These games will make you spend your time online

These games will make you spend your time online

Gaming is as easy as playing online.

These games can be played right from your browser.

Online games have seen rapid technological advances over the past few years. They can be quite advanced in terms of their gameplay and graphics. We’ll cover all aspects here, from puzzlers and arcade games to sports titles and adventure games to puzzlers.


Although it has been around for some time, it doesn’t seem to have lost any of its charm or fiendish frustration. You control your rider on a 2D track. Other people have created tracks, or you can create your own. It’s simple and addictive.

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Free Rider HD(opens in new tab)



The Dark Room is a text-based adventure that eschews graphics. It still retains atmosphere and interest despite this: You start in a cold, empty space in the middle of nowhere, and the mystery unfolds from there.

A Dark Room (opens in new tab).


This is a well-done 2D strategy game. You are given the task of building a castle or an empire from scratch. You get lots of help and guidance along the way.

Goodgame Empire(opens in new tab)


Although this game has been around for many years, it is still a great example of how to make a browser-based gaming experience work. It features simple controls, an addictive gameplay, and enough variety and challenge that you will keep coming back for more. You might find yourself losing a few lunchtimes due to this game.


Stick Cricket (opens in new window)


It is a testament to Prince Of Persia’s quality that 27 years later, the game still plays well and graphics aren’t too bad. Just think back to 1990, when it was so impressive. To save the Sultan’s princess, you can run, jump, or fight your way through.

Prince of Persia (opens in new window)


The addictive mobile game can also be played in your browser. So, once you’re done with adding numbered tiles to your phone, you can hop on your computer and continue the fun. A brief tutorial is available for those who have never tried it.

Threes (opens in new window)


This is a simple but interesting point-and-click adventure that challenges you to keep a small group of people alive over 40 days. You will fight hunger, cold and disease as well as isolation and madness. We recommend that you use the five actions available each day.

Gods Will Watch (opens in new window)


You can instantly tell that Polycraft is an online game with stylish graphics and addictive gameplay from the moment you launch it. You can explore the virtual island and solve puzzles to expand your home’s reach.

Polycraft (opens in new window)


This is one of the first online games, and it is still one of my favorite. It’s simple yet challenging. You can use the Space bar as your jump key and run through endless scenes at a fast pace in order to escape from…something.

Canabalt (opens in new window)


Swooop is a game that has become our obsession. You control your 3D plane through a rotating world using the Space bar. Collect crystals and power-ups to help you avoid the clouds.

Swooop(opens in new tab)


An online game should be easy to learn, challenging to master, and offer lots of variety. You aim to get your spaceship as fast as possible around the track without damaging your craft on any of the twists and turns.

HexGL (opens in new window)


Cut The Rope is a classic game on any platform. It works well in your browser with its simple game mechanics, level progression, and easy-to-learn levels. Cut the ropes and swing the candy to make Om Nom happy.

Cut the Rope (opens in new window)


A simple text-based game about collecting paperclips can be addictive. It’s very addictive. You click once to make each paperclip. But before you know it, you’re running an AI-powered empire made up of wires and humming computers.

Paperclips (opens in new window)


Samorost is one of the most frustrating online games. Although it doesn’t provide much help, Samorost does offer a wonderfully rendered world that you can puzzle your way through. Do not be discouraged by the temptation to give up.


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