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Receive the most recent True Piece codes and get free spins, gems and boosts

True Piece is an experience by DivineTempest and developed for the Roblox platform. This One Piece-inspired game allows players to choose whether they want to be a pirate or a Marine. To increase your power and status, you can acquire bounties and reputation. To help you become stronger, you can learn different weapon and combat skills. You can also fight powerful bosses. These True Piece codes can be used to get a head start in the game and receive some free rewards.

True Piece is an easy and free way to get in-game rewards or exclusive items. Developers release new codes frequently, often when the game reaches new milestones or receives major updates. This page can be saved by pressing CTRL+D on the keyboard. You can then return daily to see new updates.

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True Piece Codes

The most current working true piece codes

June 17, 2022: There are no working codes available for this game.

Expired codes

  • 10MILLVISITS – 3 Perk Spins, 1 Race Spin, 30 Gems (Expires December 8)
  • 100KMEMS – 3 Perk Spins, 30 Gems, 1 Hour Drop Boost (Expires December 7)
  • NEWSERVERCODES – 3 Perk Spins
  • 40KLIKES – 30 Gems, 2 Perk Spins, 1 Hour Drop Boost
  • 50KTRUELIKES – 5 Perk Spins, 50 Gems, 2 Hour Drop Boost (Expires December 3)
  • 75KFAVS – 2 Perk Spins, 1 Hour Drop Boost (Expires December 2)
  • 30KLIKES – 2 Perk Skins, 1 Hour Drop Time Boost
  • 25KLIKES – 3 Perk Spins, 1 Hour Drop Time Boost
  • 40KFAVS – 2 Perk Skins, 30 Gems
  • 1MILLVISIT – 3 Perk Skins, 1 Hour Drop Time Boost, 30 Gems
  • LETSGO10K – 5 Perk Spins, 2 Hour Drop Time Boost, 50 Gems
  • TRUESPINS – 2 Perk Spins
  • 5KTRUELIKES – 50 Gems, 3 Perk Spins, 15 minutes XP, 30 minutes Drop Boost
  • 2KTRUELIKES – 30 Gems and 10 minutes of XP. Drop Boost
  • WELOVECODES 30 Gems, 1 Race Spin
  • 1KTRUELIKES 30 Gems, 20 Minutes Double Drop Boost
  • PERKSHOWNOW – 5 Spins
  • Free Spins – Get 5 Spins
  • TRUEPIECEISHERE 5 Spins and 2 Race Spins. 1 Hour EXP, 10 Minute Drop Boost, 100 gems

How to redeem codes for a true piece

These steps will help you redeem True codes:

  1. Roblox – Launch True Piece
  2. Tap on the settings icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the code redemption box, enter a valid code.
  4. To redeem the code, tap on the ENTER button.
  5. Get your in-game rewards for free

To avoid any typos or spaces, we recommend that you copy and paste the codes directly from our list. Once you redeem the codes, your account should be automatically credited with any in-game boosts or items. Double-check your code if it says invalid.

How to get more codes for True Piece

You can follow the developers of True Piece on Twitter or join the Discord community to get more codes. You will receive new codes from the developer at both locations. This page can be bookmark and you can follow us to receive the most recent codes. Our list is updated as soon as new codes become available. Please check our code wiki frequently to keep up-to-date.

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Roblox Da Hood Codes (July 20,22)

GAMER JOURNALIST TAFF JULY 1, 2022 ROBLOX It’s a game between cops and robbers.

Da Hood is a game that Da Hood Entertainment developed on the Roblox gaming platform. You can take either the cops or robbers side. Unfortunately, Da Hood codes are not currently available. It’s unlikely that codes will be available soon, considering the game’s nature and how long it has been around.

Codes can be used to unlock unique skins or in-game currency for other games. Da Hood codes for cash wouldn’t be a good idea as it would give an unfair advantage. However, the developer might release some to allow for custom skins.

Codes for Working Da Hood

Last updated:July 1, 20,22

  • DHSPRISE! 50k Cash, 10 Crates and 8 Premium Crates . (New).
  • 2022JUNE Crate Rolls
  • June2022 250k DHC and 3 Premium Crates.

Expired Da Hood codes

  • freepremiumcrate
  • easterdahood Skins
  • Stars $1,000,000
  • HTMLUpdate $3,000

Roblox Da Hood information

Here are some details about Da Hood that you can find on their Trello boards.

ATM locations in Da Hood

There are 16 ATMs scattered around the map. You can simply punch them or shoot them with any weapon that you have. The ATMs can drop between 300 and 400 dollars so it’s a quick way to get cash. If the tray is opened, you can determine if an ATM has loot.

Da Hood Jobs

Two jobs are available in Da Hood: picking up shoes and giving bottles to patients.

Da Hood Safehouses

You can rent safehouses in many locations around the globe for $250 by tapping the mailbox. You will receive a key when you rent one. However, a lock pick is still possible to open the door. To add furniture to your home, you can purchase additional furniture from the jewelry shop.


Da Hood Masks

Masks can be purchased to hide your name in Da Hood. Only one mask can be stored in your inventory at any given time. You can find them at the locations on the map below.


Image via Da Hood Wiki

Tips and tricks for Roblox Da Hood

  • To block any incoming punches, press F.
  • Headshots do double damage.

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