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These are the 7 best places to find clothes and other items in movies and TV shows

The impact of TV and movies on our taste is huge. They do more than just promote products. These sites will let you find anything you saw in a movie or on TV.

What we enjoy is influenced by TV and movies. The DeLorean became a collectible car thanks to Back to the Future. The Scrubs made Colin Hay a household name. Haven’t we all wanted to be like Meg Ryan in the scene from When Harry Met Sally.

There’s a good chance that you will find something you saw in a movie or on TV. We have everything you need, from the most iconic clothes in films to the most exotic locations for filming around the globe.

1. Food: Culinary Universe

Andrew Rea loves cooking. Rea also enjoys watching TV and movies. Rea created a YouTube channel, where he recreates popular dishes from the shows he watches. He named it Babish Culinary Universe to honor Oliver Babish, the West Wing’s character.

Rea is a master at creating new recipes. Rea pays close attention to the descriptions of these fictional items such as Eggs Wodehouse from Archer and Homer Simpson’s Moon Waffles. He then begins to make it in his kitchen using top-notch video production. This one is not for those who are starving.

Rea has over 500 videos on YouTube, featuring a variety of recipes. It will be possible to learn how to make the black-and-white cookies from Seinfeld, Ted Lasso’s biscuits, and the Groundhog Day angel cake,, as well as other recipes.

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Although you won’t find any information about the clothes in movies, these videos will give you some great cooking tips that will elevate your recipes.

Babish Culinary Universe does not provide any assistance in learning how to cook. You might want to look at visual recipes for beginners.

2. Clothing: Filmgarb, and Worn on TV

Do you want a pair the iconic sunglasses worn in The Matrix’s films? You might also want to be as stylish as the characters in Suits .


Filmgarb as well as Worn On TV are both old-fashioned. Filmgarb covers TV and movies, while Worn On TV is focused on reality series such as Queens, Riverdale, Queens and The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Worn On TV is the better option. You can choose the show that interests you, as well as the characters. You will see a list with photos and then click to purchase it. This website is great for finding outfits inspired from your favorite TV shows.

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Filmgarb isn’t the most user-friendly site, but it has a great search function. Filmgarb can help you find the product or where it is available if it was in a movie. Amazon has most clothing items and outfits, making it easy to shop.


3. Music: WhatSong, TuneFind

Music and background music are crucial to setting the mood for a scene. You don’t have to Shazam the song to find it . WhatSong or TuneFind can help you.

WhatSong is the newest of the two. It focuses on streaming songs that are used in TV and movies. Although its catalogue wasn’t very impressive in my limited testing, it was still a great option if you are looking for something specific.

TuneFind has a much larger database that covers almost every movie and TV show. It is also well-known and active, having been around for many years. It has not failed me in a search.

4. Cars: IMCDB

Some cars have been immortalized in movies and TV shows, such as the Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch and James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. What about lesser-known cars?


Tom Hardy drove a car for the entire length of Locke, but which car? Is that the car Mr. Wolf was driving in Pulp Fiction, or something else? Sometimes, you can see a car in a background or small scene. This is what Keanu Reeves did in Speed.

IMCDB can answer your car questions from any film. This website is ideal for every gearhead . To find out which vehicles are featured in a particular movie, the community scans every frame.

The site will then list it all. You can search for the movie to see photos of each point where a brand new car first appears.

5. Places: Movie locations

It is well-known that music can be heard in the hills, but what hills were there? Was the film actually shot in Austria? See Movie Locations for all of this and more.

This site contains a wealth of information about famous locations from movies. This site is great for frequent travelers who want to travel like the stars. You can pin all the locations to Google Maps so that you can get exact directions.

The search function is worth a try. You can search for movie locations by country, location, actor or director, as well as other criteria. Each location will have a description, photos and other information.


Movie Locations has not been updated since 2015. This means that you won’t be able to find new films. If the film you are looking for was made before 2015, this large repository will likely show the exact location.

There are newer maps for moving locations such as Movie World Map or The Move Map . These sites display only the map and provide no context. We still love Movie Locations even though it doesn’t show last year’s releases.

Bring your favorite characters to life

Here’s a list of websites that feature cars, food, songs, and clothing from movies. These resources will help you bring to life your favorite movie scenes and characters.

You can recreate classic Neo scenes if you are a Matrix lover. Head over to Filmgarb and Worn on TV to find your outfit. You can also check Movie Locations to see the locations where the best scenes were shot.


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