These are the best free sites to send text messages online


Although text messaging is still a popular way to stay in touch with friends and family, it’s not as widely used as other social media apps. You don’t even need a smartphone to send a SMS. Many online messaging tools allow you to send SMS messages using your computer, tablet, or laptop.

You’ve reached the right place if you want to learn more about free online messaging tools. This article will discuss the features and introduce you to these tools.



Textfree is one of the most used online texting tools. This app allows you to send unlimited text messages and can also be used to send photos, videos, and emoticons. You can also make Wi-Fi calls free of charge. Textfree is available on desktops, Android and iOS.



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What are the flaws of this app? Some users might find the app’s ads irritating. This app is great and offers many interesting options.


Here are the steps to using Textfree


  1. Depending on which platform you are using, download the app. Download the Play Store app if you own an Android. You can also download the app from App Store if you are an iOS user. The website is available for computer users.
  2. Search the area codes to find your phone number.
  3. Send us your message.
  • Unlimited free text and phone calls
  • Supports chat, voicemail, and group messaging
  • Unlimited international SMS free
  • Text messages sent to non-app users
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Pop-up ads
  • Metered data plans can be expensive



OpenTextingOnline is another great tool for texting. This app allows you to send messages free of cost to anyone around the globe. You can send photos, videos, and audio files, as well as texts. The best part is that you don’t need to register in order to use the service.


This app doesn’t support group messages. This app is a great choice if you don’t plan to send group texts.


Follow these steps to use OpenTextingOnline


  1. Visit
  2. Enter the number of the country you wish to visit and the destination country.
  3. If you wish, add a message, a video or an audio file. The maximum file size is 300KB.
  4. Click “Send Text”

You can also receive replies to your messages through this app. You will need your email address to use this feature.

  • Communicating is easier when you have less time
  • It’s easier to send SMS messages.
  • It’s polite and economical way to send information
  • SMS size is restricted
  • There is no guarantee that SMS will reach its destination.


HTMLEm can be used to send free messages. However, you will need an account. While some people may prefer anonymity to create an account, there are many benefits to creating one. You can make lists of contacts and get replies to your TextEm mailbox.


TextEm is a great app with many interesting features. This app is not suitable for people who want to text outside the U.S. TextEm does not allow bulk messaging. You can’t send the exact same message to multiple people at once.


  1. Go to


  1. Register for an account Your email address will be required.


  1. Type in the text and enter the information for the recipient.


  1. Click “Send Message.”
  • Software is very simple to use
  • It saves us so much time & money
  • Conflicts with Do Not Call Registry


SendSMSNow is another free SMS service worth your attention. To use it, you will need to create an account. After creating an account, you can create a phonebook and add profile photos. You can also receive replies. You can also add a “text me” button to your social media pages or website.


SendSMSNow charges for group messaging, even though texting one person is free. For each recipient, you’ll be charged one cent. For example, if you send a message to 10 people you will be charged $0.10.


Before you sign up for SendSMSNow, verify that the service is available in your country.


Follow these instructions to use SendSMSNow


  1. Go to to create your profile.


  1. Enter the number and country of the recipient.


  1. Enter the text below and hit “Send SMS”


130 characters are the maximum number of characters that can be used to send a message.

  • You can send money to many countries around the globe
  • No cost SMS
  • There is little to be suspicious about text messaging
  • Not legal, or comply with telecommunication compliance laws


TextDrop allows users to send free text messages from Canada and the U.S. It has been in use since 2013 and is still being used by many. It doesn’t require you to create an account, but you can give your email address to receive replies.


Many Mac and Windows users love using txtDrop’s widget. You can send messages via txtDrop using the widget without having to visit the website.


Here are the steps to use txtDrop


  1. Visit
  2. Enter the phone number of your recipient, then type the text and hit “Send”. If you would like to receive replies, enter your email address.


This service does not support group or international texting.

  • You don’t need to register to use this site.
  • It is very user-friendly and has an efficient and fast process.
  • Enter your email address to receive responses from your recipient.
  • TextDrop is not available for recipients located outside the United States or Canada.

WiFi Text

WiFi text is a great choice if you are looking for instant delivery and worldwide support. The service is free of ads and allows you to send and get attachments. WiFi Text was launched in 2018 but has rapidly become one of the most widely used mobile texting services.


Users can also download the iOS or Android apps to enjoy the service from their smartphones. To use this service, create an account.


Follow these instructions to use WiFi text


  1. Visit to download the iOS and Android apps.
  2. Register for an account
  3. Enter the information of the recipient and your text and hit “Send”.
  • Communicating is easier when you have less time
  • No payment required
  • Send and receive your favourite photos and attachments
  • SMS size is restricted
  • Only use WiFi


mySMS is a great option if you’re looking to send text messages free to anyone worldwide. It works with Android, iOS, and desktops, and has many interesting features. It syncs with your smartphone and allows you to text free from your existing number. You can also personalize the service with different themes and mirror text from one phone to another.


MySMS also offers a premium version for $9.99 per annum that includes additional options and costs $9.99 The premium version includes the ability to back up messages, schedule texts, view message history, and more.


Here are the steps to using mySMS


  1. Go to to download the appropriate app for you device.


  1. Register for the service.
  2. Start texting by entering the information of your recipient.
  • All major platforms supported
  • Support for MMS
  • Free texting to other mysms users
  • There are not many advanced features
  • Trust mysms with your contacts


FoxText allows you to send free text messages anywhere in the world without having to create an account. This service is available on all smartphones, Macs, and PCs, regardless of where you are located. FoxText is able to meet most users’ requirements, with a maximum SMS limit that can hold 120 characters. This app is not the best for bulk texting. The service takes about a minute to process a message before it is sent.


Follow these steps to use FoxText


  1. Go to with your browser.
  2. Enter the number you wish to send a message to.
  3. Enter the text below and hit “Send”
  • No payment required
  • Secure web page that allows users to send and receive text messages, or to make calls online from a virtual telephone.
  • It takes approximately 1 minute to process the call/message.
  • Site asks you to share your services via Facebook or any other social media


TextNow is another service that offers free text messaging sending and receiving. TextNow also offers messaging and free calls nationwide. This service requires a stable internet connection. TextNow is available on Android, iOS, Mac and PC. To use the service, you will need to register.


TextNow, like most online texting services, has a simple interface. Here’s how you can use it.


  1. Go to and download the appropriate app for your device.
  2. Register for an account to receive your number.
  3. Add the message and recipient information.
  4. Click “Send.”


  • To save data, Wi-Fi is automatically used first
  • Prices include taxes & fees
  • Hotspot is only available via CDMA network
  • Non-TextNow phones can cause poor call quality


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