The iPhone 14 Pro transforms the infamous notch into a dynamic island’


If you like it or dislike it there is an extremely strong opinion concerning this notch (or the tiny black cutout at high on you iPhone and MacBook). The notch is a necessity problem, as the front-facing camera must move somewhere!

The awkward cutout is shapeless, awkward cut-out on high on the iPhone 14 Pro screen. The cut-out serves a dual function. With this new design, Apple calls the cut-out/notch an “dynamic island.”

“Our goal was to design a space that clearly and consistently surfaces alerts and background activity in a rich and delightful way,” Apple announced at its autumn event. “When you receive an alert, the dynamic island will notify you.”

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It is intended to provide clear the latest information and not distract you from the application you’re using. For instance, someone can view from the island’s dynamic display the fact that their Lyft ride is only two minutes from them, so they do not need to reroute their text message. In a different scenario, when you connect to your AirPods to the island’s dynamic feature can let you know what percentage charging your headphones are currently at. It’s much more refined than a garish banner that clogs up your screen.


Apple hasn’t been merely giving the notch a function -it’s also making the notch more noticeable, instead of trying to make it appear as if it’s not even there (looking to you Macbook Pro M1). Macbook Pro). If you receive a notification within the dynamic island the notch will grow, and expand the black ovular cut-out away from the screen. If you have multiple background activity the dynamic island will display both of the elements.

Personally, we’re happy they chose to go with the pill-shaped design rather than the more rumored “pill and hole punch” design. This one is a bit less elegant.

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