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Tasting tips for Aussie lips: how to properly drink Tequila

Okay, no one is going to sit here blaming you for thinking that slamming down a lime-laden, salt-saturated Tequila shot in a crowded Melbourne nightclub is the wrong way to drink this wonderful spirit, but it’s certainly not the proper way to enjoy it.

In Australia people typically drink a blended product, consisting of at least 51 percent distilled agave and mixed with 49 percent alcohol from another source. This combo – or mixto – is what we know as that harsh blend that can only really be enjoyed in its raucous shot form or in a rather refreshing margarita.

But we are to let you know that drinking a 100 percent agave drop, or a fine Australian made Tequila, is easily one of the most sophisticated beverages in the world, carrying a far more profound flavour profile than a complex red wine.

So, with this in mind, we thought we would share with you the right way to go about enjoying this truly enriching spirit, in a way that goes beyond Tequila Sunrises on your mate’s balcony at six on a Sunday morning.

Follow these tips to enjoy this splendid spirit:

⦁ Take a tall, narrow glass as this will truly help you enjoy its depth and complexity. Put that shot glass away – it’s not how it should be done you party animal, you. You should pour enough for two to four sips;

⦁ Take a look at the colour. It will have a different colour depending on whether the drop is anejo, extra anejo, blanco, gold or ⦁ reposado. The anejo and reposado will vary in tones from caramel to golden tawny; the blanco should be clear and the extra anejo will be dark and golden;

⦁ Take a whiff of the beverage. This is one of the most important steps in tasting the beverage. Turn the glass so it goes to its side and allow the spirit to come close to the rim. Bring your nose to the lower rim of the glass so that it’s almost touching it, and then take a couple of small sniffs. It’s 80 proof spirit, so don’t sniff it too deeply – it can be like eating a handful of wasabi peas!;

⦁ Take note of the profile as you set yourself for another whiff. Once you have noted the aromas at the bottom rim, take your nose across to the middle of the glass to see what’s going on there. It is like that you will note a more citrusy, fruity and floral profile. Skip sniffing at the top of the rim, as you will only find the more unpleasant scents there;

⦁ Now it’s finally time to taste this wonderful beverage! Ask yourself what you are looking for when you taste the Australian made ⦁ Tequila before taking another inhale before sipping the delicious nectar. Once you have taken the first sip, inhale through your nose and swallow it over your tongue before exhaling hard over your tongue to really get those taste buds going. Take a couple more sips to consolidate your original findings.

Like wine, it is best to taste Tequila going from light to dark, so if you’re doing a comparison it’s best to start with blanco before moving along to the extra anejos.

There you have it, and really, it may sound like a little bit of effort, but so is cutting up all those limes and mixing Margaritas. Go ahead, give tasting this beverage a good go – you will be thrilled with just how amazing it really is.

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