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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning English in 2023

Learning English these days is much easier because we have access to a plethora of different options and can add various multimedia elements that instantly take things to another level. While you have to work on grammar and pronunciation, there is no need to sit in the classroom or watch the teacher repeat the rules. The good news is that you can implement YouTube channels and learn English this way by joining one of the free lessons and followings things step by step. It is also one of the most affordable ways to master the rules since you do not have to spend anything and can slow down or repeat the playback based on your learning pace or the situation you are in. Since you can study with headphones and basically anywhere, the educational aspect of YouTube English channels is second to none! 


Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning English in 2023 


  1. BBC Learning English.


If you are looking for classic British English lessons online, you should check what is provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation. They are the best when it comes to learning as they take a scientific approach and provide various formats you can choose from. You can also learn English by checking news reports that are adapted for learners and enjoy resources that are aimed at students of all ages. Even if you are young, you will be able to find something suitable for your interests and learning objectives. 


  1. Rachel’s English.


This YouTube channel is aimed at intermediate English learners. Rachel is not only one of the amazing experts in English with perfect pronunciation but she is also a famous opera singer. Her lessons are accessible and focus on the advanced aspects of learning. She is kind and passionate about what she teaches, so the confidence factor here is really high. If you are an exchange student and writing an assignment in English, be sure to consider Topessaywriting to get your content checked in terms of readability, grammar, structure, and logic. Pairing your English studies with some expert’s help is essential! 


  1. Learn English With Mr. Duncan


If you want something fun and accessible, the offerings by Mr. Duncan should be among the first choices to make when it comes to YouTube English learning. All content is provided free of charge. The lessons take place thrice per week in a live format unless announced differently. As a noble English gentleman, mister Duncan is focusing on the practical side of learning, so you will learn how to talk proper British English without diving into the grammar nightmare. There is definitely something for everyone who wants to learn about slang and the use of colloquial expressions. 


  1. English Class 101.


If your English skills are somewhere in the middle, yet you are facing some gaps in terms of spelling or sentence structure, this awesome Youtube offering should be one of your top priorities. You will be able to find over 100 different video lessons that will help you to choose the learning speed and discover things that help to set English natives apart. In certain cases, it may be necessary to transcribe video clip content, which means that adding subtitles or additional explanations can be helpful. Although this course is not aimed at beginners, it still remains accessible. 


  1. Easy English


If you do not like the typical format of English lessons, this channel takes a totally different approach to learning. Aimed at complete beginners, it focuses on videos that deal with daily situations that anyone can encounter while being among English speakers. You will also learn about English, American, or even Australian cultures and learn how to pronounce English words differently.

Addressing The Youngest Learners 


While the majority of YouTube channels for learning English will be oriented toward adult learners, some of them are handled by professionals like the British Council and will provide videos that will inspire modern children as they learn how to do things like cooking or singing in English. Since it is suitable for young ages, the materials that are offered are safe and adjusted. Another great option is the Fun Kids English YouTube channel, which is quite influential! It offers videos posted daily that will also help your child to meet English-speaking celebrities and communicate with children’s book authors and trained English teachers. Spending at least 15 minutes a day will instantly take things to another level and make learning fun for your kid! 




Olivia Evans loves to learn and explore the cultures of the world as she travels the world. As an educator, linguist, and technology specialist, she constantly combines technology with innovative learning methods. Follow Olivia to take your skills to another level and expand your creative horizons. 


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