness goals before you buy any equipment. Double-check every feature of any potential products to ensure they are suitable for your needs. This is what we do in every article, even this one about vibration plates.
  • This study is for men only. Your final energy expenditure could be less than 20%.

This study reveals something more important than the calorie expenditure.

Participants’ metabolic rates increased by 5.5% when they used a vibration plate. This could mean that you can lose weight even after your powerplate workout.

What are the Calories you can burn in 10 minutes on a Vibration Plate Plate?

A 10-minute vibration plate session is enough to burn the numbers.

  • 48 calories if you’re doing callisthenics
  • If you are only sitting, 14.4 calories

These values are for someone weighing 150 pounds.

For weight loss, best speed on vibration plate

You’ll lose more weight the faster your vibration plate runs. Technically, it’s up to you and your power plate how much.


  • Use a plate with high vibration if you are looking to lose weight quickly.
  • Choose a vibration rate that isn’t too high to cause you to lose your balance while you exercise or stand on the vibration plate. It is easy to become injured if you do not pay attention.

How can vibrating plates help you lose belly fat?

A 2019 review of seven studies and 280 subjects showed significant fat loss with whole-body vibration. Participants noticed significant changes in their body composition after only six months of continuous use.

This means that vibrations can help you lose belly weight because:

  • You burn more calories
  • Vibrations eliminate deep-tissue fat stores

These results will help you shed visceral, deep-seated fat throughout your body, including your belly.

The best results can be achieved if you eat well and are active throughout the day.

In conclusion

Vibration plates are proven to accelerate weight loss by increasing muscle contractions, according to research. Your body will need more fuel, aka calories, as your muscles work harder.

You must choose the right vibration plate for you.

Consider your weight and the amount of time you have to exercise each day before you buy your power plate. Also, think about how you will use it. A stronger vibration plate is better for people with larger frames. If you are only using it to stimulate your muscles while on bed rest, however, you should focus on the higher vibrations.

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