Still Missing Polyvore? Try These 6 Wonderful Outfit Maker Alternatives


Polyvore was of the top fashion apps that was available, until the company that owned it unexpectedly stopped it.

Luckily, a variety of Polyvore alternatives are now available to those who wish to keep using the same service. They may not be the sameas Polyvore, but they’re capable of doing some of the same things, and more! Read on to discover the top alternatives to Polyvore.

We’ll start by providing an introduction to Polyvore to those who may not know about it or wish to know more about what transpired. You can skip the section on alternatives If you’d like!

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Polyvore?
  2. Why was it that Polyvore close?
  3. The most effective alternative to Polyvore
    • ShopLook
    • SmartCloset
    • Combyne
    • Urstyle
    • Fashiers
    • Fashmates
  4. Last thoughts

What is Polyvore?

Polyvore was the most viewed mood board design software catering to both fashion as well as interior decorators.

Polyvore allowed users to obtain images of products on any website using its clipper tool, which is one of its features that made it so well-known.

The clipper tool offered the advantage in keeping track of URL for the product to allow it to be linked back to the original website. Because of URL trackers, Polyvore was an excellent instrument for brands to advertise their products.

However, the huge growth of Polyvore was in large part due to the huge fan community that it has. Fashion and style enthusiasts found the platform a space to let their imaginations flow and meet new people at the same time. The company was ranked as the top online shopping site in May 2014. site received 20 million unique visitors each month.

The abrupt shutdown of Polyvore created a gap for the majority of its users who were searching for an alternative. For startups this was a fantastic opportunity to fill that gap. What was the result? Of of course, some platforms are currently thriving, but other ones have been shut down through time.

This article focuses on the top platforms that were created within the past few years following the demise of Polyvore. They are still in high demand even today.

What was the reason Polyvore stop operations?

The reasons behind why Polyvore was shut down aren’t publically disclosed. We are aware that Canadian company SSENSE acquired Polyvore in the year 2018, but just a few months later it shut down its services without any warning. You might be thinking whether, in the event that Polyvore was so popular and many users wanted to see it return, will Polyvore ever returning? It’s probably no , if it’s not back in the past few years.

Don’t let nostalgia take over your life try one of the other options on this list! It’s possible that you will find a new one.

The best alternative to Polyvore


Compatible with: iPhone, web

Price: Free

What we love about the app: The great community that surrounds it, and the option to buy items from this app (and it’s clipper tool, too).

Shoplook is a popular social network for fashionistas and stylists. It has a stunning design and a trendy look, similar to Instagram because it permits users to follow posts of other users and save them to use as an inspiration for outfits you’re planning.

ShopLook lets you purchase from the brands you love and if you’re in love with a style that you or a stylist has created you can purchase it.

Canvas creators are at the center of the platform. It lets you create collage-style outfits from thousands of high-quality images of products. Editing features are user-friendly, and you can even add text or images onto your collages to make them personal more!

You can also add your images of your products by uploading photos or by browsing the internet (the popular clipper tool! ).


Available for: iOS, Android, web

Price: $3.99

Why we are in love with the app: It’s also a closet management tool, and not just a mood board-making application.

It is the Smart Closet is a closet organizer and social media app which lets you design digital versions of your closet. You can also get ideas for outfits from people who have the same style as you!

SmartCloset is distinct than the other apps in this list since it focuses on helping you organize your clothing by the ability to create a digital version of it , and also providing insight into what you have and the clothes you’re wearing.

It’s a great way to elevate your shopping habits and closet to the highest level. If you’d want to test it out, check out our guide in which we go over the features of the app in depth.


Available for: iOS, Android, web

Price: Free

We love it because: It is possible to create amazing mood boards.

Combyne is the ideal app for anyone who is creative. You’ll be impressed by its stylish and vibrant style, making it easy to make mood boards!

Combyne has also been inspired by Instagram and Instagram, which is the perfect example of a gorgeous canvas on which for outfits. It’s now possible to discover what’s hot and trendy when you browse your feed.

You can create your own style or make use of your Swipe Combyner for mixing and matching pieces of your outfit. There are thousands of images to choose from. They aren’t only limited to clothes and accessories, but you could also include decorations, stickers, makeup as well as food items to give a distinct look on your mood board.

The only drawback is that combyne doesn’t appear to include an instrument for clipping.


Available for: iOS, Android, web

Price: Free

What we like about it The possibilities of creating are not just for fashion, but also for home decor, beauty and even art.

The mood board canvas creator of Urstyle is quite sophisticated, and has all the features you’ll need. I was awestruck by the wide selection of items and the high-quality images! It took me just five minutes to put together an entire outfit, and it was a great feeling.

The Urstyle community is a great source of ideas and shopping. You can browse mood boards, or buy items made by the other members’ collections.

It’s important to mention that Urstyle does not only focus on beauty and fashion products. You can also make mood boards for home decor, similar to the old Polyvore.



Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free

What we like about it is that: It’s simple yet strong.

The Fashiers app stands out with its simple but powerful tool for creating outfits. Like other apps on this list, it’s influenced by social media platforms such as Instagram however it is a bit more minimalist.

It’s a great fashion maker that offers a lot of high-quality images. I particularly liked how easy the interface was for me to move the various sections of the application and locate all the outfits I wanted to find.

In the end, Fashiers has everything you require to make stunning mood boards!


Available for: iOS, Android, web

Price: Free

What we love about the technology: It has cool canvas templates. You can shop any outfit.

Fashmates can be described as a social networking and an app to make outfits which lets you design distinctive outfits using their huge selection of items. The most appealing feature and the main distinguishing factor of Fashmates is every board you make, or those you make, are available for purchase!

I love the many designs that allow you to put together outfits , without feeling like you’re making designs from scratch. There are so many styles and colors that you can give your board variety.

Final thoughts

It’s been some time since Polyvore was closed, but in the interim there have been some amazing alternatives that have been created. These alternatives to Polyvore permit you to design stunning mood boards and let the world see them. Are you using any of them? Which is your most favorite? Tell us!


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