Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Stephen Schueler, former CCO of Maersk, joins Joblio, Inc. Advisory Board

Joblio’s ethical recruiting platform is enriched by the corporate experience of Global Executive.

MIAMI, September 1, 20,21 (, Inc., a multi-national ethical recruiting platform, announced that Stephen Schueler has been appointed to its Board of Advisors. Schueler, who is also the Chairman of European Maritime Finance and Inerfuel, is also the CEO of Enerjen Capital. Enerjen Capital is a leading global renewable energy company specializing in maritime.

Schueler was the Chief Commercial Officer of Maersk Line. He managed global business operations across 374 offices and 116 countries. He managed more than $27.5B in revenue while at Maersk. He was previously a Corporate Vice President, Global Retail Sales and Marketing at Microsoft and spent 24 years as a Senior Vice president leading Global Retail Operations at Procter & Gamble Company.

Schueler brings valuable expertise in scaling global companies to Joblio. His experience and connections will help ensure that the platform continues to grow in a period of rising global migration.

Schueler stated that he was eager to work with the Joblio team in order to create a sustainable future. “This platform promises real change and I’m glad to be a part their efforts.”

Schueler, who was recently awarded the “Global Sustainability Award”, will add to Joblio’s humanitarian reputation and offer valuable insights into creating a more sustainable future. His expertise in renewable energy will be a reminder for the international community that vulnerable groups such as migrants and refugees are often the most affected by climate change.

Joblio CEO Jon Purizhansky said, “I’m thrilled that Stephen joined our team at Joblio. His business experience alone will prove valuable to our platform moving ahead.” Stephen’s business skills, combined with his humanitarian talent, will make Joblio a global leader in ethical recruitment.



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