Stir-fry and cook Mung Bean (Glass) noodles with Pork Belly and Veggies – Easy Fast and Flavorful One-pot meal


This stir fry mung beans noodle dish is my top one-pot dishes to prepare for a quick lunch , or the evening of a week. The noodles in mung beans absorb the aroma and taste of the pork belly. The aromatic ingredients blend with the crunchy and sweet vegetables, making this dish incredibly delicious! It’s also so simple and quick to cook that you don’t need to boil a second pot of water in order to cook the noodles , as you do pasta. After you’ve prepared all ingredients, it will take approximately 10-minutes to prepare

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What are Mung Bean Noodles?

Mung beans (Dong Fen, or Fen Si ) are made using mung bean starch. They are similar to the noodles used in the making of Japchae (Korean glass noodles with vegetables) However, it is a little smaller. Usually , we soak it in water that is cold for 15 minutes prior to rehydrating making the cooking process speedier and more simple.

Try using Taiwanese Cabbage

Taiwanese cabbage appears like those of green cabbage but it’s generally larger and more rounded. After being accustomed to Taiwanese cabbage in the past Many Taiwanese are finding the green cabbages from America US to be more dense more tough, harder, and less sweet than the varieties they’re familiar with. In contrast to green cabbage, which typically requires slicing thinly or cooking for a prolonged duration, Taiwanese cabbage has thinner crisper, crunchier, and more juicy leaves that are great in the form of a quick stir fry. It’s usually just a matter of stirring it with salt and garlic to make a healthy and quick side dish that’s a favorite in our household. My husband also considers it to be the most delicious vegetable!

They are usually available at Chinese supermarkets, but when it’s not accessible for you, you can replace it by using napa cabbage.

Get all the ingredients prepared prior to beginning cooking.

Because this is a stir-fry dish, it cooks extremely quick, and having the ingredients ready prior to cooking will make the whole cooking process much more smoother.

My favorite way to eat this is to serve it with chopped cilantro crisp fried shallots and then stir with some Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp Sauce. The results are so tasty and satisfying!


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