Two Ways to Record Screen Video on Windows 10


If your computer system is Windows 10, there is a built-in screen recording software called Xbox in Windows 10 system, which can meet our basic recording needs. In general, we can use this function to record basic videos. If your computer is not Windows 10 or you have more professional requirements for video, you need to use professional screen recording software. This article introduces how to use Xbox and professional screen recording software:


How to use Xbox Game Bar to record screen

Xbox Game Bar is a built-in screen recording software for Windows 10. It is easy to use, but this software cannot record the desktop, which is why many people do not choose it first.

The steps to use are as follows:

  1. Use the shortcut key “Win+G” to open the screen recording toolbar.
  2. Open the recording content, select the recording range and click the record button to start recording the video.
  3. After the recording is completed, we can find the recorded video in my video folder.


Professional screen recording software – iTop Screen Recorder


If you need to record videos more professionally, then you need professional tools to support it. iTop Screen Recorder is a professional screen recording software, which is easy to operate and can help users to make the most convenient screen recording, supporting full screen recording, area recording, camera recording, game recording and many other recording video modes.


And there is no time limit for this software to record, the recorded video is in high definition without delay, and you can edit the video directly in the software after the recording is finished. If you need to do more professional video recording, this tool is very useful.

The steps to use it are as follows:


Step 1: Go to iTop Screen Recorder official webpage, click Free Download button, download and install it to your computer.

Step 2: Open iTop Screen Recorder and select the recording area, you can choose to record full screen or customize the recording area. Then choose whether you want to record microphone and camera. After all settings are done, click the Record button to start recording.

Step 3: After you finish recording, you can find the video in My Creations, you can choose to upload it to social media platforms or edit it directly.



Xbox Game Bar: Suitable for users who rarely use the screen recording feature and have low video quality requirements.

iTop Screen Recorder: Suitable for users who frequently use the screen recording function, require high video quality and need to edit videos. It is one of the essential software for workers, students and gamers.


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