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Tony Vazquez introduces the 2021 “Last Gamer Standing” – Tony Vazquez

Florida man wins the title and $25,000


PHOENIX, January 7, 20,22 (guidelinenews.com} –Last Gamer Standing is a contest for gamers to share their stories. Tony Vazquez will take home $25,000 and will be featured in Game Informer Magazine’s two-page advertisement.

Vazquez fell in love with games as a child. After a trip to Japan, Vazquez was inspired to open an arcade bar in Florida, Gigawatts Lounge. His arcade bar/comedy lounge features up-and coming gamers.

Vazquez is thrilled to have received $25,000 and even more excited to be featured on Game Informer. He enjoys sharing his story with readers and spreading the word about his arcade lounge. The Last Gamer Standing team is excited to see where his win will take him and his business.

Last Gamer Standing LLC will donate 75% from the net proceeds of this year’s Competition Starlight Children’s Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that brings happiness to children in hospitals. Starlight Gaming, Starlight Virtual Reality and Starlight Gaming transform the hospital experience for young patients. They provide distraction and play to help them relax and heal after difficult procedures.

“This Competition was great!” Last Gamer Standing executive says. “We were able get to know so many incredible gamers in our LGS communities, while also helping to spread the word about Starlight Children’s Foundation’s amazing work.”

laststanding.org provides more information about the Last Gamer Standing Competition, and this year’s winning player.


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