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These are the 10 most addictive time-saving apps

Your smartphone has taught you more computing skills that an Apollo astronaut. You can load up your smartphone with useless, non-essential apps that will distract you from the more important things like work. Or your friends. Or even becoming an astronaut.

Super Hexagon

Who is it for: People who enjoy a challenge



It’s amazing how even the simplest distractions can capture our attention and keep us focused. Super Hexagon is an excellent example. It’s simple, yet so well-designed that it will challenge you.


Who is it for: Lovers of fast-paced puzzles



This Tetris-style game is easy at first, but then you kick your fight-or flight response into high gear as the game speeds up. It’s great for commute, but it could be dangerous to your passengers if you shout “NO NO NO!” The screen will appear.


Who is it for: People who aren’t able to shoot in the first person.


Android: Unavailable

Fact: N64’s Goldeneye caused more brain damage than all the Mushroom Kingdom mushrooms. First-person shooters showed children that video games can be more complicated and action-packed than “Make the Italian-American stereotype jump onto the Italian American slur.”

You can now carry a first-person shooter on your phone . It would be amazing if our 13-year old selves could have predicted the future.


Who is it for? Sudoku nuts



This puzzle is marketed as the “next Sudoku” but it’s addictive and can be difficult to solve at first. But after a few minutes (and looking at the tutorial), you will get it right. It will take much longer to let it go after your lunch break.

Doug dug.

Who is it for: Anyone who enjoys a fun, addictive but pointless game



Doug dug. This is the definition of addictive time-waster. Although it is pointless and never ends, it is still a great time-waster. While it won’t do anything more than pass the time, it does a better job than many competitors.


Who is it for: Vocab geeks



Word puzzles can be like a roller coaster for your brain. You might even throw up at the finish. Definitionado delivers these cerebral thrill rides right to your smartphone.

Tap Titans

Who is it for: People who drank too much coffee in the morning



You win this game by tapping the screen. It’s very fast. That’s it. But when it comes smartphone gaming, sometimes all we need is a little bit more. Ideal for Red Bull addicts and Morse Code experts.


Who is it for: Trivia geeks



This popular trivia app lets you unleash your inner Ken Jennings and play against other users around the globe. You can tackle topics from general knowledge to niche subjects. You can justify any wasted time by telling yourself that you are training for Jeopardy.

Powder – Alpine Simulator

Who is it for: Skiers and people who love Atari.



The dot falls down the mountain. The little dot must not touch the trees. The little dot moves faster because of gravity.

Simple? Sure. This relaxing game reminds us that simplicity can be very fun.

Clash of Clans

Who is it for: RPG lovers



Smartphone RPGs have become as popular as the Game of Warcommercials praising Kate Upton’s horrible acting. Clash of Clansdoes not need to resort to these cheap marketing strategies. It is the best game in its genre and has built a loyal following.

It will also completely consume your life if it isn’t managed properly. Be responsible.

Joe Oliveto is a Supercompressor staff writer. This may be changing due to his newly acquired addiction to all of them. Follow him on Twitter.

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