Vibration Plate Benefits: 10 Advantages (and 3 Disadvantages)


Many people swear by vibration plates. Although studies are not conclusive, there is plenty of evidence to support vibration plates’ benefits.

These machines won’t solve all your problems.

We will be revealing ten top benefits, but also discussing the drawbacks with lots of science to back up our claims. Read along below!

Vibration Machine Benefits

Let’s now see why many physical therapists recommend vibration plates to their clients.

1. Your Muscles Are Toned

You can tone your muscles faster by using the 30-50 vibrations/second.

It’s not enough to just sit still and exercise on the vibration plate. You will get more out of the vibration machine if you are able to challenge your muscles.

However, if you have mobility issues or are restricted by health, this machine-induced muscle contraction may not be enough. Studies have shown that vibration plates can help keep you in shape and limit your functional limitations.

This means that you will be able to get up from your chair quicker, walk longer, and climb higher.

These actions will also tone your muscles, which in turn leads to more benefits.

2. Faster Fat Loss

Research has shown that vibration plates can mimic the metabolic effects of exercise to help you lose weight more quickly. This is true at least for male rats.

There’s more:

If you believe this study, vibration platforms have similar benefits to treadmill running.

Scientists who created it discovered that vibrations can accelerate metabolism and help the liver work faster. This allows your liver to metabolize fat more quickly than it does storing.

But, it’s important to eat right and be careful. Your liver will not be able to process all the fat and glucose that you throw at it.

3. You will lose more weight

Another happy outcome is losing weight quickly. This is due to an increase in metabolic rate.

Lean muscle mass means that you burn more fat faster. This is why your basal metabolic rate at rest will be high.

Remember what we said before?

You can also help the vibration plate if you need quick results.

Use it in your workouts and you will be able to say goodbye to unhealthy food.

4. Reduce Stress

You look great with a fast-paced metabolism. It makes you feel good.

This is because a slower metabolism can cause all kinds of endocrine problems. It can affect your thyroid, sleep patterns and skin. Your slow metabolism, if you don’t exercise, can cause you to feel tired and cranky.

A vibration plate can be used to alleviate these symptoms and allow you to feel calmer and more centered.

What if you feel stressed out or having trouble sleeping and your metabolism is fine?

Vibration plates can still be helpful because exercise releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. These happiness hormones will give you the boost your brain needs to improve your mood.

5. You’ll Up Your Bone Density

After the age of 30, bone density becomes a major problem. It has been shown that weight-bearing activities like strength training or walking can prevent your bones becoming brittle.

Study results show that vibration plates may have the same effect.

You can see an increase of 1% in bone density by spending 30 minutes three times a week for six months. This may not sound like much but take a look at these numbers:

Normal bone loss is about 3% before 50 and about 12% thereafter. PER DECADE.

A 1% increase in bone density can result in 1-3 years of rejuvenation, depending on how old you are.

6. Flexibility is more important

A happier brain, stronger muscles, and healthier bones all work together to increase your flexibility and balance. This means that you are able to sit straighter, move more easily, bend and turn to get what you need, etc.

These things will make your life much easier, as you won’t have the time or energy to do all of these tasks.

But has another advantage.

Because you will be achieving more, you’ll feel better. This will make you more determined and healthier.

7. This will improve your blood circulation

When your muscles vibrate, it promotes blood flow, which can lead to cold hands, feet, swelling of lymph nodes, cramps and so on.

We all know that poor blood circulation can increase the chance of developing a chronic heart condition.

Vibration plates can help improve circulation, regardless of whether you have any existing problems. This will allow you to at least reduce, if not eliminate, severe health conditions.

8. Healthier Looking Skin

A vibration plate can improve your skin’s appearance because:

  • Toning your muscles is what you are doing
  • Your blood circulation is improving
  • You’re decreasing your stress levels

These factors allow your body to detoxify quicker, which makes it look smoother. Besides, stronger muscles keep your skin firm.

There’s more:

Collagen production is promoted by an accelerated metabolism. This is probably what you’ve seen in all the ads for skin creams and lotions.

Your body can adjust the amount of collagen it produces to meet your needs.

Translation: Less cellulite and wrinkles

9. You will see a faster recovery of your muscles

You know how important it is to have a recovery day if you are doing intense workouts such as HIIT or strength training. You may need to wait between 48 and 72 hours depending on how much you have worked a muscle group before you can do it again.

It would be great if there wasn’t so much waiting.

Vibration plates are great for speeding up recovery time. They improve circulation and can feel like a soothing massage on sore muscles. You can also use them after a hard workout to help you get back on your horse quicker.

10. Pain Relief

Vibration plates are a great option for those suffering from chronic conditions or recovering from surgery. You should always consult your doctor before using vibration plates. Vibration plates can cause severe pain, such as spinal pain.

Vibration plates are great for muscle cramps, sciatica, and arthritis.

Power Plate Risques

Let’s now look at some of the potential drawbacks to power plates. Although there is not much research on power plates, the medical community hasn’t raised any concerns about vibration plates’ health effects.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. A vibration plate that is not approved by your doctor may cause an aggravation of a condition. This could be a result of a recent surgery, spinal nerve damage, or if you are just recovering from surgery. If you are pregnant or have vertigo, it can be dangerous to use a vibrating machine. Although there is no evidence to support the claim that vibration plates cause early labor, they can worsen your nausea.
  2. Follow safety guidelines. To ensure that the machine doesn’t get damaged, you should consider your weight and posture restrictions. Also, be aware of whether the machine gets too hot after a set period. Overheating can cause permanent damage.
  3. The vibration plate might not be as efficient as you would like. The research on vibration plates is limited and most of it is done with mice. Although vibration machines have shown promising results in human studies, they are not a panacea. To see significant improvements, it is important to combine them with healthy eating and exercise.

In Conclusion

In some cases, vibration plates work. They can be used to relieve pain, increase blood circulation, or improve functional limitations. A vibration machine can also be used to aid in your weight loss and fitness journey.

A vibration machine can help you feel better and less pain. A vibration machine is good for your entire body.

However, vibration plates are not miracle workers. You should not assume that vibration plates are magical.

Vibration machines can be a great tool to improve muscle tone and health, but it is up to you to do your part.

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