An original shirt worn by the Jamaican dancehall artist Shabba Ranks is causing a stir among music fans in Bacolod. The shirt, which was worn by the artist during a concert in the city in the early 90s, is considered a rare collector’s item. The shirt is being sold for a high price of $5000 and is drawing interest from both fans of the artist and collectors of music memorabilia.

The owner of the shirt is a local music enthusiast who had the opportunity to meet Shabba Ranks after the concert and was given the shirt as a gift. The owner had kept the shirt in excellent condition, and it is now being sold as a unique piece of music history.

The shirt is not only significant for its association with one of the most iconic figures in dancehall music but also for its connection to Bacolod’s music history. The concert that took place in the city in the early 90s was a significant event, and this shirt serves as a reminder of that moment in time.

The shirt is a rare item, and it’s a one of a kind, for fans of Shabba Ranks and dancehall music, it’s a must-have item, and for collectors, it’s a valuable addition to their collection. The sale of this shirt is not only an opportunity for the owner to make a profit but also a chance for fans and collectors to own a piece of music history.
shabba ranks shirt


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