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These are the 9 best recipe organizer apps to replace your cookbooks

Is your cookbook a mess? You can throw it away and use one of these top recipe management apps instead to organize and find recipes.

How many times have your recipes been written on a piece of paper only to be lost? It can be a nightmare to organize a cookbook full of loose-leaf paper, sticky notes, and family recipes.

Installing a recipe management application on your smartphone is a great solution. Recipe managers allow you to search, create, and store recipes in one place. Even handwritten recipes can be saved without having to type them one by one.

These are the top recipe organizer apps for Android or iPhone that will make it easy to get rid of your cookbook.

1. Manager for Paprika Recipes

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Are you looking for a new recipe to try? Use the Paprika app to search for recipes on the top cooking websites for beginners as well as professionals. You can save savory recipes to the app by simply tapping. Paprika can sync data from multiple devices to your phone and tablet, even if you have Paprika installed on more than one device.

You can also edit and interact with your downloaded recipes while you cook. You can highlight steps, highlight them, add images and bold or italic text. Your phone won’t dim if you have a recipe open on Paprika. This means that your device will not be locked if you use greasy or wet fingers.

Paprika is more than just a recipe tool. It also provides the tools you need to plan meals, organize shopping lists, set a timer and convert measurements.

iOS ($4.99)

2. BigOven

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You’ll be inspired to cook your next meal as soon as the BigOven app is opened. Scroll through hundreds of mouthwatering recipes by tapping Recent Raves. You can search for a specific recipe by entering the keyword in the search bar. Browse over 350,000 home-cooked recipes.

Did you know that certain apps let you import handwritten recipes? BigOven’s recipe scanner allows you to snap photos of family recipes and instantly have them recreated in the app.


BigOven makes cooking social. You can choose to follow your friends, family, or other cooks who use BigOven. You can view what other cooks are cooking and get ideas. Big Oven helps you make meals from leftovers, coordinate shopping lists with family members, and even plan meals.

Download: BigOven for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. Yummly

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Yummly makes it easy for you to find the perfect recipe. Yummly is both an app as well as a website. This makes it easy to switch between your phone or your computer. Yummly will begin to recommend recipes after just a few searches.


Yummly will help you filter recipes that may contain food allergies or other dietary restrictions. This is particularly useful if you are looking for a vegan or vegetarian app that will help you plan your meals.

Browse through more than 2,000,000 recipes that are tailored to your needs. You can save a favorite recipe to your favorites list and then make it immediately or add it to your calendar for later.

Download: Yummly for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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You’ll love the Allrecipes app if you already know its website. Allrecipes offers recipe suggestions that will make you hungry by just looking at them. You can save your favorite recipes to a folder of your choosing.


Allrecipes has over 50,000 recipes. They also have videos and photos, as well as helpful reviews. Once you are ready to plan your meal, simply transfer the ingredients from the recipe to your shopping cart. The Allrecipes app, just like the website, helps you save money by showing any price reductions at your local grocery store.

Download: Allrecipes Dinner Spinner for Android | iOS (Free)

5. ChefTap

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Although ChefTap isn’t as feature-rich as BigOven or Paprika, it’s easy enough to use in a hurry. You will need to pay for ChefTap to scale ingredients and manage grocery lists. This makes it less free.

ChefTap’s best feature is clipping. It’s both free and easy. ChefTap connects to your browser when searching for recipes online. It also has its own browser. This means that you can import online recipe to ChefTap within seconds.

The free version allows you to interact with your recipe, personalize it, and get inspiration from other chefs.


Download: ChefTap for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Cookmate

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Cookmate (formerly My CookBook) offers many of the same features that ChefTap. You can either add a recipe from scratch or import it from the internet. Cookmate, similar to ChefTap connects to your browser. This allows you to transfer recipes directly from a website to the app.

A shopping list can be created almost instantly based on the ingredients. You don’t need to make a shopping list you forget to take to the grocery store. Cookmate’s meal planner gives you all the tools necessary to create a week-long menu.

The free version of the program is limited to 60 recipes, and only one shopping list.

Download: Cookmate for Android (Free, subscription available)

7. AnyList

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AnyList is more focused on the grocery shopping side of cooking but it can still be useful for organizing your recipes. You can import online recipes directly from your mobile browser. AnyList will display the recipe and list all ingredients as well as their quantities. The app will then let you choose which ingredients to add to your shopping cart.


AnyList will provide grocery recommendations once it gets to know you. You can save certain grocery items to your favorites so that you don’t forget them when you go shopping.

You can share the list with family members who are going to the grocery store. It’s easy to see the changes made by other users to the list. This makes it easier to work together on separate shopping trips.

AnyList has one drawback: you must pay to have access to certain features like ingredient scaling, theme, folders and meal planning.

Download: AnyList for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

8. Whisk

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Whisk is an app that allows you to save recipes and create shopping lists. It also lets you plan your weekly meals. You’ll be overwhelmed by how many options it has as soon as you open it.

You have two options: you can browse the recipes shared by members of the Whisk community or import your own. You can add Whisk’s Recipe Saver extension on your desktop browser or phone to save recipes directly to the app.


Whisk’s RecipeScan App is another option. It allows you to scan and upload any printed recipes you have in your cookbook. Whisk will format it in an easy to follow layout.

Whisk even offers the ability to order groceries from your shopping list. You can order your groceries from the app’s partners, including Walmart, Kroger and Ralphs.

Download: Whisk for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Tasty

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Tasty is a great recipe app, and even a recipe organizer. No matter what level of cooking experience, it offers simple to follow recipes. Each recipe is broken down into easy steps. But the best thing about Tasty? It also has videos. This allows you to easily follow the instructions and ensure that your food is identical.

Recipes can be sorted by many criteria, including ingredients, difficulty, cooking style, and cuisine. When you’ve found something you like, click the heart icon to save it to your cookbook. It is also accessible via the My Recipes tab at the bottom.


Your recipes will be automatically sorted by category, such as breakfast or appetizers. You can mark when you have made a particular recipe. If you like it, give it thumbs-up and it will go in your Would Made Again cookbook.

iOS (Free)

Apps for Recipe Organizer are here to save the day

When your skillet starts to catch fire, the only time you should be stressed about cooking is when it does. It’s time to get rid your cluttered cookbook and start using one of these top recipe apps. Disorganization is a recipe to disaster, as every good cook knows.




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