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The 11 Best Online Escape the Room Games

These Escape the Room games are the best online. You don’t even have to leave your home to test your problem solving skills.

Escape the Room (ETR) games are some of the most challenging and intricate online games. These games combine puzzles and riddles with the search for hidden objects or clues.

We’ve collected the top online escape rooms for you to experience the thrill yourself.

Warning: To play these point-and click Escape the Room games, you’ll need Flash enabled in your browser.

1. The Mystery of Time and Space

The Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS), a 2001 release, is still remembered as the first online Escape the Room game. Crimson Room, our next entry, also credits MOTAS for its influence.

The game has a distinct science fiction plot, which is different from other titles. Instead of leaving the puzzles in the room, the players will have to try to figure out if they are clones or aliens as they navigate the game.

2. The Crimson Room

The Crimson Room was launched in 2004 by MOTAS and helped to popularize online escape games. It is a short game that pioneers many of the key elements of the genre.

After what seems to be a night of heavy drinking you find yourself trapped in a room. To unlock the bedroom door, you’ll need to search for clues. You might encounter some peculiarities in Japanese, but these don’t hinder the fun.

3. Submachine Series

You will be entertained by the 13 Submachine escape rooms. It’s not a one-room trap, but a maze of rooms you must navigate.

These games will have you trying to escape an underground maze, an abandoned lighthouse, or a white padded cell.

Submachine’s Escape the Room game is extremely intuitive. You will know which levers to pull, which items to grab, and which buttons you should push. Submachine is a challenging game that will keep you interested, but not too difficult that it makes you want to give up.

4. Neutral Escape Games

Neutral offers a wonderful series of traditional ETR games. There are also four Christmas-themed escape rooms and two mini escape rooms.

The difficulty of challenges ranges from the easiest (easiest), to the hardest (hardest). Switch, Sphere and RGB are the easiest to most difficult titles. You’ll need a pen and a notebook for the more difficult games.

You can save all of Neutral’s Escape the Room games and return to it later. This means you can use the life skills video games can help to develop before you attempt these puzzles again.

5. The Doors

Another labyrinth in Escape the Room’s Escape the Room genre is The Doors. It has rooms and doors that seem to go on forever. It can quickly become a fast-paced game where you have to go back and forth trying find which door leads to which room. It doesn’t matter how many rooms you find.


6. Ant Hill Trap

Ant Hill Trap is a more whimsical take on the ETR genre. The storyline and graphics are very child-friendly. The graphics are cartoony and many of the puzzles are image-driven, which will appeal to children.

Parents can set up timed sessions easily for their children with the built-in timer and pause button. This is the best place to begin introducing your children to escape rooms.

7. The Afro-Ninja Escape Series

Afro-Ninja offers seven minigames, which are more challenging than others but are less complicated than the other ones. These minigames are perfect for those who want to quickly satisfy their Escape the Room game cravings. These addictive mobile games are great for anyone looking for quick hits. You can play them for up to five minutes.


Players can be locked in various tight spaces across the series, including a car and closet, phone booths, bathrooms, offices, and shacks. The fifth Escape the Room title includes a survival component. Players must escape from a freezing room or risk becoming hypothermic.

8. Murder Escape

Murder Escape is a film that shows the camera zooming around a room where blood seeps in from underneath its doors. You have to search for the clues that will lead you out.

Escape the Room games have their quirks. You won’t be able to see the instructions at the beginning. If you don’t, you will not realize that the spacebar key places items away. This can lead to endless clicking to return to the previous view. This one is still worth the effort because of its tension.

9. Escape the Prison

Escape the Prison is an excellent place to begin if you are new to escape rooms. Escape the Prison is a game where you try to escape from your prison cell. To escape your jail cell, which is mostly empty, you’ll have to test your observation skills.


The game has only two doors so it is easy to play for anyone who has a keen eye.

10. Escape the Office

Escape the Prison is a sequel that the developer has created. It offers a similar pace. While the office offers more typical gameplay elements, it feels faster.

This Escape the Room speedrun game is a great choice.

11. Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a fantasy alternative to Escape the Room. As you are trapped in the witch’s treehouse, it’s almost like a fairytale. You might even see the witch making a few silhouettes while you play, as she rides her broom menacingly.

This game has some of the best production values. It is a refreshing departure from the dark and foreboding games of its genre. Magic spells are also a part of this game.

Are You able to Escape the Best Escape Room Games?

Escape the Room games will test your detective skills. These games are incredibly rewarding so give them a shot the next time you’re feeling like solving difficult mysteries.


These escape room games may not challenge your brain enough. You might also enjoy the most difficult logic puzzles.




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