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The 10 Best Free Audio Editing Tools for Windows Users in 2021

You can use your computer’s powerful audio editing tools to make podcasts, mix music or record sound. Audio editing can be time-consuming and expensive. We’ve put together a list with the top free audio editors. They are easy to use and very powerful.


Ocenaudio is an audio editor for all platforms that is easy to use, fast, and functional. This program is ideal for anyone who wants to quickly edit and analyze audio recordings. The advanced capabilities of the music editing software are sure to please even the most seasoned users.

Ocenaudio is an audio editor for all platforms that is simple to use, quick, and versatile. This is the best tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily edit or analyze audio recordings. Advanced users will appreciate the program’s extensive capabilities.


Audacity, a Windows audio editor and recorder that’s free and easy to use, is multi-tracker and simple to use. Open-source audio editor Audacity has many capabilities. It can play almost any audio format and allows live streaming. Audacity has many plugins.

Audacity converts audio tapes and records to digital files or CDs. You can edit WAV, AIFF FLAC, FLAC MP2, MP3, Ogg Vorbis sound files, and MP2. The free music editor allows you to adjust the speed and pitch of your recording.

FL Studio

FL Studio lets you create complete songs by recording, editing, sequencing, mixing and rendering them. You can view samples and presets in the free music editor software. Mobile 3 users can also share their tracks over WiFi and the cloud. FL Studio offers a user interface that can be customized to work with any screen resolution and size.

The free sound editor includes modules for instruments such as Drum Sampler or Direct Wave Sample Player. One can quickly change to the setting they prefer with multi-playlist track holdings, and a channel menu. The free audio editing software offers regular updates to its customers in addition to the standard functions. FL Studio is available for free but also offers a $99. Premium version includes additional capabilities.

Acoustica 6

Acoustica 6 has the ability to record sound from many sources. This is one of its most remarkable features. This free audio editor allows you to create recordings from any source. Acoustica 6 supports cutting, copying and pasting as well as deleting.

The free audio editor can be used to add effects to your processed track. The only options you have are to add an echo effect or convolution reverb in a specific section of the track. You cannot reverse this. You can also adjust the volume or fade the audio to suit your needs.


Wavosaur, a powerful and free audio editor, is an alternative to Wavelab or Soundforge. It can open VST files, and allow you to edit and organize audio tracks in many formats. The free music editing software will allow us to cut, copy and paste audio tracks using its audio editing tools.

You can also move any audio track element you wish. Wavosaur allows you to normalize and remaster each track. You can also create statistics and export data to text files using a variety VST effects. Wavosaur includes advanced tools such as loudness envelope analysis, manipulation, slicing and auto-slicing.


mp3DirectCut lets you cut, copy, paste and modify the volume of your audio files for audio editing. This reduces encoding time and preserves the original quality of your song. It also contains useful content to make it easy for everyone to use. This tool allows you to open an audio track and trim it to your specifications.

The free audio editing software can be used to accomplish a number of tasks. You can modify the volume, split pieces and even copy them. You can perform multiple tasks simultaneously with the batch process in the free audio editor program. You can trim them at a predetermined time or fade them in at a specific spot. You can also use the playback controls on the main window to play, pause or stop.


WavePad is a free music editing program for Windows computers. WavePad is a free audio editor that offers a range of features, including advanced and simple. These capabilities will make it easy to edit songs. It can be used to record audio tracks and to trim, edit copy, paste, delete or add quiet.

This free music editor program includes reverb, echo, normalization, amplification and amplification. WavePad is an excellent tool for novice and experienced music editors. WavePad has an extensive sound library that includes royalty-free music, effects and music. WavePad works with almost all audio formats including WAV and MP3.

Linux MultiMedia Studio

Linux MultiMedia Studio includes a MIDI Keyboard and built-in audio effects. It is an excellent tool for PC users. MMS allows you to create music on your computer using cross-platform software. This course covers everything you need to know about creating melodies and beats as well as synthesizing and mixing sounds and arranging samples. You can play with your MIDI keyboard in a modern interface and do much more.

The LMMS includes many pre-made instruments, effect plugins and presets. The free audio editing program includes a song editor that allows you to create songs. For generating beats and basslines, it offers a Beat+Bassline-Editor. You’ll also have access to a Piano-Roll, which can be used to modify patterns or melodies.


Ardour, also known as Digital Audio Workstation, is a DAW. It can be used to record, edit and mix music. The user interface is simple and offers a lot of functionality. You can record multitrack audio with the free audio editor. The record feature allows you to record using a keyboard or microphone. It allows you to import audio files from your hard disk.

The mixing section includes routing and inline plug control. Ardour lets you configure the audio track routing. The editor allows you to “bind” certain sound sections to particular places on the timeline. Although the original Ardour distribution doesn’t include plugins, you can download them and install them.

Acoustica Basic Edition

Acoustica Basic Edition, Acoustica’s entry-level edition, is free. This free audio editing program offers a complete audio recording, editing and mastering solution. It has a simple interface that is easy to use, accurate, and quick. You have access to powerful tools that can help you create the best recordings.

This free music editing software simplifies your production work. Acoustica is the best music editing software. It can be used to restore and edit a variety of files. Acoustica is essential software for anyone new to music recording. Acoustica also features an intuitive interface. The audio editor program includes plugins for Equalize, Verberate and the Restoration suite.

Each of these audio editing software is impressive in its own right. However, it doesn’t matter which program you prefer. Use the audio editing software that is most suitable for your needs.




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