US PC shipments soar 73% in the first quarter as Apple falls from top spot


With the surge in demand resulting from the pandemic Canalys says it that U.S. PC shipments were up 73% compared to the same time last year. This equates to the total of 34 million sold. Although Apple enjoyed a great year, with sales increasing by 36 percent, it was overtaken by HP with 11 million units and the [andhellip…

In addition to increased demand due to the pandemic Canalys states that U.S. PC sales increased by 73 percent over the exact same period in the year before. It was the total that was 34 million PCs sold. Although Apple was a success in the period with sales increasing by 36 percent, it was outdone by HP with 11 million units, and grew its annual sales by to 122.6 percent.

As Canalys stated that the first quarter is known to be weaker for Apple hardware after the Christmas season, however it’s an important move for HP nevertheless. Other companies with huge growth figures include Samsung with 116% and Lenovo with 92.8 percent. Dell had a growth of 29.2 percent, which is quite modest in comparison to the rest of the industry.

Overall, it was a spectacular quarter with the units flying from the stores. Canalys Research Analyst Brian Lynch believes that some of the growth could be due to the increase in demand in 2020 when workers moved to work or school from their homes and required new equipment to finish their jobs however, the growth was unparalleled in the past. ” … The first quarter of 2021 is still regarded as one of the most successful first quarters that the industry has ever experienced. Vendors have put a high priority on addressing U.S. backlogs before supply problems are resolved elsewhere in the globe.” Lynch said in an announcement.

Image Credits: Canalys

Not surprising, the cheap Chromebooks were the most popular choice for those who wanted to refresh their laptops, particularly to be used for education, moved towards the lower-end in the PC market. This could have affected the more expensive Apple products, while contributing to its fall from the top position.

This is the area where Samsung along with other Chromebook manufacturers really excelled. The company reports that in the past year, Chromebook sales jumped 548%, with Samsung leading the way by a staggering 1963% growth rate. Asus, HP and Lenovo all have reported Chromebook sales up by over 900%..

These numbers comprise notebooks, desktops, workstations, and tablets. However, it’s the notebooks and tablet that got most of the attention in this report, with notebooks growing an impressive 131 percent YoY. While tablets weren’t growing at the same pace but sales were still increasing 51%, with 1 million sold over the first quarter.

The company doesn’t anticipate that the market will slow down significantly over the next few quarters, due to continuing demand in the education sector. As shortages of parts, especially in the chip market remain a problem for the sector and will increase demand over the next few quarters according to the firm.


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