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These are the top electric scooters you can buy in 2022

recommends the top electric scooters to those who want to use public transport.

Our electric scooter guide was always subject to the restriction that you could not ride your scooter on any other land in the UK or unless you hired an e-scooter from a rental company. We now know that micro-mobility is changing in the United Kingdom, thanks to the announcements made in the Queen’s Speech.


The announcement that e-scooters will soon be road legal has been made. This announcement was made by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps at the end of April, when Ben Bradshaw, a member of the Commons Transport Committee asked him when it would occur. Shapps replied unambiguously, “I will announce it on 10 May.”


We are here and electric scooters will soon become legal on UK roads. The announcement did not mention the safety features and speed restrictions that these scooters must comply with, as well as the limitations on the use of automatic lights. These restrictions were previously applicable to UK road legal rental e scooters.

Electric scooters are a safe and convenient way to travel. They can also be used by people who are not able to ride a bicycle.


Ben Bradshaw, a committee member, highlighted the “convenient and cheap” nature of electric scooters in support of legalization. Simon Jupp, a Conservative Party MP, argued the opposite. He highlighted that there have been 900 collisions with e-scooters and 11 deaths in the future.


Shapps responded to Bradshaw’s and Jupp’s questions. He stated his desire to “crackdown on the illegal use of roads by non-compliant electric scooters,” and that this plan is in place.


The new rules will inspire you to make your first purchase of micro-mobility. We have compiled a list of the best electric scooters, ranging from long-distance models to value picks.

Which electric scooter is the best in 2022?

The best long-distance e-scooter is the Ninebot Max G30 (PS729). It’s heavy, but it can still go 65 km (40 miles), purring through city streets and climbing hills.

Get the Ninebot MAXG30 for PS729 at Amazon

Xiaomi’s M365 Pro(PS449) is currently the best escooter, due to its large battery, impressive range, and power management. The M365 Pro (PS449) is a comfortable e-scooter. However, it’s not recommended to be carried for longer than a few minutes.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is available for purchase at PS449 on Appliance Home


The Turboant HTML7 Pro (PS452) has the best value e-scooter with Xiaomi styling, impressive features, range, and power. It also comes with the convenience of a removable battery that can be inserted into the steering column.

See the Turboant X7Pro for PS452 at Turboant

WIRED Recommends is your definitive guide to the best technology. Xiaomi M365 Pro

WIRED recommends the Xiaomi M356 Pro as the best all-around scooter

Range: 27miles (45km) | Speed: 15.5mph | Charge time: 5hrs | Weight: 14.2kg

The original M365 was an electric scooter legend. It had sleek looks, decent range, and a very affordable price. But, Xiaomi has now upgraded the M365 PRO (PS449) to offer more power, better range, and a more comfortable ride. Although it is slightly more expensive, it is well worth the cost if you plan to use it for your daily commute.

To improve hill climbing capability, the motor has been increased from 250W up to 300W. However, you can still watch the battery drain if you go uphill for more that a few hundred metres.

It can’t go faster than 15 mph uphill, which is not what we expected. However, Speed mode works great. A slight incline brought us closer to 20 mph before the override kicks into action and slows it down. This is a great speed for cruising around, but you will need to use Eco Mode to get more than 25 miles from a single charge. Driving mode can go up to 20kmph (12.4mph) and 15kmph (9.3mph).


You’ll be able to enjoy the extended range of the 12800mAh/474Wh lithium battery if you drive it carefully. However, your lower back and leg muscles will be screaming by its end. Also, remember to plug it in because it can take up to 24 hours to fully charge.

It is 14.2kg heavy, despite the clever folding mechanism. However, it is well-built and has a 45x15cm deck that makes it more comfortable to ride than many other scooters. The scooter cannot be chained up like a bicycle, but the app allows you to immobilise and alert the M356 Pro.

The app is great for those who like to do research on statistics. It has reliable Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to track your speed and route, as well as customize the front and rear lights, toggle the cruise control, set alarms, and more. Although it is not illegal, it is possible to jailbreak your scooter to bypass speed limits.


Pure Electric provided our review sample. They offer a 2-year UK warranty and have injected puncture prevention fluid in the tyres to minimize the need for repair.

Pros: Long range; wide foot deck; control panel; great app

Cons: Heavy, slow charging; difficult maintenance

Check price at Appliance House

Ninebot MAX G30

Best e-scooter to use for long commutes

Speed: 15.5mph


The Max G30 (PS659) sits above the recently refreshed Ninebot ES2 and ES4 scooter models. It is a beast built for serious commuting with a huge 65km (40mile range) and 350W from the 551Wh (15.300 mAh battery).

The Xiaomi’s design is similar to Ninebot’s. The fixed battery is kept in the base. The finish and components are excellent. The hinge mechanism feels much stronger than the rest. And the 1.5W LED headlight shines brightly even in daylight. After bouncing down a gravel path for several hundred metres, the 10″ tubeless pneumatic tires gave us a smooth ride. The G30 is not intended to be used off-road.

The handlebar display has all the information you would expect. Toggling between speeds is easy with three riding modes: Eco, Drive, Sport, and Pedestrian Mode. This mode allows you to walk on the scooter.

You don’t need to be aided when you are walking on the scooter. The G30 is a heavy scooter, weighing in at 19kg. The Turboant X7 was lighter than the G30, and it took us a while to lift it. You can take the scooter out of your car or to the office bicycle rack. However, this scooter is not suitable for public transport.

That is part of the MAX G30’s appeal. It feels solid, more like a vehicle, than a toy. The MAX G30 is quick at the lights, has excellent rear-wheel power thanks to the battery, and can climb hills with relative ease.

You can also hit the accelerator more frequently without worrying about the battery draining. A scooter that travels at 10mph is very economical and easy to use, but it can be very boring after only five minutes. We love to cruise at 15mph, and we will take any opportunity to make our commute more enjoyable.

Pros: Solid build; great for hills; massive range; regenerative braking

Cons: Too heavy

Check price on Amazon

Turboant X7 Pro

A budget e-scooter for beginners (and big bones)


Range: 30miles | Speed: 20mph | Charge time: 6hrs | Weight: 15kg


The Turboant is a stylish option for commuters with larger bones. It has a attractive price and stylish design.

The extra-thick steering column is built around an aluminium alloy frame and hooks into the rear bumper to provide a handle for easy transport. However, at 15kg your big bones will need to have muscle to support it if you intend to carry it for more than a few seconds.

The extra-large tubeless pneumatic 10 inch tyres offer a lot of cushioning against the asphalt. You can also adjust the pressure to suit your road surface.

The original Turboant X7 battery was kept in the upright on the handlebars. This gave it a clean look. However, the larger capacity and greater range of the newer battery mean that it can now be placed harmlessly but not as elegantly on the stem.

Although you can plug your scooter into the mains directly, we prefer the option to keep the battery in the vehicle and not leave it outside. While the scooter’s power output is the same as the original, the X7 Pro has a much greater range of 30 miles.

Although we aren’t prepared to ride a scooter 30 miles, the 14 cm wide footplate makes it difficult for long-distance comfort. However, the four-kilometre roundtrip trip (one up a hill) took just one hour and the scooter was fully charged.

The three speed modes and cruise control offer plenty of options. A bright display makes it easy to see and proper disc brakes (the front one is now regenerative for battery topping-ups) as well as an emergency rear foot brake provide more confidence than novice riders.

The pros: Large range, removable battery; large pneumatic tyres and super value

Cons: Heavy, narrow foot plate; slow acceleration


Price: PS452 | Check price on Turboant

Micro Merlin

The best escooter for maintenance and repair


Speed: 15mph

Micro is the go-to scooter brand for six-year-olds. They have a large market share with lightweight, foldable push scooters. Although the Micro Merlin is the only e-scooter in their collection, it collapses small, promises portability, and can compete with Xiaomi.

The Micro Merlin’s sleek lines are a stark contrast to other models. Although it’s not ugly, the Micro Merlin looks more like a push-scooter with power than the future for urban mobility. You might like it. There is a way to make the ride more fun. Despite its antiquated look, it may actually be the most future-proof design.

The battery charges up in three hours. Regenerative braking in the front and back brakes pumps energy into the battery while you brake. Although the range of 15 miles is not very good these days, it’s still manageable at 11kg.

What’s it like riding? The suspension is fun and has a lot of bounce. However, it can feel a little rattly due to the solid wheels. Although it doesn’t feel like the car will be thrown to pieces on a towpath, it keeps up with other vehicles. It has four speeds, cruise control, and a decent display. However, we still get a sense of utility when we are bouncing around on it. From the Ford to Ninebot’s Audi.

Pros: Replaceable parts; adjustable; four speeds

Cons: Clunky, meagre mileage


Price: PS400 | Micro Merlin

AER 557

The best escooter to tackle any


Range: 20miles (32km) | Speed: 27mph | Charge time: 5.5hrs | Weight: 23kg


The was created by a UK-based company. It wanted an “high-performance electric scooter” that felt, worked and sounded different from any other on the market. The 500W hub motor, the 20in wheels at the front and back that are set between a bamboo board and the powerful engine have helped achieve this feat.

Vespa is a standard scooter. Those who have ridden it know how much they love the small, squishy wheels. However, when they hit a bump or a pothole in the road, they are often disappointed. A bumpy ride is possible with small wheels. The 557 is a joy to ride on. The 557 is able to withstand bumps and humps with respect, while also allowing for better cornering.

The AER’s motor produced 350W and 40Nm torque in our prototype. The AER’s motor was able to reach a comfortable 18 mph on the flat, and it only struggled with the steepest hills. Final production models will feature a 500W motor and 50Nm torque. This means that the top speed is 27 mph.

From the bamboo deck to the aluminum hydroformed frame that flexes to act like a scooter’s suspension, the build quality is excellent. The tyres were made for e-bikes (the Schwalbe compound can withstand the high torque generated by the motor). The package includes front and back dual piston hydraulic brakes, which you will definitely need, a high-powered headlight and rear lamp, and top-spec handlebars.

The handlebars have a small screen that can be detached and gives you all the information about speed, charge, and whether the regeneration system has started. The screen shows you which of the four power settings are active, including distance traveled, GPS, and hold-tight. An app will be available next year. The screen does not have a lock but it will immobilize the 557 when you take it off.


What’s not to love? Although the e-scooter can fold, it will need tools. It is intended to be stored for easy storage. AER warns that this is not the best train ride. After a long ride we felt some vibration numbness in our hands. We also found that the 557’s ground clearance is limited as the foot deck drops between the wheels. AER has installed a skid plate on the production version.

The AER 557 is a joy to ride, despite these minor issues. It has a smooth ride on asphalt and can handle almost anything, even off-road. It’s expensive, but it is packed with top-quality components and built to last. You get what you pay.

The pros: Smooth ride, design, range, wide foot deck; speed

Cons: Price; weight; folds for storage; low ground clearance (despite having big wheels).

Check price on AER

Is it legal to use an electric scooter in the UK?

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that electric scooters will soon become legal to ride on UK roads.

It was not illegal in the UK to sell or buy electric scooters. They are sold by Halfords. It is illegal to ride an electric scooter on public roads or land until the new rules are in effect.

Is it possible to ride an electric scooter with no power?

The electric scooters cannot be operated manually. Instead, they can be pushed off the ground like a motor-less scooter.

Sometimes, the motor can cause additional resistance. It will be difficult to use the board manually because of its height. A scooter that weighs between 15-50kg and a micro-scooter that weighs only 5kg will feel just as comfortable as pushing it.


You have to consider safety, comfort and practicality. If you are running out of energy suddenly, you might be better off walking it home.

Is it possible for the police to seize your electric scooter?

Your scooter could be taken by police if it is used in public. However, the new rules that allow electric scooters to be on UK roads will not take effect until then. Five minutes spent in the city centre will show you this is an uncommon situation.

What distance can an electric scooter fully charged take you?

The range of an electric scooter will vary depending on its battery capacity, weight, terrain, speed, and other factors.

While battery capacity is the most important stat, retailers tend to use a more easily understood range figure in km or miles. Manufacturers may use different range figures. Real-world results can be shorter if you’re close to the maximum weight or plan to climb any heights.

The range of a basic e-scooter is 10km. High-end commuter models can travel up to 65km. Specialized e-scooters are available for longer distances, such as the 150km NAMI burn-e.

What speed can an electric scooter go?

An electric scooter purchased from a major UK retailer will have a maximum speed limit of 15.5mph. EAPCs (electro-assist pedal cycles) must cease providing power after reaching this speed, according to regulations.

This is a reasonable limit for electric scooters in Britain, since there aren’t any specific laws for them.

This means that you can import unrestricted electric scooters. You can find scooters that go up to 95kmph. Terrifying, right?


There is a slight variation in the speed of “legally licensed” electric scooters during trials in the UK. London trials have a maximum speed of 12.5mph while the average speed is 15.5mph elsewhere. The motor can be stopped using GPS in areas not included in the trial. There are also “go slo”, areas where the maximum speed drops to 8 mph.

Are electric scooters water-resistant?

If you do your research, an IP rating should be attached to any escooter worth purchasing. Some budget scooters are IPX4 water resistant, meaning they can withstand water splashes from any direction. It is not ideal.

Recent scooters are IP56 water resistant. Two numbers are used in ruggedization standards. In this case, 5, and 6, indicate the dust resistance, while 6 indicates the water resistance. This is the level of waterproofing that a scooter needs to withstand water jets from all directions.

There are also scooters that have a higher rating for the motor housing like IPX7. It can withstand submersion in water but not enough to drive through 2ft thick puddles. Motion puts greater pressure on the seals, and it’s silly to brag about this.





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