The 3 things to know before becoming a Salesforce Admin


Salesforce Admin is one of the most attractive positions in the industry. Mainly because it is widely believed that Salesforce Admins don`t have to deal with that complicated technical stuff like coding and app development, which means that anyone can become a Salesforce Admin even if they don`t have any IT-related background.

It is partly true but not entirely. In fact, Salesforce Admins have to work tightly with Salesforce Developers – those who do all the coding. In order to be efficient, Salesforce Admin, in fact, has to understand the principles of Developers` work and speak the same language with them, in a way.

Moreover, becoming a Salesforce Admin, you will have to serve as a link between the technical personnel and the customer`s team, those who definitely have little-to-no understanding of the specifics of app and software development. It is the Salesforce Admin who has to explain, translate, mentor, and support the whole team, helping the customer to get the most out of Salesforce CRM solutions.

After all, if the Salesforce Admin position was that simple and undemanding, it would not be one of the highest-paid jobs in today`s market.

That is why choosing your Salesforce training and gaining the necessary experience, and Salesforce Certifications are not just formalities but a must for someone who really wants to become a professional Salesforce Admin.

But let`s put things in order. Here are the 3 things everyone should know and consider before choosing Salesforce as their next career path.

#1 – Salesforce Admin is a leader.

To become a successful Salesforce Admin, you need to be ready to become a leader, a go-to person in your company. If you were thinking about a quiet IT position where you will rarely have to communicate with colleagues and just mind your own business, Salesforce Admin is definitely not the case.

A Salesforce Admin is a person who stays in touch with all company`s departments, providing smooth workflow. To do so, Admins design and introduce special dashboards, apps, and intelligent workflows, finding the most convenient ways for every employee to focus on their goals precisely while being able to see the big picture and new improvement opportunities.

In other words, a successful Salesforce Admin starts with personality traits such as communication, the ability to think out of the box, and responsiveness. Those people skills are as important as all your Salesforce training, knowledge, and hands-on experience.

#2 – It takes training to become a Salesforce Admin.

Another thing many people misunderstand about being a Salesforce Admin is the importance of proper Salesforce training for the position.

There is a widespread opinion that while Salesforce Admin is not considered technical personnel, the one who is supposed to know coding languages and app development, there is no need for special training, and you can become a Salesforce Admin “on the go.” 

It is not true. First of all, we have already explained that Salesforce Admin is an extremely multifunctional position that requires a deep understanding of all the CRM processes. Moreover, today Salesforce Admins are mainly hired by high-growth companies that expect them to provide tangible results right away. In other words, you won`t have time to learn on the go and will have to dive into the company`s dynamics from the very first moment.

That is why it is so important to find the best Salesforce training institute. For example, CRS Info Solutions is known as one of the pioneers of Salesforce training, which was among the first education programs that realized how important it is to provide focused education for Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers.

For over a decade CRS Info Solutions has developed and updated its curriculum, inviting certified practicing Salesforce professionals to the faculty. As a result, each aspirant gets insightful mentoring and sufficient hands-on experience from practical assignments provided by real businesses in India and abroad.

During their 2–3-month training, aspirants of CRS Info Solutions develop the necessary professional confidence, knowledge, and experience that allow them to become competitive candidates for Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer positions.

And yes, theoretically, you can learn to become a Salesforce Admin while working or through online video lessons on various platforms. But the Salesforce job market is becoming more and more dynamic, and those who get invested in their focused Salesforce training inevitably get ahead of that competition.

#3 – Certification matters for Salesforce Admins

Various certifications and diplomas are often considered a formality in the modern job market. After all, it is your professionalism, experience, knowledge, and personal traits that matter when it comes to getting the job done.

However, Salesforce Certification is a different story mainly because its practical meaning is much more important than symbolism.

Yes, the fact that you are a Certified Salesforce Admin looks really good on your resume. But an employer who is looking for a professional and is ready to pay accordingly will see much more behind this “badge.” 

Certification training and maintenance give Salesforce Admins access to the latest updates and the most cutting-edge solutions before their colleagues. It means that they are able to comprehend and apply these solutions for the business they work with, helping it skyrocket CRM processes and leave competitors far behind.

Moreover, Salesforce Certification requires a certain level of dedication to the profession, constant networking within the Salesforce ecosystem, and continuous training from the best Salesforce institutes worldwide. All these guarantees that a business gets itself a valuable human resource and should reward them accordingly.

And they actually do! According to the latest data, the salary of an entry-level Salesforce Admin in India is around ₹ 2.6 Lakhs. The average salary is between ₹ 5-6 Lakhs, while a Certified Salesforce Admin can expect a paycheck of at least ₹ 10 Lakhs.

Let`s say, Salesforce salaries are definitely among the highest in India, but Salesforce Certification is exactly what gives you access to the financial independence and lifestyle you probably dreamt of when you decided to take a chance with a Salesforce Admin career.


The Salesforce Admin job may turn out not exactly what you are expecting. It is much better. Becoming a Salesforce Admin, you dive into a dynamic world, become a part of a tight-knit professional community and get a chance to communicate with brilliant mentors and faculties if you choose the best Salesforce training Institute in your area. 

Start your Salesforce training today, get your Salesforce Certification and discover a prosperous world of Salesforce careers and opportunities it provides.

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