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The best apps to track your heart rate variability (HRV) with iPhone

Do you want to track your heart health variability (HRV), the best iPhone app? This app will give you information about your sympathetic nervous system, including how it responds to stress, exercise results, recovery from injuries, and other health issues. Apple now tracks HRV and other statistics related to heart health in its app.

Many apps allow you to track your heart rate variability ( HRV ) on your iPhone. These apps take many times and provide frequency-based readings to give you all the information you need about your heart health. We will be reviewing the top four apps that work almost perfectly in iPhone.

  • Apple Health
  • Welltory
  • HRV4Training
  • Elite HRV
  • We also tried other apps

Apple Health

Unlike many of the options on the list, Apple’s Health app cannot track HRV readings. However, it can gather the SDNN readings from the apple watch or third-party HRV apps that disclose SDNN data.

Apple Health can only collect one of the HRV metrics that are available to users. This makes it difficult to analyze the nervous systems. Some basic information may be provided, such as “high”, which means you’re awake and ready to go. “low” indicates that your nervous system needs to rest and is in frazzled mode. It is not the best app for people who want more information on HRV, such as pulse rate and stress level, or recovery from injury and exercise.


Welltory is the most intuitive and accurate app for monitoring HRV. It breaks down your HRV results into three easily-readable categories: Performance (Show your total HRV), Stress (Stress condition in your body) and Energy (How your parasympathetic nervous systems works).

You can use the iPhone’s rear-camera to get the required measurement (though it may make mistakes). An external heart rate monitor can be used to get an exact measurement.

The app can be used to measure the basic aspects of your heart health. You can upgrade to become a paid subscriber to get more detailed information about your HRV such as LF/HF and SDNN. This app can be used on both Android and iPhone. This app allows you to monitor your heart rate using iPhone .


Another excellent app to track HRV is HRV4Training. To calculate your HRV, you can either use your iPhone’s rear-facing camera or an external monitor. It is intended for athletes only. The app is not free and you will need to pay $ 9.99 in order to upgrade.

It tracks similar metrics to Welltory, but also includes a rolling scale for a period of 30 days that offers suggestions about your baseline and how often you should train. You will also receive suggestions about your training loads, preparation, fitness, risk of injury, and other factors. You can even link it to Strava to get a lactate threshold estimater.

Elite HRV

The Elite HRV app provides a wealth of scientific data about heart health. It has many satisfied users. Unlike HRVTraining and Welltory, you will need an external monitor to measure your heart rate. This app is $4.99, just like HRVTraining. To get an online account, you will need to sign up for Elite HRV.

This app allows you to easily explain your HRV, as well as live biofeedback, guided breathing, and a coaching platform that connects multiple users. Although it is unlikely that the app’s UI was designed for iPhone X, it’s not a major problem.

We also tried

There are many other apps that can measure HRV. However, they are not as suitable as the ones mentioned above because of several issues.

  • SweetBeatHRV: Although this app uses fewer formulas than Elite, it has similar benefits (massive data and happy users) as well as disadvantages (older, require a chest strap, out of date). Elite HRV is easier to use and understand than this app. To purchase the Elite HRV, you will need $13.99
  • Gyroscope – This app received a high mark from my colleagues but can’t track HRV. This app displays only your SDNN reports from any Apple Watch data. This app is free to use.
  • Score: We tried, but couldn’t get enough results with this $3.99 HRV score. It uses Apple Watch sensors for measuring HRV. I found it unlikely that I could get a clear result so I didn’t bother to take a reading.




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