Trace Gallagher’s eyesight condition and unusual color eyes have everyone worried. According to reports on the internet there are two distinct colored eyes, one of which has larger pupils over the other.



Trace Gallagher is an American journalist, and Fox News Channel, news anchor. As per Foxnews, Gallagher has covered an array of topics for FNC which includes an ongoing war within the Middle East, the disaster in Tohoku, Japan, and Michael Jackson’s passing.

He also covers for the Robb Elementary school massacre at Uvalde, Texas.

Gallagher also hosted The FNC’s The Live Desk with Martha MacCallum for five years in New York.

Trace Gallagher’s Eye Condition & Different Color

Internet users are worried about the eye condition of Trace Gallagher because, according to reports, there are different hues of eyes for him. They’ve noticed something peculiar in the eyes of Gallagher and are eager to learn more about his condition and the reason for the various shades.

Heather Brien first mentioned the issue in his tweet on February 24 2022. She had previously praised him for his detailed explanation of the issue in question and then referred to his eyesight in the event of an emergency medical condition.

Trace’s fans and followers were worried about his health after seeing the post. But, no official statement about his health or eye issue was released.

The journalist appeared healthy and enjoying great fun. He does however have gorgeous blue eyes.

Trace has not had any serious health problems, as per his health report. He appears physically in excellent condition. A user on Twitter also complained about Gallagher’s right eye being significantly larger than other pupils.

Fox anchor Trace Gallagher reporting

“I have a ruptured sphincter, the muscle that opens and shuts the pupil, mine not as severe, but does anybody know why his eye is like that?” Someone else wrote.

The muscle that is ruptured responsible for pupil contraction is called the iris sphincter. For those who suffer from tear the pupil could remain distorted or distorted throughout their lives, which can cause constant pain due to light, which is a condition known as photophobia.

We haven’t heard as of yet, if he’s diagnosed with the disease.

Is Trace Gallagher Have?

People have been wondering whether Trace Gallagher is unwell after hearing about his eye issues. Despite speculations of his health problems, Gallagher was in fine appearance on TV in the morning to discuss the latest news.

The reporter has been believed to have an unrelated ailment that is minor as his health has been deteriorating rapidly as evident by his pupil’s dilation.

According to various agreements on the internet, people are concerned that their favorite presenter may have eye issues or is treated as such.

There is no official statement made by Trace’s team thus the discussion on social media appears to have ceased. Fans and followers hope for a speedy recovery of Trace and an update on the situation.

When we talk about two distinct colors for eyes, this type of condition is known as heterochromia. The sufferers of this condition might have multiple shades in one eye (for instance the iris could be half one color , and half of another).

In addition, each eye could have a different color. The majority of cases of heterochromia are caused by a benign gene mutation.

Trace Gallagher Is An American Journalist Serving As A FOX News Correspondent

Trace Gallagher is currently the senior breaking news reporter for FOX News Channel (FNC). He began his career to work as a reporter in the year 1996 and is based at Los Angeles. He also serves as a co-anchor of the morning news program on FNC’s America’s Newsroom.

Gallagher has reported on many of the important breaking news stories across the United States and around the world .

He has recently provided the latest news on Russia’s incursion into Ukraine anchoring nightly special shows in the midst of the crisis.

Additionally, Gallagher oversaw the network’s coverage of the scandal surrounding college admissions discovered through Operation Varsity Blues, as and the coverage of the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Gallagher was born living in Mammoth Lakes California as a quarterback on his team, the Mammoth Huskies football team before graduation from high school in 1979.

He received a bachelor’s diploma in business administration at the University of San Diego while being a the position of quarterback on his team, the Torero football club.

Gallagher was based at Los Angeles and co-hosted The Live Desk together with Martha MacCallum, a general assignment journalist who also stepped the role of Studio B and Fox Report. When at Fox, Gallagher covered the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami.

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