Tik Tok ‘Hello, My Name is Suzie’ Trend Is Not Filter: Here’s how you can pull it off


(Photo – Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images). This photo illustrates the TikTok app on an Apple iPhone, August 7, 2020, Washington, DC. Donald Trump signed Thursday night an executive order prohibiting transactions between TikTok and ByteDance’s parent company, as well as U.S citizens, due to national security concerns.

Tik Tok “My Name is Suzie” challenge has been attracting attention on the social media giant as well as other websites. It’s so easy, and there is only one part of the song where you will be zoomed in to give you the look from Puss N Boots in “Shrek”.

This new trend is unique because it doesn’t involve humans. The majority of these videos feature their pets, including exotic animals and cats.

Other challenges include the “Put Your Dog On a Diet,” “Unflattering Dog Photograph Challenge,” and “Disney Eyes Filter.” The new “My Name Is Suze”, however, is quite distinct from these trends because it does not use filters.

TikTok’s new trend is stickers. This is true, but some users still have trouble doing it because they don’t know when to put the sticker.

TikTok My Name Is Suzie Guide

According to HITC’s reports, the Tik Tok trend now plays Baby Kaely’s song “Ew”. The challenge plays only the portion of the song that says, “hello, my name is Suzie. It’s Suzie with a Z.”

Once the song has reached this point, you can insert the TikTok sticker to zoom in your pet’s eyes. Some people think the new trend is pointless, but others find it cute and entertaining. Here are the steps to take in order to tackle this new challenge.

First, take a video of your pet.

  1. Next, click on the stickers icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  2. Next, choose an icon that looks like a picture with a circle around the eyes.
  3. However, it is important to keep in mind that activating it will only be activated when the song appears in the lyrics.
  4. After the song is finished, place the circles in the eyes of your pet and verify that the timing is correct.

One of the most safest challenges on the social media platform is the new trend “My Name Is Suzie”. You should warn your children about the dangers of some of these trends. These include the “Dry Scooping” challenge, and the recent TikTok “Strangulation” trend.

Jason Derulo Has A New TikTok Challenge?

Jason Derulo from Travel and Leisure has just released a report and is asking TikTok users for a new trend. The grand prize is $50,000. According to the pop-music stinger, the winner will be able to fly in a private plane and stay at a five-star hotel.

It’s easy. Jason Derulo is searching for the best home to hotel transformation. Then, add the #HotwireHotelGoals to your own version.

TechTimes will keep you updated on TikTok’s progress and upcoming challenges.

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