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TikTok: How to DM someone

TikTok’s rise is something to behold. Even if your social media skills are not great, you have probably heard about the new trend that has all the kids swooning.
There are many features to TikTok. You can share a video, upload a video from another person, or create a duet with your favorite creator. One of the most basic expectations of social media platforms is your ability to communicate.
This article will show you how to message another TikTok user and teach you some other cool tricks that TikTok offers.
Direct Messaging
Direct messaging is private communication between two people. Direct messaging is private communication between two users. Direct messaging via social media is up to you. Some prefer to not disable it entirely. You can always ignore anyone, right?
This option is available on TikTok just as with all other social media platforms. This is how you can send a TikTok DM to someone you care about:
You can send a DM to TikTok in two ways. Let’s look at both.
Use the Inbox Icon to send a DM
You’ll find an icon at bottom of the TikTok application when you open it. It will take you to the activity page.
The icon for direct messages is located in the upper right corner. You’ll be able to see a list with people you are following.
Tap on the name of the person to be directed immediately to create your message.
Send a DM through a User’s Profile
You can also send a DM directly to one of your followers.
You can directly go to their profile page
Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
A panel will appear. Choose the option to “Send message”.
How to Opt Out of DMs
TikTok gives you more control than most social media sites over your inbox. You can set your settings so that you only allow certain types of users to send DMs.
You can choose whether to accept messages from Everyone’, Friends’, or ‘No one’.
Go to your profile page
Click the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner.
Choose “Privacy”
Select “Direct messages”
Select the option that best suits you from the following list
Keep in mind that even though you toggle this option from ‘Friends to ‘No one’, people with whom you have interacted in the past may still be able to send you messages.
Why can’t I send a DM to my friends?
TikTok users have complained that they were unable send DMs due to various reasons. TikTok is not like Instagram and Facebook, where you can send messages to someone who isn’t your friend but it goes to a “Message Requests” inbox. However, you can still send messages to other people.
TikTok DMs require that you are friends with the recipient in order to send them. You also need to register your number in the app. This policy, which seems odd, is designed to reduce spam.
Second, TikTok has banned messages from users younger than 16 years old (although this could vary depending on where you live). The company took steps to protect young users and prevent potential lawsuits.
If you receive an error message, ensure you have used your phone number to set up the app. You can get temporary numbers but it may be difficult to access your TikTok account later.
Next, check your internet connection. An insecure internet connection can prevent you from sending messages to TikTok. Switch to cellular data if you are on wifi.
TikTok’s antispam features will ensure that you don’t send too many messages to the same person in a short amount of time. Although messaging limits have not been confirmed, it is possible to follow too many people at once without an error. Based on this, we would assume that some users send too many random DMs at once.
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Can I block one person from messaging my?
You can disable the DM feature completely, as we mentioned previously. This doesn’t mean that you can only stop a few nuisance users from sending you DMs. It also means that no one can message your account. You might wonder if it is possible to stop just one or two people from sending you DMs.
This can only be done by blocking the account of that person. You can find an complete article about it here.
What if I don’t have a number to call?
Unfortunately, no. To access all features of TikTok, you will need a phone number. To enable this feature, however, you can use a Google Number (or other temporary number resource) to get it. This option can cause problems later when you try to log in or recover your account.
For assistance, contact the TikTok support group if you get an error code while sending a DM.
In Closing, TikTok community guidelines
Although TikTok’s recent success is amazing, there are some issues. The majority of users of TikTok are young, often underage children. Therefore, the company has developed extensive guidelines for the community. Direct messaging is included in this policy. You can block a user from sending inappropriate messages, and you cannot DM anyone not following you.
Click on the three dots in the conversation to report it or block the contact.
We’d love to hear your thoughts on direct messaging. Leave comments below.
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