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Top 5 Activities to do in Dubai

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is a glittering jewel that boasts of its ultra-modern architecture. It has a lot of attractions to suit the interests of every visitor. Whether it is your interest in exploring history, chilling at the beach, or exploring the extravagant and futuristic city of Dubai,  it has got something for everyone. 


If you are visiting Dubai with your loved ones and looking for recreational activities to do together, here are the top activities you must consider doing.

1) Take Dubai Bus Tour

If you are a first-time visitor to Dubai and avoid the hassle of hopping from one place to another on your own, instead of that the best way out is to hire a Dubai tourist bus tour. The bus tour operators offer different routes as per the need and preferences of the people. This bus tour helps you explore historic architecture and other places, covering them on the go. While it might not seem possible to infrequent visitors to explore their interests on the go, the Bus tour operators have made the itinerary depending on the visitor’s choices. The bus tour facility, you get conversant with the places. 

2)Hire a Speedboat to get a 360-degree view of Dubai.

Another touristy activity you can opt for while visiting Dubai is hiring a speedboat to get a 360-degree view of Dubai. Take a water ride and soak in the sun of Dubai while cruising across the city, enjoying the magnificent architectural marvels. The speedboat tour will let the visitors offer a view of the skyline of Dubai, the magnificent Burj Al Arab, Sheikh’s palace, and many more such marvels. Get a glimpse of stunning Dubai while sailing around the palms. It gives the tourists a different experience of sailing along with witnessing the heritage of Dubai. 

3) Get the view from the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa

Dubai’s visit is incomplete without visiting the iconic, world-famous Burj Khalifa. It has an observational deck set up on its 124th and 125th floor, where visitors can get panoramic views of the city. Seeing from the observational deck of Dubai offers to witness the various landscapes of Dubai, beaches, and deserts. It’s the perfect place to click photos.


Also, one can enjoy the delicacies of global cuisine at the restaurants while getting a bird’s eye view of the city. The unique experience of dining at the highest building in the world is enough to get you jits with the thrill.


Also, don’t forget to enjoy the evening at the musical fountain on the ground floor of Burj Khalifa. The beautiful music and light show will set your mood and will melt away your tiredness of the day.


4)Visit the iconic Dubai Mall 

Soak in some shopping therapy at the iconic Dubai Mall, the second-largest mall in terms of area. The Dubai Mall is the home to the world’s most famous brand outlets, with more than 1200 retail outlets. Along with shopping, relish the global cuisine at the restaurants at the Dubai Mall.


 It also offers quite a few leisure and recreational activities for tourists looking to spend quality time with their loved ones. Visit the Dubai aquarium and underwater Zoo nearby to enjoy the varied aquatic wildlife with your family to indulge in several fun-filled activities.


Also located in the Dubai Mall is KidsZania for kids, the miniature city, especially for kids. Here, kids can take up any job role, like the dentist, Fireman, etc., among any of the 40 job roles enjoying their pretend play.


The Dubai Mall has a lot to offer – there are surprises hidden at every turn you take in Dubai Mall.

5) Take Fishing Trips in Dubai   

Taking up recreational activity which has been the favorite among the natives from the ages is Fishing. Due to the long coastline of 72 kilometers length, Dubai people have always enjoyed Fishing as their favorite pastime activity, and they still do. As it’s said, “While in Rome, do as the Romans do, “enjoy the fishing trips with family.


There are plenty of fishing spots marked around the city. Hire an experienced and licensed professional who has the necessary gear along with safety gear as well. One can choose from the wide variety of fishing spots in Dubai. For Fishing in Dubai, tourists require hiring a licensed operator licensed by Dubai municipal corporation. They cannot go Fishing on their own.


Dubai offers a lot of attractions and recreational activities to people of all age groups. One can never get bored or is short of interested in activities in Dubai. It has got something or the other to suit the interests of everyone. Irrespective of age, gender, taste, and preference, Dubai has become the favorite destination of all, children to adults alike.


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