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These are the 8 best sticker maker apps for Android

aThese stickers maker apps allow you to create unique stickers that can be shared in messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

To express your emotions and feelings, you don’t necessarily have to use GIFs or emojis. Because of their versatility, stickers are growing in popularity among smartphone users. You have probably tried all the messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram. If stickers are your favorite way to communicate with others, then you’re likely done.

You can create your own stickers online with the help of sticker maker apps. Here’s a list with the top sticker maker apps for Android.

1. Sticker Maker

It is easy to create fun stickers on your smartphone with this app. It is easy to follow the steps. Add an image to the app, crop it and then add words or emojis. You can either choose from the gallery or you can use the many text stickers that are available in the app.

The text-shadow, alignment and color tools can be used to change the font and color. You can add stickers to WhatsApp by exporting them. Premium users can use the app without ads and special draw effects. They also have access to the entire range of stickers.

Download Sticker Creator (Free in-app purchase available)

2. Sticker Maker by Viko & Co

3 Images

The app is similar to WhatsApp in design, so it will be easy to create fun stickers. Once you have labeled your file, it is time to start creating your masterpiece. You can choose an image from the gallery or the app’s library. Or you can add text.

You can easily crop the desired part of an image to be used as a sticker using the freehand tool. You can also get inspiration from the community on this app. Sticker Maker Premium will allow you to remove all ads and gain early access to new features.

Download Sticker Creator by Viko & Co. (Free, in app purchases available)

3. Wemoji

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Wemoji has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create all sorts of stickers. After you add your image, there are three options: square-crop or circle-crop. You can also use the freehand-crop feature. Zoom in to ensure that you have as many details on the sticker as possible.

You can make any sticker you want to share on WhatsApp or other social media sites by adding emojis to your keyboard.

To zoom in on the image that you are cropping, you can use the magnifying glasses. You can disable the magnifying glass from cropping by going into the settings.


Download: Wemoji (Free)

4. Sticker Design

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Sticker Creator allows you to create stickers and send them to WhatsApp. You have many options to make your own designs. There are many options to blur your image or remove it completely. You can also use filters and effects to add color and texture to your stickers.

This app is simple to use to access features such as border editing and transparency. Sticker Create allows you to add emoticons or clipart to stickers. Once you’re done, you can share the image with other apps, including some of the best messaging apps.

Download Sticker Make (Free in-app purchase available)

5. Sticker Maker by Megasticker Maker

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Sticker Maker is an app that adds color to the list. The app groups stickers into three categories: image, personal, web search, and others. This app allows you to select images from your phone gallery and the web search.


Clipart and text can be added to your sticker to make it stand out. It shows you how your image will appear on WhatsApp. This preview also works on and other WhatsApp apps.

It is easy to create and use stickers with its simple and straightforward design.

Download Sticker Maker from Mega Sticker Maker (Free in-app purchase available)

6. Sticker Studio

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Sticker Studio offers a variety of options to customize your stickers. These include freehand cropping or adding text. This app allows you to create unlimited stickers packs for WhatsApp, and then scale them to the right size.

The camera can be used to take photos or select an image from your gallery. Sticker Studio makes it easy to create stickers with GIFs or videos. You can also connect with Google Drive for backups.


Pro versions of the app have additional fonts and frame colors. Ads are removed from the app. These stickers can be used on Telegram even if you have chosen to disable WhatsApp.

Download: Sticker Studio (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Maker of animated stickers

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You can create animated stickers using the Animated Sticker Maker Android app. You can make stickers with photos or videos from your camera, or draw your animation.

You have several options when creating animated stickers: you can either import GIFs from GIPHY or use a blank sticker. Or import videos from your gallery.

You can easily edit each frame in your animated stickers. To make them more engaging, you can add text or emojis.

Download Animated Signer Maker (Free in-app purchase available)

8. Sticker Maker from Stackify

3 Images

This app allows you to organize your WhatsApp stickers in different packs. This app allows you to choose between animated or normal stickers. You can also crop images with circle, rectangle, and freehand crops depending on what shape you want. This Sticker Maker app allows you to add text, borders, and brush strokes, as well as erase your background.

This app has a great display and allows you to create unlimited stickers. You can also share what you’ve created on WhatsApp if you like it. To enjoy more decorations and to remove ads, you can upgrade to the premium version.


Download Sticker Creator by Stackify

Make Stickers and Share them Online!

These apps make it easy to create stickers that can be shared on social media. They also offer many features that will allow you to unleash your imagination.

You can also create stickers using videos and GIFs. You can make stickers for family, friends, or even pets, which is a great way to express your creativity and make other people feel better online.




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