Types of Doors for Your New Property


When buying a new property, the type of door you choose can help to determine its security and energy efficiency. There are several different options available, so it’s important to consider how each one will work for your particular property. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common types of doors.

  1. Sliding Doors: These are popular options for apartments, garages, and patios. They are convenient for providing access to outdoor areas and can be a great way to save energy by keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. By sliding open, they also provide an added layer of security.
  2. Hinged Doors: These traditional doors work well for single-family homes or commercial buildings. They are typically made of wood and open outward, which allows for large opening spaces. What’s more, hinged doors are relatively easy to install and provide excellent security when locked.
  3. Dutch Doors: A perfect mix of a solid and a half-solid door, these offer both security and air circulation. They are great for keeping children in but bugs out. It can be opened either at the top or bottom depending on your needs. If you open the top half, children can’t escape but you still get to enjoy a nice breeze.
  4. French Doors: These are beautiful and decorative double doors with glass panels. These are perfect for linking the inside of your home or office to the outdoors, like a patio or balcony. Furthermore, they are also great for letting natural light in. French doors come in a variety of styles, colours and even different types of glass panes.
  5. Security Doors: As the name suggests, security doors are made with strong and durable materials, like steel or aluminium. They offer great protection against any type of intruder that may try to enter your property. In fact, most criminals will just walk on by when they see security doors. Security doors by Uniblinds come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and can be customised to fit your specific needs.
  6. Bi-Fold Doors: Bi-fold doors are incredibly versatile and practical – they can open up a room, creating more space or they can be used to divide one room from another. They are usually made from aluminium and come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your home’s décor.
  7. Concertina Doors: Concertina doors are great for dividing rooms or creating more space in a room. They can be made out of wood, aluminium or PVC and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They also provide a good level of insulation, so you can stay warm during the winter months.
  8. Moulded Doors: Moulded doors are an ideal option if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your home. Like most others we’ve seen, they come in a variety of colours and finishes. Also, they keep noise in and out, so you won’t be disturbed by any outside sounds. Essentially, a moulded door provides an excellent combination of style and practicality.

Did you know there were so many different types of doors that you could choose for your property? However, now that you know more about their features and characteristics, you can make a well-informed decision on the type that best suits your needs. Each door type has its own unique pros and cons, but with a bit of research, you can find the perfect one for you!

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