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The Best VPNs to Stream in 2022

After Netflix’s success streaming services began to multiply like sensuous rabbits.This is great, but only if the right people are available. Some services are only available in certain countries. And even if they are, their content might be different. For roughly the same price, Netflix in Moldova will give you a third of the content available in the US. Talk about disappointing!

There is a solution to this problem: streaming VPNs. It may seem pointless to wait for the industry’s problems to resolve, the right VPN will allow you to unblock most streaming content not available in your area. What is the best VPN? After running the tests, here is our list of the top VPNs for streaming in 2022.

The best VPNs for streaming

  1. NordVPN is the best VPN for streaming
  2. Surf Shark – The most affordable VPN pairing with Netflix
  3. – A decent choice for streaming
  4. Atlas VPN is a user-friendly streaming VPN
  5. PureVPN is the best VPN for streaming

What should you look out for when selecting a streaming VPN service?

Different VPNs work best for different purposes, just like most things in life. Streaming is a different matter. Not every VPN will work. It might be difficult to know what to look out for when selecting the best VPN for streaming. Here are some tips to help you choose the best VPN for streaming.

  • What streaming services are blocked by the VPN? If you want to stream Netflix, you don’t need a VPN which only unblocks Youtube. You can choose the VPN that allows you to access the streaming services you want.
  • Number of servers located in which countries the VPN is available. Streaming services offer different libraries, so you need to be able access them all.
  • Simultaneous connections. This is great if you’d like to be able to watch multiple football matches simultaneously and not miss a single one.
  • Speed. This is crucial for streaming content that doesn’t buffer or has interruptions. It’s not a good feeling to be so comfortable on the couch watching their favorite Netflix series, only to discover that it isn’t loading.

Our detailed list of the best VPNs to stream video – which includes:

We always test VPNs to see if they can bypass streaming media blockages when we review them. We usually test the service with Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Each service on this list passed the test and is useful if you need to unblock streaming media not available in your country.

Editor’s Disclosure:We were made aware of the Deferred Prosecution Agreement released recently by the US Department of Justice. CIO of Express VPN, Daniel Gericke, was named in the list. He agreed to ” full cooperation with the relevant Departments and FBI components” for their past misuses of covert surveillance tools, which targeted US citizens as well as journalists, as well as political parties.

ExpressVPN and misuse of these tools are not connected at the moment. We are temporarily removing ExpressVPN (for now) from our lists to ensure that our readers have the best VPN solutions. is the complete story.

1. NordVPN – best VPN for streaming

People who are looking for the best VPN to stream video often forget about one of the most crucial qualities: connection stability. People don’t like it when their movie is interrupted by a car chase or buffering. NordVPN will ensure that these occurrences don’t ruin your experience.

The service has 5400 servers in 60 countries. You’ll have many options. This means that if you need an IP address to hide your identity, or connect to a national broadcaster, it will be easy. We tried it – NordVPN unlocks Netflix and any other streaming platform.

Sometimes, the problem with your device can be the actual problem. Some devices, such as media players in your home, might not be compatible with VPN apps. NordVPN is compatible with these devices because it uses the SmartPlay function. It can be configured on any device that doesn’t support VPNs, such as Apple TVs, Smart TVs and certain media players. You can use the same devices you already use for video content, and you don’t have to change your routine.

To keep your connection private and speedy, the service uses military grade encryption ciphers as well as cutting-edge tunneling protocol. Your online activities will be hidden and no one will see what you’ve been doing.

NordVPN is affordable and offers a 30-day guarantee.

2. Surf Shark is the most affordable VPN pairing with Netflix

Surfshark has grown steadily over the past few years. Surfshark’s main selling point is its lightning-fast speed. This means that you can connect to Japanese Netflix in a matter of seconds.

Surfshark can unblock more than US Netflix. Access to British, Indian , Norwegian, Italian, Norwegian and Australian libraries is possible. Netflix US may have some of the best titles, but it doesn’t contain all of them. Surf Shark will allow you to access exclusive titles from all countries.

Surfshark offers SmartDNS, which is compatible with most media players and gaming consoles. It will allow your device to connect as though it was using a VPN. This bypasses any blocks that might otherwise prevent you from watching content.

You shouldn’t believe that you are compromising your privacy.Surf Shark VPN is the best.Surf Shark VPN is the best.Surf Shark VPN is the best. To keep your connection private, they use impenetrable encryption cryptoheros.

You have unlimited simultaneous connections so Surfshark can be used with as many devices as you wish . You won’t be alone in your household.

The 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction is available for all customers who first try the service.

3. IPVanish is a good choice for streaming

IPVanish isn’t able to unblock all streaming platforms but it does unblock the ones that it does. This means you will be able to access both the US or UK Netflix libraries. IPVanish also allows you to access YouTube.

The service also offers apps for Fire devices, such as Amazon Fire TV. This makes viewing geo-blocked content easier.

There are also a variety of tunneling protocols such as IKEv2/IPSec and L2TP/IPSec. No matter what protocol you use, the speeds are good. OpenVPN UDP is recommended for the fastest movie downloads.

The connection is protected by the military-grade AES256 cipher. It is impossible for hackers to decrypt to find out what you have been doing online. You can also choose to block LAN traffic or prevent connections from private networks. IPVanish does not keep track of what you are browsing, as it is a no-logs VPN.

IPVanish doesn’t cost much, with prices starting at $3.33 per month. The money-back guarantee is available for yearly plans only.

4. Atlas VPN – Easy to Use VPN for New Users

Atlas VPN may have the smallest number of servers on the list, with only 750 in 38 countries. However, it is a solid VPN for streaming. It can access YouTube without any problems, surpassing many industry leaders.

Atlas VPN employs military grade encryption and a solid no log policy. SafeBrowse, which blocks malicious websites, will keep your data safe while you are away from the streaming service.

The speeds of Atlas VPN have improved dramatically since the introduction of WireGuard’s tunneling protocol. Smooth streaming is possible thanks to the solid performance.

The best thing about AtlasVPN is its unlimited simultaneous connections. This means that everyone can watch their favorite geo-restricted TV shows. There are apps available for Windows, macOS and iOS.

Atlas VPN is available for just $2.05 per month. This is the best option if you are looking for a cheap VPN to unblock Netflix and other streaming services.

5. PureVPN is the best VPN for streaming

PureVPN is a great streaming option that can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. The 6500 servers spread across 78 countries is one of the main reasons why PureVPN is so popular.

PureVPN’s success in this regard can be seen by adding the fast and secure WireGuard to that list.

This VPN offers port forwarding and split tunneling to enable or disable VPN access to certain apps. There are also options to purchase a dedicated IP.

PureVPN can be used on up to 10 devices at once,meaning that you can stream from any device in your household. There are apps available for almost every platform, including Windows, macOS Linux, iOS and Android.

There’s a free 7-day trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This gives you ample time to evaluate whether this service is right for your needs. PureVPN prices start from $1.99/month for a 2-year subscription plan. Overall, this is a great value for a streaming VPN. What’s not great about this?

6. PrivateVPN – A very reliable tool to defeat censorship

PrivateVPN, along with Dolph Lundgren and IKEA is another Swedish export. It is also a reliable VPN provider for streaming.

During our tests we tested how it worked with DAZN, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. They all worked perfectly with no buffering during streaming. This shouldn’t surprise considering their track record. PrivateVPN is able to resolve error screens that other VPNs often get stuck on.

You have more reasons to consider them: their overall speed is great and the user-friendly interface. Even if you have never used a VPN before, it is easy to set up. It supports 6 simultaneous connections, which will be appreciated by your family members.

PrivateVPN is another important component of your online security. To keep your data private, it uses customizable encryption as well as open source tunneling protocols.

If you want to test the service before making a payment, you can request your 7-day trial. This should give you enough time to evaluate whether the service is worth it and if it suits your needs.

However, longer subscriptions offer steep discounts which makes the service a great value for money.

These streaming VPNs: How we tested them

Your search criteria should be adjusted if you are looking for a VPN to stream video. This may depend on the type of service that you are trying to unblock. Netflix may be unblocked by a service, but it’s not guaranteed that DAZN and BBC iPlayer will work. Check.

Additionally, many streaming methods, such as Kodi addons , rely on copyrighted material. It’s a good idea to protect your privacy. Here are the qualities that we considered when ranking them. If you have any questions about choosing the best VPN for your streaming service, this list will help.

  • Streaming options. Each reviewed VPN is tested by us using it with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube. This will give you a good idea of how the service performs when it unblocks different platforms.
  • Speed. It doesn’t matter if the service bypasses any blocks. You need streaming at high speeds and consistency, especially for UHD and 4K resolutions. This will enable you to stream movies and TV shows seamlessly without buffering. Nobody likes staring at a blank screen as the movie loads.
  • Many useful features. SmartDNS is one example of a feature that can be used to set up VPN-like connections. These features allow you to unblock geo-restricted content without installing a VPN. Split tunneling is another option that can be used to manage your VPN connection. There are many features that you should consider when choosing a streaming VPN.
  • Network size. What if you aren’t only interested in unblocking US libraries and services? What if you are from a smaller country, and need to unblock local broadcasters while on vacation? It will depend on how many countries your provider covers. You have a better chance of unblocking local content from local broadcasters if you have better coverage.
  • Privacy and security. Your VPN should not collect data or make security compromises. This box will be checked if you stream via Kodi addons.
  • Price. The best performance doesn’t always come at the most expensive price. It is important to consider how much you are actually getting for your money.

Are VPNs really necessary for streaming?

It all depends on your streaming preferences and where you live. You won’t miss out on many shows if you live in the US. A VPN can be extremely useful if you live far from the US.

However, Kodi is a popular streaming platform so it makes sense to get a VPN no matter where you are. You can be in serious trouble if you interfere with copyrighted content on any platform, so it’s important to hide your IP.

How do you stream with a VPN

There are many ways to use VPN services. Every VPN service is different, so you might need to take additional steps in order to stream media. Some VPN services will need to connect to specific streaming servers while others will work right out of the box. If you don’t care about the details and just want to get the gist, here’s how to do it.

  1. Select a streaming service for which you require a VPN: Netflix, Hulu or another service. This will limit your VPN options.
  2. Select a VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN.
  3. Create an account and purchase a subscription
  4. Install and configure the VPN for your device. It can be downloaded from the App Store or directly from the provider’s website.
  5. Start the program and log into it.
  6. Connect to a server that unblocks streaming (this will depend on the VPN provider).
  7. While connected to a VPN, open the streaming service’s site or launch their app.
  8. That’s it, enjoy!

What VPN can I use to stream sports?

You can use trusted streaming VPNs to view NHL, MLB and NBA All Star. trustworthy is the key word here. Major streaming service providers block low-quality VPNs.

Reliable VPNs, unlike those that are constantly updated with IP addresses to avoid detection, have servers that are continually updated. They also employ new technologies to bypass firewalls. users have unlimited access to streaming sites, and can easily view UFC fights as well as other online sports.

Premium VPNs offer blazing-fast speeds and stable connections that are crucial for seamless streaming sports events. If you don’t want to miss another great moment while watching NBA basketball games , then you should definitely consider one.


Which is the best TV streaming service?

There are many streaming services available these days. However, not all streaming services will be available in every country. To access them all, you’ll need a VPN.


Fubo are the best options for sports channel packages, regardless of whether you’re interested in the NBA or mixed Martial Arts. Both include ESPN and NBA TV. You will never miss your favorite team’s game.

Movies & TV Series

It all depends on your preference for original content or services with the largest aggregated libraries. There are many options. Netflix offers original TV shows and series that aren’t available elsewhere, but Hulu also has them. To make an informed decision, you’ll need to research what content is available.

Netflix is in 190 countries but the library size varies. We recommend our best VPNs to Netflix articles.

Hulu can only be accessed in Japan and the United States.Our Best VPNs for Hulu article might interest you.

HBO Max is available only in the United States. Our How to Unblock HBO Max article might interest you.

Peacock TV is only available in the United States . Our How to Watch Peacock TV Article might interest you.

For kids

Disney+ is the perfect choice if you are looking for family-friendly content that will entertain your children during quarantine. There are a lot of titles available, so no matter what your child likes, they can choose from dozens.

Disney+ is in 55 countries

A free VPN can I unblock streaming content?

Streaming with a free VPN will not work if it is blocked. This is because unblocking streaming services is not an easy task. Netflix continues to block IP addresses associated with VPN users. This means that once a service’s IP addresses have been blacklisted, they will need to obtain new IP addresses. It is expensive and one reason you won’t be able to use a free VPN service to bypass these restrictions.

However, there are some premium VPN services that may be available for free. It won’t perform as well as premium VPN services, but it will be a good option. It might stop working one day and work another. When you get a free version, consistency is not something you can expect.

VPNs that are not compatible with streaming

It’s not a secret that VPNs don’t work well with streaming services.General, these can be classified into free VPNs and non-streaming-oriented VPN services

Free VPNs Most often, free VPNs can be very limited representations of the full paid product. To make the paid product more attractive, certain non-essential features are removed. Streaming capabilities are one of those things that gets cut the most. The majority of streaming services will blacklist IP addresses you receive when you use a free version.

Non-streaming-oriented services – these are VPNs that don’t regard streaming as a priority. They might be willing to hide your online activity from your internet provider, but not test whether their product can block Netflix. It is a decision about where to allocate resources. Mullvad, for example, is not the best choice for streaming but has one of the most reliable VPN services.

Final thoughts

It is natural to want to see everything on all the streaming platforms. Some platforms are restricted to certain countries and some have different libraries that can be used in different areas. We don’t have a right to be without our favorite shows.

VPNs can be used to bypass geo-restrictions, allowing you to access many streaming services and their libraries from any location. But not all VPNs can unblock every streaming service.

NordVPN is our favorite VPN to unblock streaming sites and allow us to view content uninterruptedly. It is closely followed by the affordable Surfshark and the most secure VPNVanish.

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Which VPN is fastest for streaming?

NordVPN and Surfshark are among the top three in our list. These are the best VPNs for streaming. Smart DNS can also be used to block certain services and route your connection through a VPN.

Which VPN is best for Netflix?

It’s nordvpn, which is both the best VPN to stream Netflix and Netflix. It offers consistent connection speeds and has a proven track record of unlocking many streaming services.

How can I ensure safety when streaming?

You should not worry about safety streaming if you are dealing with copyrighted or illegal content. In these cases, hiding your IP address is a priority. A VPN can also help with this.

What is the data usage per hour for streaming?

Streaming can be a data-intensive task. A low-quality video, for example, will consume 0.33 GB/hour ; medium uses 0.7 GB/hour and high-quality videos can use 3GB to 7GB/hour. It’s easy to exceed data caps when streaming media if your ISP has them.

Does VPN suffice to bypass streaming service blockages?

A VPN should suffice in most cases to allow you to access all streaming services. Some require additional credit card verifications to be purchased. You won’t be allowed to register or pay for the subscription if you don’t have an American credit card.

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