The Untold Facts Of Seven Sirius Benjamin, Erykah Badu And Andre’s Son


7 Sirius Benjamin was a star who gained notoriety as the son of Erykah Badu and her ex-boyfriend Andre 3000. His parents, both members of the same fraternity had an intimate relationship for around four years prior to their amicable breakup in the late 1990s. Even though their relationship didn’t last for long, the ex-partners remain close to each other and have built an enduring co-parenting bond to provide their son with an environment that is peaceful.

It’s true that Seven is a boy with an amazing resemblance to his father is doing exceptionally impressively in his own style. However, Seven seems to have an interest in something different than music. He’s an extremely successful student at the college.

Below are some more undiscovered facts to be aware of Erykah Badu’s son, the oldest. Let’s get started!

How Old Is Erykah Badu Son Seven? The Meaning Behind His Name “Seven”

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s age is 24 as of 2022. The singer was born the 18th November 1997 located in Dallas, Texas. The mother of his son Badu had her first childon the same day her second album, Live was released in the United States. This album was also able to reach the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 in the United States. R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Seven as well as her mom Badu.

Additionally his mother, Erykah chose her son’s first surname “Seven,” because it’s “…a holy number that is not able to be divided.”

His Parents Were In Dilemma Before Giving Birth To Him

When Badu became pregnant with Andre’s son, the couple needed to decide the possibility of having a child or not, as both were at the peak the heights of their career. 3000 was once reported by The New Yorker,

In the end, the couple decided to have their first child. They continued to go on a music tour. The artist revealed to the magazinethat,

Seven Benjamin Has A Great Relationship With His Mom And Dad

The young star is extremely close to each of his parents. Similar to him, his parents are doing their best in their parenting duties.

Additionally, Seven relatively prefers to live his life in front of the camera. Seven isn’t actively engaged with any other social media accounts. However, we do are able to spot him on the social media accounts of his mother.

How Did Seven Sirius Benjamin Parents Break Up?

Seven’s parents first met back in 1995 in the New York City nightclub. Andre sang her single “On and On” at the club. After their first meeting, they began dating. About two years after they began dating. Badu also became pregnant with their baby on the 11th of February 1997.

The image alt=”Seven with his papa and mommy. ” data-src=”” data-srcset=” 450w,×300.jpg 292w” src=”″/>Seven with his mom and dad.

Sources tell us that when the duo first met at first, Andre was still trying to discover his true self. And then, his girlfriend Erykah was the person who assisted him make his first shift into the hip-hop space.

The couple’s relationship did hit the bumps in 1999. Badu stated that there was no infidelity , or the possibility of cheating that led to their split. It was just a matter of time that things did not go as planned between the two.

Does Seven Look Like His Father?

Yes, Benjamin much looks like his father. When his mother is on her social media profiles together with their son the majority of her followers make comments about the striking resemblance that her son has with her father.

In May the mother-son duo were on a road excursion towards Hawaii The mom of Seven shared an image of her son’s journey in her Insta. In the comments section one user wrote:

“Wow! 7 is the twin of Andre!”

Another comment,

“Andre and his son look like twins.”

Apart from the physical similarities, many fans have also claimed that the father-and-son pair have the same style and has a very similar voice.

Benjamin Has Two Half-Siblings From Her Mother’s Two Different Relationships

Following Badu’s split from Andre the couple, the singer was later involved in an intimate relationship with the rapper from Texas D.O.C. D.O.C. The then-couple welcomed their first child, a daughter dubbed Puma Sabti Curry (Seven Benjamin’s half-sister) on the 5th of July, 2004.

Erykah was blessed with their second daughter Mars Merkaba Thedford on February 1st, 2009 along with her then-future beau Jay Electronica.

For Seven’s bonding his half-sisters and half-sisters. The young boy is just too close to his half-sisters. Their mother, who is a loving one, frequently posts her children’s pictures on her social media feed. In July, Badu uploaded a photo that included all her children in one frame. The Dallas-born singer wrote on the picture of the family,

Seven and his half-sisters with their mother.

Seven Was Homeschooled

Erykah Badu’s youngest son was homeschooled from kindergarten through the first grade. His mother was homeschooled because the star “wanted to give [him] special attention academically, to give him an advantage.”

Seven Sirius later began to study at an old school, in which, “He developed an edge in his schoolwork.”

His mother stated that in an interview Babble that their son, who is a very punctual student, “does not want to miss school or be late or be untidy or not have his things in order because that was a big part of how he was brought up.”

She continued,

His College

In terms of his school, Seven is now a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. In April 2016 his mom Erykah shared that her son had received admission letters to four colleges of his choice via Twitter. The artist posted a throwback picture of her holding her son alongside her former boyfriend. The caption read,

“Our son Seven has received four college acceptance letters. This makes us feel proud as parents. Dream worked.”

img alt=” Seven as a child. ” data-src=”” data-srcset=” 450w,×297.jpg 300w” src=”″/>Seven as a baby together with parents.

Badu revealed that her son will be studying art, psychology and science at the college level.

He Has A Food Allergies

Erykah has disclosed she was aware that her child Seven is allergic to certain legumes, nuts and melons. After discovering that information concerning her child, the musician turned to macrobiotic. In the same way, her daughter mars Merkaba has also been adhering to the macrobiotic diet.

Does Seven Benjamin Have An Interest In Music?

While Seven himself has not revealed anything about his past The parents of Seven occasionally speak with their son. In a conversation of Kid Kraddick In The Morning His father Andre stated that his oldest son is a gifted lyricist. He added,

In some instances, as a famous musician, Andre also gave his son some tips on rapping. He explained,

What About Seven Sirius Benjamin Dating Life?

The 24 year old Seven has remained silent about his private life. In the past Seven has not Seven has revealed his partner nor has he ever spoken regarding his girl friend. In addition, the star child isn’t involved on social media platforms.

Also, due to Seven’s tendency to be extremely secretive it is impossible to determine if Seven is involved in a romantic relationship with someone else or not.

Net Worth Details

Seven’s wealth is estimated at $300,000 at the time of 2022. In contrast his father Andre is estimated to have a fortune of $35 million. Meanwhile, his mother’s net worth is 10 million. Both parents’ main sources for income comes from their musical careers.

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