The Best Beard Styles To Try Out


there are so many beard styles that men can choose from. Discover some options on how to style your beard here.

Popular Beard Styles

The beards are part of the outfit for men. Therefore, grooming and styling your beard appropriately as a man is considered part of a good outfit. Finding the perfect beard style for yourself is easy with the available options.

Styling your beard is determined by the shape of your face mostly. You should also get a beard that matches your current hairstyle. Here are some of the best beard styles that you can have fun exploring on your next barbershop visit.

  1. Short Beard Styles

This is the perfect option if you like your hair short. Short beard styles are classy and stylish and have been popular for so many decades.

A short beard does not require a lot of maintenance but a rather regular cleanup for the sake of personal hygiene.

It is also easy to style a short beard, so it does not require a lot of care and handling before you leave the house in order to achieve the look you are looking for. It is also advisable to keep short beards properly hydrated.

2. The Anchor Beard

This cute design is a blend in between the beard on the chin and the mustache. The beard should be well-designed to look like an anchor, a feature that embraces a beard that follows the shape of the jaw.

A well-shaped anchor beard is the best way to give off some more masculine vibes. With the beards taking the shape of the jaw, it creates a captivating and appealing look.

3. The Stubble Beard

This is one of the most common types of beard styles that are also timeless. It is easy to achieve this style as it involves letting the beards on the chin and the mustache grow naturally without much styling.

The style is the best if you are looking forward to getting a very manly look from your beard. The style is very simple and easy to maintain because it does not require too much detailed highlighting to give the beard shape.

The beard style can also make people assume you just forgot to shave due to its lack of specific highlights.

4. The Balbo Beard

The unique feature of this style is that it shows some not well-established features such as a chin beard, a mustache, and a soul patch.

The combination of these simple elements forms a very charming and unique beard style. This beard style is not very long and flashy, but it still manages to turn heads due to its uniqueness. Beard is very outstanding in how it highlights the manly characteristics such as the jawline.

5. The Soul Patch

The beard style does not require a lot of attention and effort to shape the beard. This is the perfect beard style for someone who is just beginning to grow out their beard. The soul patch is easy maintenance as it does not require a lot of styling before you leave the house.

6. Partial Beard Style

This is a unique kind of beard style. It involves leaving a well-highlighted portion of the beard with the rest of the portions completely shaved.

Highlighting gives a chance to mark specific features and is often associated with a barber’s plastic surgery. This option is the best if you have evidently patchy beard growth.

7. The Chinstrap Beard

Most people associate this beard style with masculinity. This is because it perfectly highlights the jawline and also best creates an illusion of a strong and very sharp jawline.

A simple beard trim can play an amazing role when it comes to making your jawline more defined. A chin strap beard can help you form the angular shapes of your face that every man craves for.

8. Mutton Chops Beard

This style is a perfect way of representing an old-school look and giving a definition to your style through your beard.

Mutton chops beard can only be achieved if your beards grow thick naturally and the other alternative is the use of beard extensions. The design is easy maintenance as it grows naturally and only requires regular cleaning in order to keep trapped bacteria away.

9. The Circle Beard

It is among the popular beard styles. The unique feature of this style is that it is grown around the mouth only hence the name.

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