These are the 5 Best Instagram Repost apps for Android and iPhone


Without a third-party app, you can’t post photos or videos to Instagram. These are the top Instagram repost apps.


Instagram is the most popular social network for sharing photos or videos. Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, it does not have all the features you may need.

The ability to post photos and videos is the biggest missing feature. To do this, you will need to use a third-party application. There are many. Here are the top Instagram repost apps.

1. Repost: For Instagram

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Advantages: Reply: Instagram offers an easy-to-use experience. Open the Instagram app by clicking the Repost button or manually. Find the post you are interested in, then tap the three buttons at the top of the screen and choose Copy Link. The post will be displayed under Repost: Instagram after you have returned to it.

There are only a few options available once you have interacted with the post. By tapping the slider button, you can copy the caption text from the post to your clipboard. You can also change the color or position of the watermark if you are particular.

To close Instagram’s prompt for posting, press Share.

The app’s simplicity is not only appealing, but it also allows you to access your camera roll. This makes it a great backup in case of an emergency. You can also use the collage option to create multiple posts, something that most Instagram repost apps don’t offer.

Cons: Remember to copy the caption and paste it. You can also choose a paid version, but you will have to deal with annoying ads and a mention to @withregram within the copied caption.

Download: Repost: For Instagram for iOS (Free, subscription available)

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2. Reposta

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The pros and cons of Reposta:Reposta is a simple repost app that doesn’t offer too many features. Its launch screen provides quick instructions and allows you to post in a URL, copy your Instagram link or use the share option. You can then preview the full repost copy for your Instagram post.

Cons: Reposta does not allow you to customize the post. It’s great if you want to simply share the content. You will need to choose Instagram as your destination when you decide to repost. This is a more manual process.


Download: Replya for Google (Free).

3. Sepia Software Reposts for Instagram

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The pros: Repost For Instagram has a simple interface that offers two views: expanded or compact. It also automatically detects when you click on links on Instagram and inserts them into the gallery. You can also set up a reminder to remind you when you want repost something.

You can change the color and position of the watermark. You can only do one thing for the post: repost.

Cons: A pro subscription costs $4.99 per month and you can’t access the editor to remove watermarks or edit the text. Non-pro users will have to deal also with ads.

Download: Repost for Instagram for iOS (Free, subscription available)


4. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

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Pros – Repost on Instagram – Regrann welcomes you with a tutorial. You can always go back to what you learned if you forget.

You can choose from four different modes as a free user. The “Selection pop-up Mode” is the most convenient. Regrann gives you the option to save, share and post the copy link image after you have shared it to Instagram or shared it to Regrann.

Regrann is also available if you don’t wish to be prompted every time. Regrann will use Instagram as the repost destination if you select quick repost mode. You can send videos and photos to your phone with quick save mode. You can also save your posts in quick post-later mode, which will automatically save them for you. Once you are ready, you can upload them to Instagram.


After you reach the editing stage of your post, you have the option to apply a filter or add text to it. You have the ability to change the font, color and background as well as the alignment.

Regrann allows you to add a credit watermark, or a custom watermark. You can have the app copy the caption and add a “signature” text to replace or supplement the caption.

Cons: To copy multiple photos or videos from a post, you will need to save them to your phone’s Regrann Multi-Post album.

Download: Repost for Instagram – Regrann for Android (Free, Subscription available)

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5. Reposter for Instagram: Download & Save

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Advantages: Poster for Instagram: Download and Save is unique for its ability to search for user posts and explore tags. You can then choose whether to repost immediately or later. You can also launch Instagram directly from the app.


The app provides a number of options to quickly adjust your repost settings. You can easily open the editor, copy captions and remove or move author and watermark attributions.

You can edit the image using the editor. You can also reset the image if you don’t like the changes. You can then save, repost or share your changes by pressing a button.

Cons: If you’re not a paid user, you will be presented with a pop-up asking for a subscription. It happens every time so it can quickly become annoying. Similar to ads, subscription prompts will appear when you click the download, repost or share buttons.

Download: Reposter for Instagram: Download & Save for Android (Free, subscription available)

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Important Information About Instagram Repost Apps

It can be difficult to find the best Instagram repost app. There will be periods of instability in many apps, and one app might not work at all. If you do decide to invest in an application, make sure that it offers refunds or guarantees.


It’s a good idea to read any reviews that are available and check for complaints about the app’s updates. Although not always reliable, it can help you avoid downloading the wrong app or giving unneeded access to an inoperable one.


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