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These are the 8 Best Chegg Options You Can Try

Here are eight great alternatives to Chegg that you could try if you get tired of Chegg as an education resource.


Chegg is an excellent platform to find textbooks, homework help or topic explanations at a great price. Here are eight websites you might consider if you need an alternative.

While not all of them offer the same features as Chegg, some can be used to supplement it.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet is a popular learning app and an alternative to Chegg. Quizlet offers many ways to help you in your studies.

Quizlet provides detailed explanations on various topics and textbook solutions as well as answers to your questions. Enter the title, ISBN or topic to find solutions. Quizlet provides step-by-step solutions that help you better grasp concepts, one by one.

Quizlet also offers interactive activities that make learning more fun. Flashcards, interactive games and tests are all available. Study sets can be created with audio, images, and diagrams and downloaded for offline access.

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Quizlet learn uses machine learning to assist you in your studies. This mode allows you to create a study list of the material you wish to learn and specify the date by which you want it to be completed. Quizlet Learn will then create a plan for your learning. The program will then remind you, grade your progress and help you understand the concepts.

Quizlet Plus is $3 per month and is billed annually. The account is free and comes with limited information and explanations. Quizlet offers web, Android and iOS apps.

2. ValoreBooks

One of the most used Chegg features is textbook rentals. Students looking for an alternative website to rent textbooks can use ValoreBooks. ValoreBooks also allows you to sell or buy used books.

There are many books available to rent or buy from the library. You can search books using the following criteria: subject, title, ISBN, school, and year.

You can rent or buy textbooks at a discount, depending on their condition. You can return the book within 30 day if you are not satisfied.

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ValoreBooks is a great place to buy books at a bargain price or make some extra cash selling your old books.


3. Studypool

Studypool is a micro-tutoring site that offers many ways to learn. Studypool allows you to post any question you have on Studypool, along with the fee and time limit.

You can see the details of tutors and their expertise to help you choose the right one. Online tutoring is available if you are interested in learning the whole topic.

Studypool also offers a note bank that contains over 20,000,000 documents and notes on various academic subjects. It also offers book guides that allow you to access chapter-wise summaries popular books.

4. Course Hero

Course Hero is similar to Chegg and offers textbook solutions as well as homework help. Course Hero’s members have uploaded a vast library of study materials.


These documents can be searched by subject, textbook, institution, or name. You can also find documents that are applicable to standardized tests such as the SATs. Its website offers step-by-step solutions and video explanations that make learning easier.

Course Hero offers homework assistance 24 hours a day. Paid members have access to answers to as many as 40 questions depending on the plan they choose. Free members will need to pay separately for each answer.

Uploading your study materials is another way to get answers and explanations. You can unlock five explanations and three questions for every ten documents that you submit.

Refer your friends to the study material and earn more unlocks. Course Hero premium subscription costs nearly $20 per month.


5. Bartleby

Bartleby, another platform similar to Chegg, offers many of the same features as Chegg. Their math solver can solve your math problems, provide homework help, and offer textbook solutions.

You can ask experts and also browse the literature guides and Q&A library to get quick answers. You will find resources on all major subjects, including science, language and business, as well as engineering and social science.

Bartleby is more like Chegg in that it provides a variety of writing tools. It includes a grammar and plagiarism detector as well as a citation generator.

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It can also grade essays and papers with its AI-based algorithm. It also has a math solver that allows you to scan and type math problems instantly to get immediate answers.

Bartleby allows you to have one-on-1 learning sessions with tutors. The subscription cost $10 per month. The subscription provides unlimited access to solutions and a Q&A database, but you can only ask 30 questions per month.


6. Paperhelp

Paperhelp is a great alternative to Chegg for proofreading your papers.

Different types of work can be proofread by Paperhelp experts. This includes essays, dissertations and research papers, speeches and theses, as well as resumes and cover letters.

You can also get academic and writing help from it, but you should make sure that you follow your institution’s guidelines. Prices vary depending on what paper type, academic level, paper length, and the deadline.

Paperhelp is available to help you whether you need an expert to proofread, rate, or provide feedback.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free learning resources for students. You will find a large library of explanation videos and articles that are categorized according to courses.

There are many courses that can help you prepare for tests, improve your life skills, learn math, science, economics and computing, as well as teach you how to read and write. You can choose a course and then select a topic or unit that interests you.

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To test your understanding, you can take quizzes and complete exercises after learning. If you are struggling to understand a concept, you can use the search bar to find videos, articles and quizzes that relate.


8. Skooli

Skooli is another online platform that offers tutoring and homework assistance. Skooli offers one-on-one tutoring sessions online for English, math, and science students.

It offers an online classroom that allows for video conferencing, whiteboard and chat, making online learning more interactive.

Skooli is similar to Chegg. You can ask questions of tutors and receive instant answers. There are several payment options available, with prices ranging from $0.65 up to $0.83 per hour. You have the option to buy in advance or pay as you go.

Goodbye, Chegg!

Chegg is a fantastic platform for students. There are other options that you could try. These websites are great for helping you with homework, renting textbooks, and more.

It’s time for you to cancel your subscription now that Chegg is switching to another platform.




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