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Account Minimum: $0

Products: Stocks, ETFs, Options, Forex, Crypto, Bonds, Mutual Funds

Fees: $0 for stocks and ETFs

Top Benefits of Tierra500

Tierra500 offers robust online investment opportunities for retail traders and institutional investors. The broker boasts several unique benefits that target beginners, passive investors, and seasoned traders. The following are the top benefits of Tierra500.

Seamless copy trading 

As the name suggests, copy trading is a strategy that allows you to use other traders’ portfolios to create your own. This broker’s social trading feature provides portfolios of expert traders that less-experienced investors can copy when choosing and placing trades. Copy trading enables you to avoid common online investing risks and boost your skills without undergoing rigorous and time-consuming training procedures.

Access to diverse trading instruments 

Tierra500 also boasts an extensive selection of investment products that meet the varying demands of retail traders and institutional investors. The broker’s portfolio comprises a great mix of conventional assets, new asset classes, and several fixed-income products that you can select based on your investment goals and preferences.

Multiple trading platforms 

Tierra500 emphasizes giving traders and investors the flexibility to pursue their preferred investment strategies. It offers three trading platforms, desktop, web, and mobile, with robust, customizable tools for novices and professionals.


Tierra500 is one of the most coveted social trading platforms today, attracting retail traders and institutional investors from various parts of the globe. It offers multiple trading programs that cater to the needs of beginners, casual investors, and active traders. Besides, the robust offerings give Tierra500 an edge over many of its immediate competitors with limited products. However, the broker also has shortcomings that could impact your investments and experience.


  • Seamless copy trading
  • Vast product offerings
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Superior trade execution
  • Extensive educational materials


  • Tierra500 is not available in some countries
  • The registration process is a bit slow

Trading Platforms and Experience

Tierra500 offers multiple client-focused trading platforms that allow you to choose the most suitable program that perfectly complements your skills, needs, and preferences. Its desktop, web, and mobile versions are curated and designed with nearly similar features and functionalities. That streamlines the overall user experience despite the relatively slow onboarding process.

Copy trading 

The copy trading function is one of Tierra500’s key attractions, accessible on all its platforms. The copy trading window provides a list of portfolios by expert traders and seasoned investors with the right tools for analyzing every market, position, and trade before adoption. You can either copy the trades directly or use them as a basis for creating your portfolio.

The broker’s desktop, web, and mobile versions also use smart order routing technology to facilitate superior trade executions. Other supported trading tools and features include charts, portfolio analysis, trading idea generators, multi-leg options, asset screeners, calculators, research, data streaming, evaluators, and news.


Tierra500 provides an extensive selection of investment products for both retail traders and institutional investors. The following is a breakdown of the tradeable assets and products on Tierra500.

  • Long and short stocks
  • ETFs
  • Options
  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Bonds (treasury, municipal, corporate, CDs)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Tierra500 also offers selected securities and commodities such as IPOs and precious metals.


Trading on Tierra500 attracts different costs. The following are the main elements of its pricing and fees.

  • Zero account minimums
  • No commissions for stock and ETF trades
  • Less than $1 per-contract fee Options trading
  • International trading may attract exchange fees
  • No fees for software, domestic wires, checks, inactivity, and account transfer or closure

Other fees and margin interest rates still apply, so check the complete pricing schedule before placing any orders on the platform. You can also talk to Tierra500 for more information about their costs.

The Bottom Line

Tierra500 is an excellent social trading platform that offers various investment products, multiple trading programs, and extensive educational resources for seamless and successful online investing. Overall, Tierra500 is best for beginner traders and casual investors looking to boost their online investing skills and profitability without going through lengthy and complex training programs. However, professional traders and investors can also take advantage of Tierra500’s vast product offerings and educational materials. Nevertheless, contact this broker for more details.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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