The Best WhatsApp Spy Apps


If you have the right apps, spying on WhatsApp can be a breeze. Here’s a list of the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps. All apps are safe and legitimate.

WhatsApp is used by everyone. However, it’s not always a good idea.

Are you worried that your child is being bullied, scammed, or abused by WhatsApp users?


  • Are you being cheated on by your partner on social media?
  • Are you concerned that an employee may be in contact with a competitor via WhatsApp?

To find out, you will need to read their WhatsApp conversation. How can you read someone’s WhatsApp conversations? Use a WhatsApp spy app!

We have compiled a list of the top 10 WhatsApp spy apps that money can buy. Any of these apps can be used to secretly monitor WhatsApp-use by someone.

#1 Spyier- The Magic Portal for Anybody’s WhatsApp Chats

Spyier is a leading spy app. Spyier is widely used worldwide and featured on many major online platforms like TechRadar and Tom’s Guide. Spyier comes with a great WhatsApp spy feature.

This app is our #1 choice because it allows you to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity without any hassle. The app gives you full access to all chats in WhatsApp – even if they are not aware.

1.1 Spyier allows you to have complete access to a person’s WhatsApp conversations

Spyier offers WhatsApp spy functions. Here’s a quick overview of the app’s capabilities:

  • Spyier lets you read all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp chat messages. This includes private messages as well as group messages. Regular chat updates are sent to your online dashboard.
  • Search for deleted messages: What happens if a phone user deletes an important message that they don’t wish anyone to see? Spyier backs messages up as soon as they are sent. This means that you can still access the message via the dashboard.
  • Verify contact information: To whom are they speaking on WhatsApp? Do you have to be concerned? You can verify their contact information, including names, addresses and display photos, as well as phone numbers and email addresses.
  • View media files: What type of images and videos are they sending you? Spyier’s media viewer allows you to check. You can view all images and videos sent or received and download them for later use.
  • Time and date logs: Each WhatsApp chat will include a date and time entry. This allows you to pinpoint the exact time a sensitive conversation occurred.
  • 1.2 In less than 10 minutes, you can spy on WhatsApp
    Spyier has one of the greatest advantages: it is easy to set-up. The app is easy to set up and requires no technical knowledge. You only need a computer or smartphone with stable internet access.
    You will need the iCloud credentials for the account that is linked to your iOS device in order to spy on WhatsApp. You will need physical access for five minutes to access WhatsApp on an Android target device if you want to access it.
  • Spyier is completely undetectable so you don’t need to be worried about being detected. Spyier’s stealth function makes it 100% undetectable. This feature can be useful when you want to secretly monitor someone’s WhatsApp.

  • Step 1: Register for a Spyier account at the official website. Your email ID will be used as your username.

Step 2: Buy a Spyier Monthly Plan. The Premium version of Spyier allows you to spy on one device only. Spyier Family and Corporate subscriptions are required if you wish to spy on multiple devices.
You must first choose iOS or Android to be the target platform.
All you have to do when installing Spyier for iOS devices is to enter your iCloud username password. Wait for Spyier to sync with your backup.
Install a 2MB spy application on your Android device to enable Spyier. You have the option to hide the app after you’ve downloaded it. Wait for Spyier to sync with your device.

Step 4: Congratulations! Spyier has been successfully set up. Now you can spy on their WhatsApp activity.

You can log in to Spyier from your smartphone or PC. This gives you a quick overview of the activity on your phone or tablet. How can you access their WhatsApp chat? 1.3 Spyier can be 100% secure and hidden

Spyier iOS is a web-based application. Spy on WhatsApp conversations via your web browser without installing or downloading any software. This app works through the linked iCloud account.

Spyier for iOS cannot be detected because there is no physical software on the target iPhone/iPad.

Spyier Android is a hidden spy app. The target device is downloaded and installed with the 2MB app. You can then hide the app. The app will then run in the background, without being visible by the user.

Spyier is small for Android. You can hide the app icon. The app runs in the background and does not drain the battery. The app is almost impossible to find!

Spyier is a cutting edge spy app

Spyier is a remarkable spy app. We believe it is the best WhatsApp spy application on the market.

  1. Spyier can use WhatsApp without rooting or jailbreaking

Spy apps will only work if you jailbreak or root the target device first. Rooting and jailbreaking can be time-consuming. It can also invalidate the warranty of your device and make it vulnerable to malware. Sometimes it causes data loss.

Spyier, an advanced spy application, is available. Spyier doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the target device.

  1. It is extremely easy to use the app


Spyier was created to be easy-to-use. To set up or use the app, you don’t require any technical knowledge. All necessary instructions for installation are included. Once you have installed the app, it is available for use from any web browser.

The web browser is also intuitive. It is easy to use and all of the app’s features can be accessed easily.

  1. Additional features are available

Spyier is capable of spying on WhatsApp and other applications. Spyier can monitor all of your phones. It can view messages, check social media activity and track web browser history.

  1. Your privacy is protected

Spyier can be used at your own risk. Spyier operates within strict privacy guidelines.Spyier cannot share your information without your permission.

  1. Spyier is a global company

Spyier, a global leader in brand marketing with more than a million users, is not surprising. Parents, employers, and everyone else from all walks of life use it in over 190 countries. It’s a real product, which is virus-free and user verified.

Spyier is also affordable. Spyier is easy to recommend. It’s discreet, simple to use, and powerful.

#2 Spy- Spy on WhatsApp in Minutes

Spicy is the second option we have. Spicy is a highly-rated phone monitoring application. It is a well-known name worldwide and is frequently featured by major outlets such as BBC, CNET and TheGuardian.

Spicy is a quick and easy way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversation. Spyic, like Spyier, is very discreet and simple to use. The app allows you to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity within minutes.

Spyic is loaded with powerful features

Spicy gives you a complete overview of the target’s WhatsApp activity.

  • All messages sent and received by the target can be viewed on WhatsApp.
  • All messages sent to your account are saved by the app. You can also retrieve deleted messages using this archive feature.
  • Spicy displays all WhatsApp media files, including voice messages and photos, that have been exchanged.
  • It also tracks contact information. The app allows you to find out the identity of the person talking and provides background information about the other party.

Spicy is a trusted, well-known brand

Spicy is a great tool to monitor the chat activity of others. Here’s why:

  1. Spicy is available to everyone

Spicy is easy to set up. It is easy to install the app. It can be done from your web browser. You can also access the WhatsApp spy function from your web browser. It takes only a few minutes.

  1. The app cannot be detected

Spicy is the best tool for keeping an eye on WhatsApp activity over time. Spyic is as stealthy and discreet as a ghost. The iOS app works without any software and is web-based. The Android version works in the background.

  1. Spicy is a real brand

Spyic is reliable. Spy apps are awash with viruses. Some apps can steal your personal data. Spyic is however a well-known brand. Many people have tested it.

Spicy offers other features, including WhatsApp spying. The app can be purchased for a monthly fee. Spicy is a great value for money.

#3 Cocospy

Cocospy is the third option we offer. This app works with both target Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. You can monitor someone’s WhatsApp usage from any web browser.

Coco Spy provides multiple WhatsApp spy features

Here is a summary of all the WhatsApp activity Cocospy cam track:

  • All incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages can be monitored.
  • Coco Spy allows you to view deleted messages.
  • Other important information such as contact information and timestamps are also tracked by the app.

Coco Spy is a crowd favourite

Cocospy is popular for its innovative features.

  • Cocospy can be used as a legitimate spy tool. It allows you to monitor WhatsApp without being identified.
  • The app can be accessed via the internet. WhatsApp activity updates are delivered via the internet periodically.
  • Cocospy’s interface is very simple. Cocospy doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

Cocospy is #3 on our list due to its reliability, security, and good reputation. It also has a powerful WhatsApp monitoring feature.

Here are some pros to SpyBubble.

  • SpyBubble is difficult to detect and offers a user-friendly interface.
  • You can also monitor WhatsApp and other social media sites.

SpyBubble can only be used on Android

SpyBubble is not without its problems:

  • Only Android devices can be used to spy on WhatsApp.
  • The app does not offer full phone monitoring capabilities.

SpyBubble’s effectiveness is impressive, but it’s not compatible with iOS devices.

#10 SMS Monitor

SMS Peeper is the last entry in our list. It is an SMS monitoring tool. It can be used to monitor all texts sent and received on a target device without the need for any software.

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