SteveWillDoIt Net worth 2022 – His wealth will surprise you!


SteveWillDoIt, a YouTuber and Instagram influencer who has a net worth in excess of $3.5 Million. He is real name Stephen Deleonardis and is best known for his challenge-based videos. He’s worked with many celebrities, including 6ix9ine, TFUE, and has also been involved in controversy.

History and Fame

SteveWillDoIt was conceived in Oviedo (Florida) on the 26th August 1998. Although he started his career as a content creator in his teens, he has not shared much information about his life before YouTube. According to his explanation, he decided to move to YouTube because Instagram had repeatedly removed his content.

SteveWillDoIt’s content has earned him a lot of popularity since 2017. In his videos, for example, he uses a lot of money to buy various things. From buying cars for celebrities to buying gifts from strangers. Gambling is his favorite pastime (we’ll get there). His heavy use of marijuana and alcohol in videos is what makes him famous.

Other common themes include eating difficulties and doing obscene acts for views. Some of these have put him in serious trouble. He was famous for his incident with Demi Lovato, singer. This led to a social media saga that saw Steve get a tattoo of the singer. However, not all his work is controversial. He often uses the video footage to direct that cash to those in need.

His collaborations with NELK (a YouTube channel that has a similar intense energy) only bolstered his already successful career. Steve’s unique personality and captivating content have earned him over 4 million subscribers.

Income Sources

SteveWillDoIt claims that his main source of income is YouTube. This includes merchandise and Happy Dad, his alcohol company. But, there have been past allegations that this matter has been questioned.

YouTuber Coffeezilla and Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers began a series videos in October 2021 to show Steve’s income sources via his affiliation with Roobet, a cryptocurrency gambling site, is not legal in the US. Coffeezilla’s research revealed that Steve was making a profit from every bet he referred. It was described as “offshore” and unregulated, which made it extremely risky for users.

Although this raised eyebrows, it became a real ethical concern when it was discovered that Roobet’s owner was financially directing him. This was a man who had been involved in similar gambling incidents in the past. Steve ended up deleting all of his gambling channels’ content in the fallout.

Despite all the drama surrounding this scheme, Steve continues to produce content. Social Blade reports that his channel has 2,000 subscribers per day and earns $29,100 to $466,000.


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