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These are the 5 Best Bullet Journal Apps to Effortless Bullet Journaling

You can bullet journal with your digital devices. These apps are smart enough to keep a Bullet Journal.


To create a digital bullet diary, you can use any note-taking application. You will have less work if you use an app that contains the right components for keeping a bullet diary.

Are you unsure where to find bullet journal apps like this? These are the best bullet journal apps that you can find. They offer several benefits, which is why we chose them:

  • Logging is quick and painless
  • You can use pre-made icons to represent tasks, events, notes, or add tagging and labeling options.
  • This is a quick way to look through your journal entries

Let’s now move on to the bullet journal app suggestions.

1. Trello

Trello’s cross platform availability and automation capabilities are huge advantages if you plan to create an electronic bullet journal. Trello can be automated to create boards (for modules), and cards (for dates), according to a set schedule.

The Index module and page number are not necessary. Trello’s powerful search functions make it simple to find what you need quickly.

You want a view from the top of your tasks for each month? If you assign due dates on cards, then you can switch to the monthly view in the Calendar PowerUp. This is one of the most useful Trello Power-Ups that you can add to your workflow . To add context to journal entries, color-coded labels can be used as bullets or signifiers.

Do you think the switch from paper to Trello is difficult? You’ll find out how to make a bullet journal in Trello . This guide will show you how to transfer every aspect of your journal to Trello. You will also find a monthly log board sample that you can copy and add to your Trello account.

Trello also offers a variety of bullet journaling templates. The Templates menu is located at the top right of the Trello homepage. To explore ready-to use online bullet journals, access the templates menu.

Trello isn’t the only note-taking app you can use to convert your analog journal into digital. You can also use Evernote to bullet journal . You can use Reminders and Calendar to create a Bullet Journal . These MacOS journal apps are also possible.



2. NotePlan 3: Markdown planner

NotePlan 3 is an ideal bullet journal that works on all Apple devices, including smartphones and tablets. You can download NotePlan 3 on your Apple devices if you are looking for a bullet journaling app you can take with you anywhere.

NotePlan 3 includes a calendar, Markdown notes and to-do list. The Calendar view allows you to see the whole picture just like the Monthly Log in a paper journal.

Switch to the Notes view to zoom in on entries for a specific day. You can use this view to organize your day and make notes.


Color-coded #tags and @tags, linked dates and linked notes make it easy to find the right entries in your journal at any time. Dropbox and iCloud sync are also available so that your bullet journal is always at your fingertips on all of your Apple devices.

The NotePlan 3 app can be used as a productivity tool on the move. You can use it to manage tasks, knowledge, and plan your weeks ahead so you don’t miss meetings or client presentations.

Overall, NotePlan 3 is a bullet journal that doubles as a great app. Many of its users use it this way.

iOS (Free trial 14 days, premium starts at $6.99/month)


3. Taskade

You can sign up for Taskade before you register. You can add notes, outline, and checklists to your bullet journal using the app. There are many bullet formats available, making it easy to match them with bullets and other signifiers in your bullet journal.

You can also use the basic formatting options as well as emoji in this app. Taskade offers Due Date, and Add to Calendar options for scheduling your plans. This feature allows you to connect with Yahoo Calendar and Google Calendar.

Attachments, templates and comments, as well as tags and search, are all available in Taskade. It is a versatile tool that can be used for all types of note-taking. To save time when setting up your journal, we recommend using Taskade’s Bullet Journal Template.

The extensive template library contains many assets that can be used for both personal and professional tasks. You can use templates such as the Weekly Planner, Bullet Journal and Personal Tracker for your own tasks.

You can also use the free templates Teamwork List, Project Board and Development Tree for remote and work teams.



4. The Bullet Journal Companion 2.

The Bullet Journal Companion 2 must be used in conjunction with your analog bullet journal. This makes the Bullet Journal Companion 2 app, a simple mobile app, the most unique on this list. It’s a great solution for those who don’t want to give up their paper journals in favor of a digital journal.

You can use the companion app to remind you twice daily to reflect on your notes and plans. You can adjust the time of these reminders to your liking. You can also search through your bullet journals in the Library section.

You can log into the app while you are away from your notebook and then transfer the entries to your notebook during reflection time. There is a 72 hour window in which to move entries from the app.

Bullet Journal Companion contains a collection of guides that will help you with every aspect of bullet journaling. This guide will appeal to both beginners and experienced Bullet Journalers. You’ll love the Bullet Journal community aspect. The app also includes a compilation of posts from the official Blog.


iOS (Paid, $4.99)

5. Dynalist

Dynalist is one the most widely used bullet-based task list apps. Markdown support, tags and due dates are all included. There are also internal links.

You can use the app’s tree structure to manage your Daily Logs. You can use regular keyboard characters, or appropriate emoticons to create bullets and signposts. Dynalist allows you to bookmark items so you can keep your most important modules accessible at all time.

Dynalist’s demo version provides a comprehensive overview of the app’s functionality. This demo version is a great way to test the app and see if it can be used as a bullet journal.


Additional Apps for an Online Bullet Journal

We’ve added a few more options to help you work with in case the ones we have already listed don’t suit you.

  • Day 1: You can choose to pay for a subscription, or do without premium features.
  • TheBrain : To combine the power and flexibility of mind maps with the Bullet Journal.
  • OneNote: If you love all apps Microsoft.
  • GoodNotes – Bullet journaling using a stylus


Bullet Journals are what you make of them

Bullet Journals are a great choice if you want a reliable system to take quick notes.

It provides a solid foundation, but it is flexible enough that you can customize it.

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