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Twitchearnings.com : (August 2022) (Twitch Earnings!)

Twitchearnings.com 2022 – In this submit, you may get the whole lot approximately Twitchearnings.com

Ever for the reason that profits of famous Twitch streamers had been leaked at the web, many customers round the sector had been seeking out a website Twitchearnings com. For the inexperienced, Twitch has been one of the maximum famous and desired structures through game enthusiasts throughout the globe.

Recent Twitch leaks have raised many questions concerning the safety of the streaming platform. If you’re definitely right here to realize extra approximately Twitchearnings.com and what become the latest Twitch leak, then you definitely are at the precise place. The handiest cause to put in writing a submit on Twitchearnings.Com is right here to clean people’s confusion over the Twitch leak that left everybody in deep shock.

Without in addition delay, let’s get began out Twitchearnings.com and Highest Paid Twitch Streamers List:

About Twitchearnings.com Guide 2022

Twitch, taken into consideration one in all the most important streaming structures, has fallen sufferer to a main leak of a number of its maximum touchy files, inclusive of profits info from the famous Twitch streamer. According to a latest Twitch leak, a famous streamer can earn up to $five million according to yr through gambling on-line video video games on Twitch.

The cause Twitchearnings.com site visitors has improved extensively is due to the fact it’s far a website that capabilities Twitch Earnings leaderboards that offer how tons cash is paid to the pinnacle Twitch streamers. In addition to his profits, the leaks discovered touchy facts which includes streamer passwords and former variations of the internet site. For the uninformed, the leak occurred on 6 October 2021.

Last Update – August 14, 2022

Twitch Earnings Leaderboards Streamers List 2022

Here is a listing of the pinnacle 20 Twitch Earning Leaderboard streamers and what sort of they’ve earned considering September 2019. Notably, the quantity cost beneath has been discovered withinside the latest leaks.

S.No. Earnings Twitch Streamer 

1 $9,626,712.sixteen Critical Role

2 $8,454,427.17 xQc

3 $five,847,541.17 Summit1g

four $five,295,582.forty four Tfue

five $five,096,642.12 NICKMERCS

6 $3,290,777.fifty five Ludwig

7 $3,290,133.32 TimTheTatman

8 $3,053,839.ninety four Altoar

9 $3,053,341.fifty four Auronplay

10 $2,984,653.70 Lirik

eleven $2,863,780.sixty three __unknown__

12 $2,844,985.18 Gaules

13 $2,810,480.eleven HasanAbi

14 $2,551,618.seventy three Asmongold

15 $2,490,584.ninety Tyler1

sixteen $2,401,021.eighty four RanbooLive

17 $2,391,369.fifty eight MontanaBlack88

18 $2,314,485.fifty three ibai

19 $2,311,021.eighty one Castro_1021

20 $2,236,043.fifty five MOONMOON

Top Twitch Streamers (Monthy Payout)

If you need to realize the month-to-month price of famous Twitch streamers, then you definitely need to test out the subsequent listing. The following listing famous the names of the pinnacle Twitch streamers and the quantity they earned withinside the month of September 2021.


Facts About The Twitchearnings.com Leak

As according to the leaked facts, each xQc and Summit1G had been named a number of the maximum paid manufacturers of the stay tv collection Critical Role.

Information consists of supply code and streamer bills

Another element of the leaked facts is that from August 2019 to October 2021, paid Twitch streamers are to be had at the Internet.

The leaderboard suggests Ludwig in sixth position, with profits ranging from $1M – $1.four Million.

Fans Reaction On Twitchearnings. com

Many fanatics watched Twitchearnings.com and twitchearnings internet site for appearance bills from famous Twitch streamers, however many requested customers to visit Twitchpayouts.com in preference to TwitchEarnings. com. It seems that the Twitchearnings. com internet site has been taken down through Google or the developer of the webweb page as it isn’t always displaying up on these days Google.

Reason for urging fanatics to interchange to Twitchpayouts.com This webweb page has a superb person-pleasant interface. Once you’re at the webweb page, you may be proven a entire listing of Twitch streamers at the side of their person ID and profits. The internet site additionally has a seek alternative that may be used to locate your preferred Twitch streamer profits or pinnacle earners.

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That is our Twitchearnings.com submit, on this submit we offer a entire listing of pinnacle Twitch streamers and their profits additionally the fan’s reactions to Twitchearnings.com. We desire you may get precious facts in this twitch profits leak complete listing Reddit submit, thank you for reading.

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