Technical Issues in Your iPhone and Ways to Quickly Deal with Them


Multitasking is more effortless with an iPhone. Hence, iPhone users have a smooth life as this device is almost like a mini-computer. From watching movies and listening to music to sharing messages and playing games, there’s so much you can do on your phone. You can also complete work-related tasks, such as making minor document edits or attending video meetings.

Since the initial release of the iPhone, several models have been launched, and they come with significant improvements. The latest model is the iPhone 14, and before you consider buying this new version or considering joining the iPhone family, it is best to be aware of some of the technical issues you might face using this phone. Fortunately, there are quick fixes to overcome such problems, which are discussed below.

Horrifying Battery Life

Is your iPhone not charging? Is the battery draining quickly even after a full charge? Don’t panic; don’t think of replacing your device immediately. The problem is fixable. You need to turn off the push mail and switch on low power mode to help save battery.

Also, you can check for pending updates on the applications installed on your device by going to the App Store. Outdated apps are known to consume more resources than necessary.

If these methods don’t work, you can perform a battery check or even consider uninstalling the applications consuming too much battery.

Touch ID Malfunctioning

Touch ID is a fantastic upgrade released by Apple to unlock the device using fingerprints easily. Unfortunately, this update is getting a lot of consumer complaints. You may encounter glitches that temporarily make the service unresponsive or stop this service. The best way to overcome this problem is to update your device.


Extremely intensive multitasking and heavy usage may heat your iPhone. It is always best to be careful because overheating can potentially damage your device. If your phone is overheating, you must take off the phone cover (if any) and switch on Airplane Mode. This will give your phone a much-needed break and stop all background processes and programs.

If your device is still hot, do not plug your phone to charge. Instead, it would be best if you stopped using your phone while it is still charging, and it is best to use low power mode so that all the unnecessary apps or programs are disabled from running in the background.

If the problem persists, check for updates and install the pending ones. You can even reset all settings.

Muffled Sound

Are you listening to a podcast or watching a video but cannot hear anything? There may be sound issues on your phone. While this isn’t regular, users find problems with their phones when their device starts to turn older. It is one of the most common problems with all digital gadgets.

In such a case, you can try connecting the Bluetooth headset to your phone and check if the sound is fine. You can even update iOS to the latest version and remove dysfunctional apps, so they don’t interfere with the sound output.

Sudden Black Screen

If the iPhone screen appears black after switching it on, it might be due to software or hardware problems. For example, software crashes may make your phone screen black or frozen. You can fix such screen issues by force restarting your phone.

If your device fails to start up, you must charge it for an hour. It will be alright when you see the charging screen after a few minutes. Before making any huge investment, you must ensure the charger is in good condition.

Camera Malfunctioning

Many iPhone users complain about camera-related issues. For example, it may show only the black screen or add extra colors to the captured images. Other effects might also get applied to the photos taken. The primary cause for such malfunctions is software-related problems, and such issues may take control of the camera application.

You must navigate Settings and the General instructions to find out if any restrictions are enabled. Then, you can perform a software reset or reset your phone to fix the problem. If there’s no improvement, uninstall the camera-related applications running with the camera app and reinstall them.

The Touch Screen is not Responding

Users complain their phone’s touchscreen is not responding to gestures when using it in portrait mode. Some customers even stated that their screens remained unresponsive and were hindered from using their phones. Software incompatibility is one of the primary causes of this issue. If you have encountered this problem, restart your phone by holding the Wake or Home and Sleep button until the Apple logo appears. After this, the OS will provide the touch screen application with new memory. You have to reset your phone if this doesn’t solve the problem.

Wrapping Up

These are some technical issues you may encounter when using an iPhone. The fixes are mentioned here, so you don’t have trouble getting back on track.

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