The Complete Guide to Picking a Scent Diffuser for Homeowners


Smells take a direct route to the regions of the brain related to emotions and memory. Not only are smells powerful enough to do this, but some smells can also positively impact your health.

This is why a lot of homeowners use scent diffusers and essential oils in their homes. Keep reading to learn about picking a scent diffuser.

Scent Strength

When picking a scent diffuser, you need to decide if you want the room taken over by essential oils or if you want a slight scent in the air.

Scent strength matters when shopping for an oil diffuser. This is even more important to consider if you have family members or pets that are sensitive to smells.

Nebulizing diffusers have maximum strength. Smaller diffusers will provide a lighter scent in the home.

Consider Size

There are various types of diffusers on the market, some small and some large. Consider the spot in your home where you want to place your oil diffuser when thinking about the size.

If you want to place an oil diffuser on your bedside table or at your home work desk, choose one that’s a smaller size.

If you have more room on a large shelf or table, try out a bigger option.

Look at Lighting Options

When you explore scent diffusers, you’ll notice that a lot of them feature lighting options. Depending on your needs, you might prefer a diffuser with or without lights.

If you are into soft ambient lighting, you’ll have a lot of options. The higher-quality diffusers tend to come with programmed light settings. Most of them come with different colored light options as well.

If lighting is too distracting, select a diffuser without lighting.

Set a Budget

Different diffuser sizes cost different amounts so it’s important to start comparing scent diffuser prices to make a budget. Strong nebulizing diffusers go for a few hundred dollars while other diffusers go for less than $20.

If you’ve never bought a scent diffuser before and don’t know if you’ll like it, don’t waste your money. Start with something small as a trial run.

If you end up liking it, buy a higher-quality oil diffuser that’s more expensive as long as it aligns with your budget.

Choose the Best Scents

Oil diffusers are powerful so it’s important to choose the best scents for your needs. Know what you like before buying a scent diffuser.

You can shop around online if you already know what you want. For example, you can check out this page with flowery scents.

If you aren’t sure what you like, consider shopping for essential oils in person so you can test them out.

Picking a Scent Diffuser: Explained

Picking a scent diffuser is not as easy as it sounds because there are so many options on the market. Consider scent strength, size, and lighting options.

Set a budget so you don’t go over a certain spending limit. Once you have your diffuser, you’ll be ready to choose the best scents for your new device.

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