Tom Segura Net Worth 2022


Tom Segura is not the only comic who has a dark side. He may actually be the greatest example of this phenomenon, as he nearly died from a drug overdose at 18 years old.

The comedian, 42 years old, has bounced back from his near death experience and is doing well. Tom Segura’s net worth is $15 million as of 2022. His remarkable recovery makes him a great success story.

Early Days

His journey began in Ohio, where he was conceived to parents of Peruvian and Spanish descent. Segura has two other sisters. Young Tom experimented with drugs as a child, and that was what almost cost him his life.

Segura’s story of redemption began shortly after he went to Lenoir-Rhyne University, Hickory, North Carolina. This was also when he discovered the comedy scene.

His direct, blunt comedy style quickly gained him a loyal following. He went on to sell out venues and tour extensively.

His tours have included notable events such as the Global Comedy Festival in Canada and the Melbourne International Festival. The tours he lists on this website usually sell out quickly.

Beyond Comedy

He has a direct style that has helped him move into film and climb the ranks. He was a star in “Countdown” and a co-writer for “Frank Advice.” This has led to a steady stream in work.

Segura’s TV career began alongside his film successes. Segura began his TV career with Live at Gotham. This show was for emerging comedians. He then moved on to “Conan,” “Happy Endings”, and “How to Be a grown up.”

Personal life

Segura’s success has been greatly aided by two other factors. The other is his marriage to fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky. This seems to have helped Segura’s life a lot since they got married in 2008. They have two children together and co-host “Your Mom’s House”, a podcast that has proven to be a good source of income.

Segura’s versatility has also been a huge advantage. Segura is bilingual and performs most of his shows in English and Spanish, which has helped to grow his fan base.

Add to that the ability to make TV and movies and almost any other entertainment-related work, and you can see why we are talking about a very successful man.

Medical Matters

Nasty Injury

Segura’s quirky career features include his willingness to share the most grisly parts of his medical history. Segura posted the Xray of his broken leg while playing basketball and also shared the injury’s details.

Segura is clearly not Michael Jordan, but he hopes Segura can keep his bones in place so that his fans can continue to enjoy his unique brand of comedy.


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