“The Stinka Butt”, A Term Of Endearment For Small Kids With Brand Name Recognition

UPLAND (CA), May 17, 2018, (Guidelinenews.com) –Recognition logos like Coke are a common response that manufacturers seek to get for their differentiated products. It works because customers recognize the quality and durability of their products and buy them. The Stinka Butt(tm), a clever brand slogan, is designed to be used on children’s clothing as well as other items such as bibs and socks, hats and mittens. It can also be printed on key chains and other novelty or child-friendly items, like key chains and keychains. The goal of the design is to create a catchy, fun brand and symbol that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Stinka Butt(tm), a visual representation of a name or message, is screen printed, embroidered, or sewn directly onto merchandise. It is used to convey a name or group of names and messages, “stinkabutt” which is a term that can be used as a term for small children from the African American community. This catchy term is being made universal by the inventors who decorate children’s clothing and accessories such as shirts and beanies, mittens and bibs. Onesie might have the saying “Stinka Butt loves her Daddy/Mommy/Granny”, etc. There are many other combinations that can be made with such a logo. The positive and playful message of Stinka Butt(tm), which is ideal for T-shirts, would be great for a variety of other garments. This includes sweaters, jackets, jeans, and even ball caps. A televised test marketing was completed recently, indicating consumer interest in Stinka Butt.


The Stinka Buttis patent pending and was invented by Daarina Vaughns, and Victor Vaughns, of Upland CA who said, “Stinka Butt” is a whimsical term that can be used for families from all cultures and all facets of society. No Grandparent, Momma, Dad or Dad has misunderstood Stinka Butt. However, the children don’t care. Stinka Butt is a well-known brand/logo that demonstrates one’s love of children. It works.

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