These are the 8 best sites to make flashcards online


These flashcard making sites allow you to create flashcards from scratch or use pre-made decks.


Flashcards can be used to learn and study. These flashcards contain information about your subject, such as images, words, phrases or numbers. They also allow you to quickly quiz yourself on the topic.

Flashcards that are pre-made can be found in elementary schools but not in high schools and colleges. Many students create their own flashcards. This list contains eight great sites where you can make flashcards online, whether you are one of them or not.

1. Cram

With a free Cram account, it’s easy to make flashcard decks online on any topic. You can name your deck, add topics, enter a description, or choose between public and private access. The editor allows you to insert text, images, lists and formatting to your flashcards.

Cram offers several options when it comes to studying your cards. Cram offers several options for you to study your cards and then take a quiz or play a game. Flashcards can be edited, printed, exported, or cloned.

Cram also offers apps for iOS and Android for students who want to study on the go.

iOS (Free)

2. Flashcard Online

Flashcard Online allows you to create flashcard decks online that you can save or print. You can start by creating a title. Next, select the number of cards you want and choose if you want text only or text plus a photo. It doesn’t take long to create your cards.


After you have added your text and/or pictures to the cards click the Save As PDF, and then the Free download buttons. The PDF file will contain your flashcards, which you can print out and cut. Flashcard Online has one drawback: you can’t use both the backs and fronts of your cards.

The site also offers a flashcard option that can be printed easily.

3. GoConqr

GoConqr takes flashcard creation to the next level. To create your learning profile, you first need to set up an account. Next, answer questions about your grade and subject matter. You can also access additional features like groups, calendars, and free content.


When you are ready to create your flashcards click the Create link at the top left. Then select Flashcards. Next, enter your text and upload images to the backs and fronts of the cards. Formatting the background color, text and textures is possible.

It’s time for study. Simply go to the flashcard deck of the subject you made it for and then click on the “Start Studying” button.

4. Brainscape

Brainscape is a great site to find flashcards made by others and make your own. Create a free account and then add a subject to your class. It is possible to set up multiple classes and flashcard decks within each class, making it ideal for multiple courses.


For your cards, enter the questions and answers (fronts & backs). Save your deck and get started studying immediately. The free account allows you to only add text to your flashcards, but that may be enough. You can also sort, edit, or share your decks.

Brainscape offers paid Plans to provide additional content and an advanced editor that can include images and sound.

iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. ProProfs

After creating your account, you can quickly create a deck with five flashcards using ProProfs. Add images and text to the cards, arrange them in any order you like, and edit decks or add new cards at any time.


ProProfs has similar study options to Cram. View your flashcard deck and take a quiz to learn more. You can also play a match or gravity-based game. You have the option to share your flashcard deck via email, shareable URL, social sign-in or embed code.

You can also check out the knowledge base, brain games and training.

6. Chegg

Chegg makes it easy to create flashcards online. To continue creating flashcards for your deck, simply enter a term and its definition (front and back), and then click the plus sign at bottom. Text, images, audio files and equations are all possible to cover most topics.

You can flip through the flashcards, take a quiz or review them when it is time to study. Chegg also offers additional features, such as homework help, classes you can join and flashcard decks that have been shared by other users. Chegg offers both iOS and Android apps.

This huge list of iPhone/iPad apps for students is a great resource for those who find mobile apps such as these useful during the school year.


Download: Chegg for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Flashcard Machine

Flashcard Machine gives you a free account that will allow you to create your flashcard deck. You can then jump into the editor to insert text, images and equations. You can align, include lists, or adjust the font.

Once you have created your flashcards you can begin a general study session. You can move through the cards or play a game. Your deck can be printed, exported, and reviewed.

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Flashcard Machine has apps for iOS and Android, so you can study anywhere you are.

iOS (Free)

8. FlashDecks

FlashDecks is another site that you should check out for making flashcards online. Flashcard decks can be made quickly using a simple interface. You can add text to the backs and fronts, and upload images to accompany the cards.

You will be able to see the fronts for each flashcard when you review them. Click to reveal the back. This indicator is useful for keeping track your stats, which are displayed in a graph.


You can view flashcards that others have shared, or you can share your own cards on the site, social media, or create collections to make multiple decks. FlashDecks makes this easy.

Make Flashcards to Meet Your Study Needs

Each student is unique and has their own learning style. These sites can be used if flashcards appeal to you or you want to give them a try. It’s easy to create and share decks for your classes, giving you an extra boost in your learning.

You can also make flashcards on Google Docs if none of these sites appeal to you.


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