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The First Asexual Dating App was Launched to Ace Date & Platonic Relationships

AsexualCupid recently launched their dating app. This dating app is ideal for those who are gay and want to find their soulmate, not a partner in a relationship.


NEW YORK (, April 8, 2021) – The popular online asexual Dating Portal, AsexualCupid, has launched its dating app. It is expected to be a huge hit with those looking for platonic relationships.

Many people are now looking online for matches. It is a great way to meet new people and find the right match. Asexuals may find it difficult to find a partner and openly discuss their sexual orientation. AsexualCupid is one of the websites that allows people to meet and date someone who is still interested in them.

Andy Wang, CEO of the website was quoted as saying that “With our site, we want to help asexuals locate the right soulmate.” Even if they don’t desire to have sex, they are still looking for a partner with whom they can communicate and be friends. It’s easy to navigate the maze of life with the right partner. Our app and website aim to help you do just that. “

AsexualCupid will allow you to meet like-minded individuals who are looking for relationships. It will have many features that will ensure that everyone using it can find the perfect match. It was designed to be interactive and members can explore the many options to find the perfect match.

They have done everything possible to make sure that the app is rich in features and has the right design to make it enjoyable to use. Their app is expected to attract many members and become a popular choice among users.

Apps like this can prove to be very useful for a lot of gay people. Those who would like to explore more details about this app should make it a point to check out

About AsexualCupid

AsexualCupid is a well-known online dating site that boasts over 100,000 asexual members, and more than 1,000 verified asexuals. It offers many interactive and amazing features to help people find their partners in asexual relationships.




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