Use Your Photos to Create an Engaging Video for Social Media 


Have some beautiful images with you? Here’s how you can use them to create an engaging video.

Videos have  become an active ingredient in the marketing strategy of companies. They can fuel your marketing campaigns advertisement design and compensate for the spark missing in your marketing strategy. However, many people are scared of the video creation process and end up not including videos as part of their campaign.

Shooting a video from scratch and then editing it to create a final video can be a cumbersome process. However, there are simpler videos that you can make in no time. You can even use your collection of photos to create a video. There are different ways in which you can bring several photos together using creative tools and create an engaging video. Let’s check out some tips to create the best videos using still images

Ways to Use Pictures to Create a Video

You can experiment with different formats when using multiple pictures to create a video. Images can be used in several innovative ways to create a video. You can use a picture video maker to create such videos. We have some tips that you can use to create exciting videos using pictures.


GIFs have become quite popular with the emergence of social media. Be it WhatsApp or Instagram, you can share GIFs on almost all platforms. GIFs are not videos but are a kind of animation that gives a feel of a mini video. However, on some platforms, GIFs get converted to videos as they have a similar algorithm as videos, and they also involve motion graphics.

Creating a GIF is relatively easy. You can use a free photo to video maker to upload an image and convert it into a GIF. You need to select a transition, and the same photo will be flashed to give a video-like effect. If you are about to launch a marketing campaign, you can create a GIF to build some excitement before the launch. Also, you can make GIFs for personal branding or even for your friends and family on special occasions.


Creating slideshows is the simplest way of creating a video. You can use a photo video maker to bring the photos of your choice together and then create a slideshow using these pictures. While you can use PowerPoint to create a slideshow, it is better to use a video-making tool to bring all the pictures together and create a video.

The problem with using tools like PowerPoint to create a slideshow is that different images will have different orientations, and they might not perfectly fit into a slide. Also, in some cases, the photos might pixelate while you try to fit the pictures into the slide, or some white space might be left. Hence, making online photo videos using the best tools with several features is better. These tools have thousands of templates. You can choose one and then start adding pictures to create your video. 

Timelapse Videos

If you are involved in a creative process and want to create a video on all the steps, you can use a timelapse video. For instance, if you are a sculptor working on a wall carving, you can take multiple pictures at different levels of the process. 

The sequence plays a very important role in a timelapse video as you need to show a journey of a project or a creative process. Therefore, place the pictures on the timeline according to how you want them to appear in the video. You can add audio to make the timelapse video more engaging. You can get some trending audio pieces on the video editing platform itself. Several reels and TikTok videos use the timelapse format to create engaging videos for their audience.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are an advanced form of slideshow videos. You can use them to show the steps of a basic task. For instance, if you are baking a cake, you can click pictures of the ingredients and the process.

While you might draw some similarities between explainer and timelapse videos, the purposes of both videos are quite different. While timelapse videos are created to provide viewers with some entertainment, the explainer videos help the viewers understand a particular task and then replicate it.

Explainer videos are quite common on YouTube. Also, instead of adding music to these videos, you should add a voice-over explaining the steps of the activity. You can also add text to the images wherever required.

Parallax Effect

Parallax Effect videos are trending on different platforms like Instagram, etc. In this video format, you bring two or more images together and pick a background image from the set of images. Then, you adjust the timings for the background and the remaining pictures so that the background moves quite slowly compared to the pictures used in the foreground. Thus, the entire setup creates a 3-D effect and an optical illusion for the viewers.

While this format might seem interesting, you need some expertise to create these videos. However, if you plan on creating the parallax effect videos on your own, you can use the guide available on video editing platforms to understand the process. 

The Photo-Video Creation Process

Now that you know the different kinds of videos you can create using still images, let’s understand how to create these videos without any hassle.

  • Store your photos together: If your video requires you to add 2 or 3 photos, you can easily add them on your laptop. However, finding these photos will be a hassle if you need to add around 50 photos. Therefore, creating a folder on your laptop to store all the images you want to add to the video is better.
  • Add the photos: Once you select the video maker for the process, you need to upload all the photos to the video maker. If you have some photos with a lower resolution, you can combine them to make a collage. You can then add that collage as a picture along with the other photos.
  • Add text: You can make your video exciting by adding text and interesting callouts. Ensure that your title slide is appealing enough to attract the viewers’ attention.
  • Add music: Your video is incomplete without music. Music makes the video more enjoyable. Therefore, browse through the music library on the video maker and select one that goes with your video.

Now that you have your video ready, you can export it and share it on different platforms.


A video is one of the easiest ways to engage with your audience. You must decide the theme of the video and then collate the pictures accordingly. Once you have all the pictures, the video creation process turns into a cakewalk. Make use of the video editor and experiment as much as you can. Try creating video collages for different occasions and engage better with your audience.

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